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  1. We have the Schlage Connect zwave deadbolt. Are you running the classic smartthings app on your watch? I'd love to figure this out.
  2. So my wife uses her Apple Watch and the SmartThings classic app to unlock our front door. I did some research and it appears the Apple Watch can’t run the new SmartThings app. So everything was working great until around a week ago when she attempts to unlock or lock the door from the Watch it just spins and spins like it’s trying but ultimately fails. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?
  3. @Stukes I ordered a switch from them in the past and it showed within a week. I was planning to order 5 bulbs, but realized ordering a 6th bulb got me free shipping that essentially made the 6th bulb only $1.97.
  4. @FrankE I will try to find some time to try them out. My guess is Google does not have this app perfected yet, and bugs like this will pop up. I will let you know what I find.
  5. So I already bounced this off of @AYL_Brian but I wanted to pose it to all of you. Inovelli has these bulbs on sale for under $10 per bulb. They integrate in to Smartthings and i am curious who has them and how has your experience been with them? Do they play nice inside of Smartthings, how is their color saturation and brightness, in general what do you think of them? I may purchase a good number of them and would like to be as informed as possible. Thanks in advance!
  6. @FrankE I have been using an action block when I leave work everyday to text my wife a message that says “I am on my way home”. It has worked with no issues or need for clarification as of yet. One difference may be I pointed the action towards a phone number and not a contact in my phone (even though that number isn’t a contact in my phone). Maybe that is the hiccup.
  7. @DOWNSOUTH407 I’m right there with you. When I first saw this I was excited to possibly have a smart lock that didn’t come with a brick sized attachment on the inside of the house. But just like you I passed on it because of it’s lack of integration with SmartThings. I ended up buying the Schlage Zwave Plus deadbolt. So I now have a huge brick in my house, but the functionality and flexibility I gain thru SmartThings and WebCore make it worth it.
  8. @Larry Underwood you continue to be a wealth of knowledge my friend. I’ll be bugging you soon for more WebCore help as I am digging back in to that again now. I just started creating a piston this afternoon to manage an Auto Unlock feature for my new deadbolt. My hope is that I have enough pre unlock requirements to minimize false unlocking, but also a backup post unlock action requirement that must occur or else the door will automatically relock itself. It always seems so simple when I think about it, then I go to do these things and my brain recognizes that I need to account for something else that my prethinking didn’t account for.
  9. @Larry Underwood do they make one that works with LEDs?
  10. I am looking for a smart dimmer switch recommendation. First let me mention I need a switch that does not require a neutral wire as my home does not have a 4 wire setup. I need the switch to function with Smartthings and Google Home. Thanks in advance.
  11. @FrankE well it was worth a shot. You could look down the road of a smart plug turning a fixture on and off. I know in IFTTT Sengled bulbs have a command function called toggle on/off. Perhaps you could use that option or maybe Sengled offers a scene that toggles the bulb. Good luck
  12. @FrankE can the bulb have a scene associated to it that can create a blink. Then have Alexa trigger the scene? I’m not mr. amazon, so I’m just throwing a dart blindly here. If it helps great, if not feel free to point and laugh at the google kid 😁
  13. @FrankE If I am correct don’t I need to put SmartThings on each phone? Just thinking about the dangers of creating access to ST for my children. I could see them playing around inside the app and causing problems.
  14. @AYL_Brian know of any other ways to turn various phones in to location devices to automate with SmartThings?
  15. @Larry Underwood geofencing has worked well for me with my text alerts letting me know my kids are home. Since I am not Tasker familiar and since my family is a mix of iPhone and Android would tasker still work? If not I could always try the Life360 app as a trigger.
  16. @Larry Underwood I am finally getting ready to purchase this lock. The selling feature to my wife is the concept of the door automatically unlocking as she approaches the door (not using an app but perhaps geofencing). Have you done any of that with yours?
  17. @David I believe @FrankE has you on the right track here. I own a few Meross products and if you go SmartThings the virtual Swift will help with integration, but if you don’t use SmartThings then IFTTT should allow you to do what you are looking for.
  18. @Larry Underwood I think you may have just created the device @FrankE has been searching for since...... well a really long time now. The concept is awesome, now create a few demonstrations of ways to use it and I would bet you could start selling these things easily. Well done sir!
  19. Does anyone have any experience with it? I know it won’t integrate in my SmartThings platform, and it’s Google integration is only ok, but I love the self contained (no cloud) aspect of it. I also love no subscription fee.
  20. I own the Meross outdoor plug which has been great and very reliable. Bulbs are a tricky thing because their brightness and color saturation can vary greatly between different manufacturers. Thanks @Gaztyke and @David for sharing your meross history.
  21. Ok folks I need your thoughts on smart locks. First off my platforms are SmartThings and Google, so I want a lock that integrates with both. I wanted to find a lock that doesn’t have a gigantic brick on the inside of the door, and I wanted to hold off until the new August lock came out because that looked to have a smaller profile, but they don’t seem to have a release date as of yet. So community I am reaching out to you for your thoughts and input. Thank you in advance for any input you can offer.
  22. Does anyone have any reviews to offer on the meross color bulbs? I am looking for some inexpensive color bulbs for my kids rooms. A 2 pack of their bulbs are $15.99 right now. They don't require a hub and work with Alexa, Google, and IFTTT.
  23. @FrankE I created that option before the new if/then options came in to the ST app. Hey you popped in to my head with the presale announcement for the Wyze Band. Alexa built in plus activity tracking for only $25 seems like a great future tool for your work.
  24. I know @AYL_Brian put it out on Facebook for our community to start sharing videos and ideas around how to use our smart home tech to help keep us safer. Now for anyone who is thinking “what are you guys talking about” think about simple things first. For example avoiding surfaces that are frequently touched, like a light switch. Every time we go out to get gas, groceries, or simply to take a walk we touch doors knobs, gas pumps, the touch screen when you are checking out at the grocery store. Then you come back home and turn on the lights, then your spouse turns off the lights. Contact surfaces are a key place for this virus to spread. So think of ways to minimize touching these surfaces. Here is another simple idea that will hopefully get us all thinking of new ways we can use smart home tech to help keep us safe. Put a contact sensor on your mail box so that you can get alerted when the mailman has opened and closed your mailbox. This stops you from checking for mail when there is none, and it keeps you from touching that surface over and over. Have the sensor send you a text message thru IFTTT or make it turn on a light in your house. Whatever works for you and the tech you have. I work for a health system and I promise you every nurse, doctor, administrator, housekeeper, facilities maintenance team member, dietician, and every other hospital employee desperately wants and needs you to do everything you can to limit your exposure. So use your tech, teach others, and help us innovate ways to help keep all of us safer one person and one family at a time. Take care, be well, and look out for your fellow man (or woman 🙂
  25. Out of curiosity what is the goal of this measurement? You know me always looking to learn potential value options from this tech.
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