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  1. I was looking in to ways/options on how to set time based conditions for brightness level on smart light bulbs. As far as what equipment I want to work with is either Hue or Sengled (SmartThings managed Sengled) bulbs along with a SmartThings hub and Hue hub. Now I am willing to bet the answer to how do I do this is most likely to install a smart dimmer switch, but I am trying to avoid that for the time being in this specific setup. My goal is to make this feel completely normal for my family (switch controlled lighting), but allow me to decrease the brightness of specific bulbs during certain hours of the day. I started hunting around in SmartThings assuming I would easily find my solution, but I wasn’t really coming across a good solution. I may have just been missing it (god knows that wouldn’t be the first time), but I’m hoping there is an easy solution to what I want to do here.
  2. I know people have scripts and other utilities measuring and tracking battery life on sensors, but I am using a simple low tech solution. First let me mention that my tools for this are SmartThings, IFTTT, and my cell phone. I created a virtual switch in ST that I called front door motion sensor battery warning switch. This switch is triggered to flip on when the sensors battery hits 10% using the automation configuration available in ST. Then in IFTTT I created an applet that when this virtual switch is on the applet sends an sms message to my phone stating the sensor name and 10% battery warning. By no means do I think I came up with something amazing or original here, but it was a simple solution that I had not seen before and I thought could benefit others.
  3. So hubitat can drive automation thru google devices?
  4. So I was watching @AYL_Brian video today about Wyze and integrating it in to SmartThings thru IFTTT and virtual switches. It triggered a thought for me about using ST to trigger audio notifications on google home speakers. So for example let’s say you have a smart door bell, and you want it it play an audio notification on one or all of your google home speakers when the doorbell is pressed. Is there a way to have the doorbell trigger this response? I am guessing with any Works With Google doorbell there can probably be a direct connection between the 2 devices, but I was really wondering if ST could communicate with Google home independently. There may be little need for this, but I am always looking for options that can be used for different projects, and there’s are some ways I could find value in this for the aging in place community.
  5. I’m in the same boat as @Gaztyke. My dupes are all hue bulbs in my google system, and I haven’t tried fixing it because if it was tricky it could cause “family issues”. These bulbs are in our family room and it is our high use area for the whole family. The last thing I want is the “side eye” related to what they see as dad’s toys.
  6. @Gaztyke so here is a question for you since I barely use ifttt. The applet you mentioned seems to do what I need, but how do I trigger it remotely using something like a Flic Bluetooth button? The goal is to allow my staff to discretely trigger this action so as to not offend the person in front of them. The reason I keep going Bluetooth button is again because I can’t add a network tied solution due to security restrictions. So I need to trigger the action from a Bluetooth button connected to an IPhone. Any help or other thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. So here is a fun new idea I a must bouncing around to help my front desk have the opportunity to be more productive. She has a tendency to get trapped in a face to face conversation with the general public about any number of things, and frequently the public seems to struggle to accept the typical social cues that the conversation needs to end. So some time other staff members need to come to her rescue to help end a conversation. So so the idea I want to try out is a button mounted to the underside of her desk, that when she presses it a phone call to her desk phone is triggered. This gives her an easy way out of those conversations. Now I was planning to use the Flic, but I just found out that IPhones do not allow for flic to control the calling features on their cell phones (press the flic, it triggers her cell to call her desk phone). So now I am a bit lost as to where to go next. I work in a high security establishment so there is no option for any network solutions, so I need a Bluetooth option that can control the calling functions of an iPhone. Any suggestions?
  8. So I can create rules with no errors using my iPad app. The error is only happening on my android phone's wyze app. Weird.
  9. Anyone having issues setting a schedule on their Wyze cams? I tried to create a schedule/rule to stop sending me notifications between 5pm and 11:30p. Evey time I try to add this schedule/rule the Wyze app states the "Start time must be earlier than end time" As you can see in the image the start time is earlier. Anyone else fighting this battle?
