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  1. Its my understanding that SmartThings does not allow multiple hubs on an account at a single location, but supports multiple hubs on an account IF they are separate locations, e.g. a vacation home Is it possible to add a second hub at first location, before deploying it to the second location? edit... In my testing of this, I'll able to configure the 2nd hub and add all the devices at the first location. It seems to work find in the SmartThings IDE and SmartThings mobile app allowing me to select which hub I want to work on. But, it looks like I need a separate webCoRE account for each location (hub)… is that correct?
  2. Hi Larry Thanks for the solution. I may run I may run into a single person household needing this "couch potato" solution Frank
  3. Hi Larry, Thanks for the great suggestion. I have been using that technique in a solution for tracker a senior around the home to see how much time they are spending in certain areas of the home like; bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room. It what I call a "Where's Waldo" approach, in that it relies on the last detected motion to be the person's location. This technique is also used by commercial companies such as Best Buy Assured Living in the US, Billycare in Australia, and MySense in the UK... just motion and contact sensors to track ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). I will give your an idea a test as the concept of couch motion sensor "loss of detection" would no longer be issue as the couch potato timer would continue to run unless reset by a motion sensor in another area. I could use your help in the piston area on this as I need a way to start that couch timer but NOT have it reset by addition motion trigger on the couch. I have had problem with a piston be retriggered on couch motion and the timer never finishing. Also, I would need a way to only start the couch timer when its the current area to be triggered, but not re-triggered. My workaround was to use variable indicating the timer state and using that as a condition to allow couch timer trigger My problem is that for a "couch potato" solution its very difficult to properly mount contact sensors or to properly position PIR sensors to only pickup motion related to a person on the couch. They tend to pick up other motion in the room would could be considered "still on the couch" even though they got up to stretch. I have found it very difficult to focus the PIR sensors as was hoping that this camera would help. I also tried some Nest cameras which offer 4 activity zones, but unless I mount them on the ceiling its hard to prevent "walk through triggers" in their field of view. I have also been testing some ultrasonic distance sensors which actually work great detecting a person getting close to an area like walking up to s stove, sink or fridge, but are unreliable for detecting a sitting person verses an empty couch I'm still working on a pressure pad solution that is dependable and comfortable. edit... I forget to mention this is a two person household, so I need to NOT detect her husband walking around as an indication that she got up from the couch Thanks, Frank
  4. Hi Tony, You certainly are right about those who are blind being able to memorize and find their way around their own home. In the case of the person I'm setting this up for she is also suffering from severe memory loss and forgets the home layout. She lives with her husband, so this is just a way to give he a bit of independence and to give him a break In regards to the Wi-Fi microwave, I haven't tried it but there is an Alexa microwave and smart oven https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07894S727/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_BMCYDb9A22009 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XSCBSN5/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_qOCYDb4B5BS0E Oh, that photo is of a very thin closure sensor for patio door that is mounted slider door Frank
  5. I also use virtual switches and virtual contact closures for interfacing with Alexa Routines. This would be a real problem unless SmartThings maintains a way to create them
  6. I have been testing the SmartThings Vision camera as a potential device for detecting a person sitting in a couch too long http://Samsung SmartThings Vision https://www.samsung.com/au/mobile-iot/smartthings-vision-u999/ While it does a great job of person detection, it works best with a full body view. At SDC19 the SmartThings representative said they count on 60% of the body. In my testing, the camera is not very good at detecting stationary persons, exhibiting the same characteristics as normal PIR motion sensors in that they are tuned to detect motion. In fact, my testing with combination PIR/RF sensors had the same characteristics. Here is a sample video https://youtu.be/EGd1hzdAFY8 Note that it does very well when I’m standing, fair when I’m sitting, as long as I kept moving, poor when I’m stationary
