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  1. Brian W

    Motion Detectors

    @PeL4 hey @AYL_Brian just posted a video from CES that might be the beginning of the in room sensing capability you were looking for. It comes up at the 7:25 mark in the video below. It’s a product called RooMe from a company called intellithings. Here is a link to their website https://www.intellithings.net
  2. Check this out. I know @AYL_Brian has talked about duplicate devices before, but I couldn’t find his video discussing it. Hope this is helpful
  3. I am looking to setup some Wyze cams outdoors for my in-laws. I will be installing under eaves where possible, but not always. So I am looking for recommendations on outdoor housing mounts for the 2 different Wyze cams. The things lingering on my mind are enclosures that cover the lens create better protection, but hamper the night vision capabilities because you have to turn off the IR feature. These enclosure types also seem prone to condensation forming inside the housing, which can again hamper cameras vision, but also cause damage to the camera long term. Enclosures that avoid covering the lens increases the likelihood of direct moisture contact with the camera/lens. But the night vision gets to perform at its best. I’d love to hear any experiences this group has with these things. Thanks in advance everyone!
  4. @FrankE this seems like a great future integration for your projects.
  5. That is awesome. I would love to see that come on line. Now the question is how will the onstars of the world create blocks on the vehicles to prevent the car from playing nice. I can see that kind of thing happening. But I will say this. SmartThings integration in new cars could definitely influence my next car purchase.
  6. Brian W

    Motion Detectors

    Here is a product I know @AYL_Brian had used in his home for similar reasons. This should fit your needs. https://aeotec.com/z-wave-sensor/
  7. @FrankE I don’t have any data related to this kind of thing, but there are a few brave trips thru famous paintings that may work nicely for what you are doing. Here is one that got a lot of posts on Facebook. Good luck with this project As side note I pointed Gwendolyn from Wyze towards your website She was interested in senior smart home tech integrations and I wanted her to learn more about what you do.
  8. I don’t have experience with Hubitat, but I second SmartThings and WebCore integration.
  9. I don’t know he answer to this, but it’s a great question. I’m interested to see what people come up with.
  10. Make sure the strip is assigned to a room (perhaps front patio) in both SmartThings and in Google Home. Then ask google for the temp in the front patio. That should do it.
  11. Brian W

    Motion Detectors

    @AYL_Brian is right. Finding alternative concepts to detecting occupancy is key. I know people have used pressure sensitive mats under seat cushions, motion sensors, and even NFC stickers on a table that you place your phone on top of. If you can add rules thru smart things or webcore along with these tools you can more specifically customize the responses you are looking for. Have fun playing around with some of these ideas and who knows what else you might develop!
  12. @AYL_Brian I can't believe that didn't dawn on me. I guess because my home ST setup is the ST Mesh Wifi system I just defaulted to seeing it as a router only system. Sometimes simple things just slip by. Thanks for chiming in!
  13. Brian W

    Motion Detectors

    @PeL4 welcome to the forum. By all means keep asking this group questions. There is a ton of knowledge here (very little from me, but tons from others). One thing you may want to look in to regarding presence sensing is a company called Walabot / Vayar. They have been working on these kind of products, but I am not sure if they are truly capable of handling your request. Check them out and see if they have something that might fit your needs https://vayyar.com/smart-home
  14. @Gaztyke they definitely could. Frank (who I mentioned above) has actually been working on a few things tied in to wearable tech. I put together a webcore piston earlier this year that sends a text message to my wife and I when our kids arrive home from school. It was tied in to the Life 360 app on their phones, and when they entered the GeoFence around our home between the hours of 2:00pm and 5:30pm M-F, smartthings/webcore sends out a text message stating "Child's name here is home". It was a great way for us to fix the problem of our children forgetting to text us when they got home (especially since they have such different schedules between their schools)
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