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    Smart Thermostats

    @AYL_Brian I agree with the issues with the second cloud system concern. My reasoning for considering this is that with Google/Nest not playing nice with SmartThings it limits some of the automation I want to have the option for. My home is google voice assistant home managed with SmartThings, and as I got started with my smart home around 1.5 years ago I was google only to start so I didn’t account for platform integrations.
  2. I currently have 3 zones in my home, and in one zone I have a nest thermostat. I am getting ready to add thermostats in my other zones, and I was considering trying the ecobee line. So my question to all of you is which thermostats do you use, and what do you like/dislike about them. Also can anyone explain the difference between the new ecobee with voice assistant and the ecobee 3 lite? Is it really just the voice assistant?
  3. I second the return of the home tours. I also think it could be valuable for people to see more than just products. So perhaps a series of videos related to WebCore. I know I avoided trying WebCore for a while because it seemed like a more difficult thing than it turned out to be. Other instructional vids could include other simple items like best places to mount sensors, effective uses and configurations using IFTTT, or perhaps something like “if you use this smart device this way it will fail”. An example of that last item might be the functionality of smart cameras looking thru a glass window.
  4. I’m a general newbie, but SmartThings has been a great tool for me to this point. My automations are minimal, but learning webcore has been fun, and it really helped to open my mind as far as automation goes. I’m slowly moving my families comfort with this stuff forward, and even have them starting to enjoy some of the neat tricks you can setup in webcore. Ive heard hubitat is great, but I’m definitely a pro SmartThings kinda guy.
  5. Exactly. This creates avenues for people to keep their things and make the, smart with a very small investment. I think this is huge for the consumer and for SwitchBot. Imagine the push they will receive when this integration happens.
  6. Just got an email from SwitchBot that I think would make a few of us excited about the possibility. Here is the email: SwitchBot Curtain funded in 12 minutes! Help us unlock the stretch goals! Thank you for your support to help us hit our goal in 12 minutes. More than 1000 backers pledged over $160,000 so far. It means so much to us after the months of preparation leading up to this. But we're not done yet! The Kickstarter campaign has 38 days to go, and we have big plans! STRETCH GOAL #1 Unlock Direct Integration with Smartthings at the $300,000 mark. We heard you when you said connecting Smartthings through IFTTT being laggy. We heard you want to open up more possibilities with Smartthings. Yes, we heard you. And here is our promise. We will support direct integration with Smartthings for all SwitchBot products when we hit the $300,000 mark in the SwitchBot Curtain Kickstarter project. Please help us keep the momentum going by sharing the SwitchBot campaign with your friends and family on Facebook. Let's hit our first stretch goal soon! GET IT NOW
  7. Perhaps a small multi color light strip. Best Buy has a non smart one that comes in shorter lengths and is inexpensive. They come with a remote as well. I think the brand is insignia if I remember correctly.
  8. I was thinking thru how to make good use of some old cell phones we have and turn them in to security cameras. But my question is has anyone found one that integrates with SmartThings and/or Google Home? If you have done the cell phone security camera thing but not integrated it in to your smart home, what apps have you found that work best?
  9. Brian W

    Motion Detectors

    @AYL_Brian and @Larry Underwood thank you guys for all of the info. Brian from my motion sensor to the street is right around 30 feet which is why I was surprised I was having this issue. Another oddity is that the motion sensor seems to detect motion at that street distance more commonly during the daytime vs. nighttime. And I don’t mean more occurrences, I mean more so that a car in the daytime is more likely to trip the sensor than a car at night will. Now there are a bunch of variables that may play in to that from temperature to possibly people drive slower in the evening, but nonetheless I thought sharing that may be helpful to others. One other thing of potential value in thinking about this is my house is approximately 10 feet above street level. The sensor is mounted to a vertical wall, and the sensor is angled downward as much as the magnetic mount will allow. I’m not in dire need of trouble shooting at this point, I am sharing this info more in hopes it can be helpful to others. Larry and Brian you guys continue to rock. Thanks again.
  10. Brian W