  10. @FrankE this item might be a good trigger option as well for either this issue or for other elderly smart home functions. It’s essentially a smart button that is fixed in place and not truly a button. https://knocki.com/
  11. Perhaps you could use something like this tied to IFTT
  12. @AYL_Alan I have done it using our Signia GA smart speaker. It’s not a smart display, but it is 3rd party like Lenovo. We just cue it up by calling out the trigger words (hey or ok google) and then say set a radio alarm for 5:30 AM on “name your station here” FM. Hope you can get the Lenovo working for you.
  13. I also received the same email as @Larry Underwood.
  14. @Sharkee make sure you have a music service linked to your home devices in the Google Home Settings. That’s the only thing I can think that would be stopping you from being able to do this.
  15. You guys are awesome. I really never thought this much concept sharing would happen for this topic. In my situation I needed a specific set of control timings for certain lights so that it wouldn’t impact our dog sitters who come to visit during the day/evening. So in this instance the randomizer wouldn’t work for me, but that is a very cool function that I could see having multiple values. What I did was create a few virtual switches for the time being so that I can choose to only put certain areas of my home in to vacation mode at any given point. I wanted to avoid defining the whole house for the time being because I could see that there would be times when I want certain areas of the home in a vacation mode but perhaps not others. This way I can separate them and manage those areas as need dictates. I will probably also create a master switch that also allows me to turn on all of the vacation mode switches at once, but for now I am just using this as a learning platform to help me better to see the functionality and value of certain automation concepts. Thanks again everyone. And @Larry Underwood I promise one day I will get in to the more complex world of webcore, but sometimes you just gotta crawl before you walk.
  16. @Larry Underwood I had a feeling you would be the first to respond. I will play with the virtual switch concept today. Thanks again for jumping in to lend a hand.
  17. So this evening I figured “hey let’s learn home to have my house run lighting schedules for when I am on vacation”. Now I’m still very new to SmartThings but it seemed to me that was the way to go. But as I played with it , it really doesn’t seem effective since it requires a mode definition which can change based on activity or lack there of in your home. So here is the short version of what I want to be able to do: I want to turn on and off certain lights in my home at specific times either on specific dates or by starting a routine (or something like that) and or possibly specifying what mode I want it to stay in until I tell it otherwise (like vacation mode). I don’t care if it is a google solution or a SmartThings solution. My bulbs I am working with are a mixture of Sengled and hue bulbs. The Sengled bulbs work directly thru the SmartThings hub (no Sengled hub required). So community I turn to you to show me how to do this effectively and with much more ease than the hair ripping out annoyances that I was suffering from just a while ago. I honestly feel like a moron at this point, and am truly annoyed with myself for what is probably my inability to differentiate the true difference between certain terms like mode, routine, smartapps... HELP PLEASE!
  18. Looks like outages in North America starting at 8:53pm EST
  19. Great question, and sadly I have no answer, but I am looking forward to seeing who does.
  20. So Best Buy (bb) has a sale going on now and they have 98 "Smart Home" items on sale. Some deals are decent others... well... But I did come across this deal which is kinda smart homeish that was a really good value. I don't want or need one, but I thought I would share it in case anyone was in the market.
  21. I purchased a Wyze Pan and a Roomba. I’m excited to play with the Wyze more but the Roomba was a bit of a break thru for me with my wife. She mentioned the sale it was on, but she immediately said “Hey it says it works with Google, so we can control it that way too”. This is the first thing that my wife seemed excited about regarding automation products. I may have finally started to crack her open to this stuff.
  22. Which smart lock did you go with? That is one of those items I want, I just need them to get the tech smaller so you don’t have a brick sized thing on the inside of the door.
  23. I want a new deadbolt, but finding the right one is tough, and that tech may just be too young still. I want to avoid having a huge brick on the in facing side of the door. I get the need for batteries, but I can’t sell myself on a look that I hate.
  24. Brian, Thanks for the “don’t worry about the motion sensor” comment. I know manufacturers always limit operational temps, but the actual impact it has was my concern, and it sounds like you think it’s a minimal issue (good to know). As always you guys rock. Thanks again for the insight!
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