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  1. @AYL_Alan I have been considering making the change from Wyze to Eufy for my cams. I already have the Eufy wireless doorbell and have been very happy with that. My question is since Eufy has multiple apps for their devices do the 2k cams work on the same app as the wireless doorbell? Any other valuable pearls of wisdom regarding the Eufy 2k cams?
  2. @Mac welcome to the forum. Others can provide you with better info then I can, but my initial thought is to focus on devices and control systems that primarily operate locally or are heading in that direction. Avoid dependence on things that require cloud integration or are only functional via IFTTT. With this kind of focus you minimize the concerns you have related to your WiFi. Good luck and happy automating.
  3. @Larry Underwood seems like an opportunity to use webcore. Does life 360 still function as an option in webcore for location?
  4. Not to the best of my knowledge, but there is a new smartthings cam 360 coming out soon. Or at least I think it us due out soon. Maybe it will have a local storage option.
  5. And these last few posts are why I love these boards. As I said before if it has to go I wouldn't blame anyone, but a YT rabbit hole led @Kizzy here which led to a post by @MNA1966 which led to a question from @FrankE and quality response from @MNA1966. Its a crazy world and its crazy how we have all found answers by starting down a rabbit hole.
  6. So I have their doorbell which pairs to their homebase. I would assume something similar for the Eufy Cams. Do you have a homebase?
  7. @FrankE so is this kind of like an alternate Switchbot like product right?
  8. @FrankE it does, but that is my wifi system so it explains my issue.
  9. Well I think this might explain it. Anyone else get this?
  10. I have the SmartThings WiFi 3 pack, and it has been rock solid for well over a year. Last week we had power outages and since then the WiFi portion of the system has crapped out. When I reboot the ST system it gets connected to my router and begins broadcasting the internet. Within minutes the internet disappears but the ST (smart home) integrations continue to work. I then connect to my isp’s WiFi and it is still running strong. This first happened last week but I got it back up. Now today we lost power for an hour, and now I can’t get the internet to broadcast via my ST WiFi. Please god help. I’m losing my mind here.
  11. It’s funny to see this post. I normally stopped by daily because I loved the interaction, and it really helped me dig in to learn more. It has been quiet, and that has reduced my frequency to the forum, but I really do love it. And I stopped in tonight because I have run in to a snag that is haunting me with SmartThings. I am going to post about that shortly. @AYL_Brian I would never fault you for doing what you need to do, but I would miss this board. @FrankE started me down a road that allowed me to see smart homes as more than just a fun thing for me. @Larry Underwood took my expectations of possibility and raised them to new levels. And Brian you have helped me stop just buying smart home toys, and instead look at my smart home from a big picture perspective. The products you have helped me become aware of has been great, and the discussion on this forum about them and how we each use them has been incredibly helpful. No matter what I am and will continue to be an AYL guy.
  12. We have the Schlage Connect zwave deadbolt. Are you running the classic smartthings app on your watch? I'd love to figure this out.
  13. So my wife uses her Apple Watch and the SmartThings classic app to unlock our front door. I did some research and it appears the Apple Watch can’t run the new SmartThings app. So everything was working great until around a week ago when she attempts to unlock or lock the door from the Watch it just spins and spins like it’s trying but ultimately fails. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?
  14. @Stukes I ordered a switch from them in the past and it showed within a week. I was planning to order 5 bulbs, but realized ordering a 6th bulb got me free shipping that essentially made the 6th bulb only $1.97.
  15. @FrankE I will try to find some time to try them out. My guess is Google does not have this app perfected yet, and bugs like this will pop up. I will let you know what I find.
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