    Motion Detectors

    @Larry Underwood it's funny the reason that is bothering me is a wrote a script to email me whenever motion is detected on that sensor between our typical bedtime and our typical wake time. The reason behind it is I wonder how frequently someone takes a stab at trying to enter our cars in the driveway. I know we have had neighbors who have had their change stolen or other bags from inside their cars grabbed, but we have never had it happen to us (probably because we actually lock our cars unlike others). my next step in this process of the script was to alter the location of my Wyze cam so that it is focused on the cars. Again this was really just me playing around with WebCore as I tinker my way in to knowledge.
  11. Honestly the product that I wanted to see from them was the buds. With google as my voice assistant of choice I was curious to learn more. The range on them seems great, and a good battery life with the case. But I am curious to hear how they sound, and more importantly for the GA potion of things, how well they can hear you.
  12. Brian W

    Motion Detectors

    So I recently setup one of the newer smartthings motion sensors by the front door of my home to trigger the patio light on or off to both save electricity but more so to stop the nighttime swarm of bugs around the patio light that inevitably make their way in to my house. I played around with the positioning of the sensor to make sure I wasn't getting triggers from cars driving by on the street, and we seemed to be good during testing. But now that it is stuck in place I have found that it still sees motion from the street if a vehicle is driving fast or if it is a large vehicle (trash truck) driving slowly. Now I can see how vehicle size could impact motion sensing, but can anyone explain of the speed of a vehicle is impacting it?
  13. Since I am just now getting in to Webcore I am going back thru some old posts, and came across this one. So @Larry Underwood here is a question for you. As I have begun playing with lighting in webcore i have found that when I try to control brightness based on time of day, the light first turns on at its previous level of brightness and quickly lowers to my new level. Is there a way (perhaps in the script above) that forces the lowered level of brightness prior to the bulb lighting up?
  14. I received an email from SwithBot about a new product they are launching the next few weeks. Wish I had more info or a better picture to offer.
  15. @FrankE weren’t you looking for a sensor for a chair to detect someone seated. This might be a good fit for that.
  16. @Larry Underwood I am actually using an app on their phones called life 360. That app is essentially a find my iPhone style app, but Webcore can associate the geofence I have setup to define my home. In my early tests it seems to be working, but tomorrow will be the actual test instead of my half measure testing so far. I’ll let you know how it works out.
  17. @Larry Underwood ok just got it installed and have done 2 simple test scripts just to get a feel for things. I can tell already that I am going to love Webcore. Now I just need more toys for my home to trigger more things. I think my first real script will be to designate my kids phones as arrival sensors and have their arrival home from school issue a command to send a text message to my wife and I. It’s a good way to sell automation value to my wife.
  18. I am actually just getting back on the forum today, but I will be checking these out and probably throwing questions your way. I’m excited to start toying around on this side of automations.
  19. I wanted to suggest perhaps it is time to do a tutorial or video on Webcore specifically. @Larry Underwood posts a ton of very cool piston concepts for people to look at, but how many of us really know how to get started with Webcore. Me personally I get the concept behind it, but admittedly I am not a code guy or programmer, but I am interested in learning more. I think a “Webcore for beginners” video would be a tremendous help to not only myself but to others. With all that Larry shares I feel like there are too few of us taking advantage of the value he is providing to this community. Imagine how much more we as a group could learn and how much we could in turn contribute back by using the tools available, but using them from our individual perspectives. Just a thought, but I know I would love to have a better understanding of Webcore from a ground up perspective. Thanks for reading this and as always thanks to all who provide content on these forums.
  20. @Gaztyke I have seen this happen twice in the past few weeks. It seems if I leave it alone it naturally fixes itself. I have it happening on the home hub. So i5 does seem to be happening on other device types.
  21. I think I figured it out. I had to use the If/Then feature in the new ST app. I keep defaulting to the old app out of habit. Thanks again everyone for your help.
  22. The goal is for the bulb to be full bright in the bathroom until 11pm whenever it is turned on. After 11pm I want it to turn on at a dimmed level whenever it is switched on. It’s the concept of not going blind when someone goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  23. @Larry Underwood manual in this instance would be a (not smart) switch. I could see people also considering manual as a voice request via Google or Alexa.
  24. @AYL_Brian and @Larry Underwood I guess I need to go thru the ST lighting automation again. When I looked in to that last night it didn’t appear that you could just define brightness, but you could arrange a timed on with brightness setting employed. But I don’t want the lights to turn on, I just want them to be turned on manually but at certain times at a dimmed setting. Looks like I need to go thru it again and find what I missed.
  25. @MNA1966 can it’s outlet handle the load of an air conditioner? I like the idea behind it, and I’m wondering what different ways I could be put to use.
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