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  1. I am looking to setup some Wyze cams outdoors for my in-laws. I will be installing under eaves where possible, but not always. So I am looking for recommendations on outdoor housing mounts for the 2 different Wyze cams.

    The things lingering on my mind are enclosures that cover the lens create better protection, but hamper the night vision capabilities because you have to turn off the IR feature. These enclosure types also seem prone to condensation forming inside the housing, which can again hamper cameras vision, but also cause damage to the camera long term. 

    Enclosures that avoid covering the lens increases the likelihood of direct moisture contact with the camera/lens. But the night vision gets to perform at its best. 

    I’d love to hear any experiences this group has with these things. Thanks in advance everyone!

  2. That is awesome. I would love to see that come on line. Now the question is how will the onstars of the world create blocks on the vehicles to prevent the car from playing nice. I can see that kind of thing happening. But I will say this. SmartThings integration in new cars could definitely influence my next car purchase. 

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  3. @FrankE I don’t have any data related to this kind of thing, but there are a few brave trips thru famous paintings that may work nicely for what you are doing. Here is one that got a lot of posts on Facebook.  Good luck with this project  

    As  side note I pointed Gwendolyn from Wyze towards your website  She was interested in senior smart home tech integrations and I wanted her to learn more about what you do.


  4. 1 hour ago, AYL_Brian said:

    The fact is, it's imperfect now but it's getting there!

    Sometimes you have to look for other ways to sense occupancy!

    @AYL_Brian is right.  Finding alternative concepts to detecting occupancy is key.  I know people have used pressure sensitive mats under seat cushions, motion sensors, and even NFC stickers on a table that you place your phone on top of.  If you can add rules thru smart things or webcore along with these tools you can more specifically customize the responses you are looking for.  Have fun playing around with some of these ideas and who knows what else you might develop!

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  5. @PeL4 welcome to the forum.  By all means keep asking this group questions.  There is a ton of knowledge here (very little from me, but tons from others).  One thing you may want to look in to regarding presence sensing is a company called Walabot / Vayar.  They have been working on these kind of products, but I am not sure if they are truly capable of handling your request.  Check them out and see if they have something that might fit your needs https://vayyar.com/smart-home


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  6. @Gaztyke they definitely could.  Frank (who I mentioned above) has actually been working on a few things tied in to wearable tech.  I put together a webcore piston earlier this year that sends a text message to my wife and I when our kids arrive home from school.  It was tied in to the Life 360 app on their phones, and when they entered the GeoFence  around our home between the hours of 2:00pm and 5:30pm M-F, smartthings/webcore sends out a text message stating "Child's name here is home".  It was a great way for us to fix the problem of our children forgetting to text us when they got home (especially since they have such different schedules between their schools)

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  7. I am creating an educational program that will be meant to travel showing smart home value for senior citizens.  One of the things I want to be able to do is show mini live demos as I travel to these different venues, which means I will be connecting to random public WiFi networks and can't connect hubs or bridges in a hard wired manner to a router.  Obviously it is easy enough to connect voice assistants in this environment, but I am coming up blank on ways to show lighting and sensor use.  It dawned on me that Wyze may be a solution on both fronts, but I have seen a lot of complaints regarding Wyze lights and sensors having issues.  So my question to the group is do you have any suggestions or any actual use info related to Wyze that might help me find more comfort in taking a stab at using their products for this project.  

    Some items I won't have to demo like thermostats (just provide videos or pictures), but other items work great for a traveling program like SwitchBot.  If anyone has any suggestions of things that they have found particularly beneficial for seniors please feel free to share.  I know I have spoken with a few of you about this project in the past, and finally have it scheduled to kick off in June, so I have some time to get all of these demos setup and ready to roll.  Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can offer.

  8. I thought it might be a good idea to add a health and safety category to the forums. I know @FrankE would have plenty to offer on this topic. It came to me tonight as I put together a new WebCore piston designed around my daughters recent sleep walking adventures. I wanted something that would wake my wife and I but without waking anyone else including my daughter (don’t want to terrify her and startle her possibly causing more danger). So now if the triggers I have designated go off between certain hours the nightstand lamps in my room will blink on and off until stopped, and text messages will be sent to each of our phones (to create a noise without it being an alarm). I may tweak it further and make it not time based but instead make this piston become active based on a routine spoken to my google home devices, but this was a quick start to find a passive solution. 


    I am sure  many of us have created automations or have automation concepts revolving around health and safety, and with a new year and so many people focusing on health this may be a good topic to add to these forums. If you are looking for some simple examples of what kind of automations you can develop check out AYL’s home tour of Frank’s home. That video is what took me from mildly automation interested and got me to dive full in to the pool. Here is the link to that home tour


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  9. @FrankE I finally have it our our educational calendar for May 21st. I have most of my PowerPoint ready to go, but I will be filming a few examples videos in my home to use in the PowerPoint. My real next focus though is to create some hands on demonstrations that I can setup in the classroom. We are sticking with very simple basic concepts, because the goal right now is to open up the minds of our seniors and their caregivers of the value these technologies can make in their lives. 

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