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  1. So I just moved my Nest Outdoor Camera and needed to replace my mounting kit." Lost it". So I got ahold of Nest thru Chat and they are sending me one at no cost! I have been really happy with my Nest Products, I definitely recommend!
  2. I have an Android phone and I'm trying to find an app to see if these Gizmo's are dragging down my wifi. I currently have 3 Nest Cameras and thinking about adding the Nest Hello door bell but I would like a way to monitor what's going on with the WIFi. So I just wanted to see how everyone else was doing this.
  3. Just got my new Lutron Aurora switch for my kitchen lights so far I'm really happy with it. It was really easy to connect to the Phillips Hue App it set it up without reading and directions. Twist it and it works like a dimmer, push it and it works like a button to turn the lights on or off.
  4. My nest camera caught this person lurking around my backyard while I was mowing.
  5. I'm looking to add some smart plugs to my home automation and would like something that uses my Phillips Hue Hub. I'm trying to keep all these little Gizmo's off my wifi. If anyone could recommend a USA style plug that I can configure with the Phillips Hue app I would appreciate it. I know I can do some configuring with my Google home app but it's just nice to do it all in one place.I have done some searching but couldn't find anything.
  6. I have 3 of the color bulbs that I use with my Phillips Hue setup. They work pretty good but the color isn't as good as the Hue bulbs.
  7. I definitely need to do this so I can use the lights to highlight the Christmas Tree this year!
  8. Phillips Hue 4 Bulb starter kit @ Best Buy for 144.99 the bulbs are usually around 50 bucks a piece. They had the 3 bulb kit with the hub for the same price as the 4 bulb kit.
  9. Ok, I figured it out. I think I didn't have it grouped together on the Phillips Hue App only on Google home. So when I added it to the Hue app it worked.
  10. I Purchased some Phillips Hue lights bulbs and 2 Phillips Hue Play Light Bar. I have a Google routine called "TV Time." This triggers some lights to turn off and to turn my bulbs I named "TV Lights "and Play Light Bar "Sky" to change color to blue. What's going on is the bulbs turn blue but the play light bar lights just come on as the last color it showed. Somehow I have created a color in Google routines called TV blue that it uses as the scene to change the color. So if I could get some help with the light bar to turn blue with the routine. I would appreciate it.
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