  7. @Larry Underwood If you have a way to contact Adrian can you ask him what the plans are for Virtual Switches as they are currently in Smart Apps which he mentioned in the video as going away with Rules API? He was asked a lot of questions about the transition in the Q&A, but the attendees questions weren't audible
  8. Hi Tony, I'm sorry to hear about your diminishing eyesight, but I do have some suggestions for you. Since you are an iPhone user, There is a great app called Microsoft Seeing AI (yes Microsoft for IOS...) that one of my clients loosing her vision found very useful. If you use it, please post some feedback https://technology4seniors.com/vision I also just posted a "room navigation buy ear" solution that might be of interest. Its pretty crude right now, but I'm working on other waypoints with better non-wearable presence detectors for locations such as Stove, Fridge, Sink. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYsY-BOeZsA In regards to patio door sensor, I found a really interesting model that might work on your door. Please post a picture and maybe someone has a working solution I'd be interested to see what others come up with in the way of front door locks. I have both Schlage and Kwikset electronic deadbolts. The Kwikset is voice controlled by Alexa, but for unlock you have to also say a PIN for security. Here is a tip for a little known feature called audio descriptions which will description what is going on in a video when no actors are speaking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2ocyNFBvZQ Frank
  9. Here is a project I have been refining for a while and will finally get to deploy it to a person in Arizona this January. She is totally blind and very forgetful and the path from her couch to the bathroom is quite involved. Here are a couple of videos where I've staged it in my house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYsY-BOeZsA&t=2s This solution uses Alexa for the nice big Echo Buttons and reasonably priced speakers (Echo Dot) along with Samsung SmartThings Webcore providing the logic and SmartThings motion sensors paired with the SmartThings Hub
  10. Here is the list of info given to SDC 19 attendees https://www.samsungdeveloperconference.com/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=sdc2019&utm_content=EMAVIVTH&utm_term=videos
  11. Here is a video of the Bixby section at the SDC19 event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjI-E9Ze2KE Check out the import of data tables to build a capsule
  12. Hi Larry, I love his description of what it currently takes to setup WebCore... Frank
  13. Good catch! Looks like they dumped a bunch of SDC19 videos out there now https://www.youtube.com/user/SMInnov8/videos
  14. Thanks... It's been an interesting transition as I move from focusing on Amazon Alexa to Samsung Bixby and Samsung SmartThings. Somethings are easier, some are harder
  15. Just ran into a problem with the new SmartThings Wi-Fi plug. Overall, its been great and at a really good price. But I just found out that SmartThings Automations won't trigger from a plug state change. So if someone manually controlled it, or if you were using it as a "state" indicator for something, you won't be able to trigger from a state change. I'm thinking SmartThings may add this feature later
  16. I did get to chat up the SmartThings guys also demoing on the exhibit floor and may have found the "couch potato" detector I have been looking for. Even though I'm just part of a family-run non-profit, Samsung paid for a booth for me to exhibit along with the rest of their "partners", so I could hardly complain... I did get to pitch my vision of kids helping their parents with DIY technology to everyone who visited my booth.
  17. Hi Larry, Thanks for posting. I was stuck in my demo booth when all the good sessions were going on. I'm afraid that attendees were not given any special access to the presentation materials or videos and were just told to wait for the videos on YouTube Frank
  18. Hi Alan, My solution is not a full-fledged medication compliance tracker by any means… Many companies are trying to produce such a device... most fail I think of my approach as more of a reminder to do a task like "get up and stretch" for couch potatoes like myself. I tend to forgot to take a daily allergy pill, even with a spoken reminder and tend to postpone it... seeing the light gets my attention later on as I'm walking around I also have a way to put the notification up on the TV screen where it stays if I need a more "in your face" reminder
  19. here are the details Background With good reason, phones are not set to “speak” reminders and therefore only provide text and audible notifications on a reminder. Who wants their phone talking to them on its own?.... Well, those with accessibility needs such as seniors with mild cognitive or motor impairments WANT their verbal assistants to speak reminders to them. Potential Solution Samsung has described voice control through Bixby for SmartThings, e.g. turn on/off devices, but NOT a way for SmartThings to talk back to Bixby. In looking for a way to do this, I used my previously described "Announcer Bixby Routine" which continuously loops and speaks any notifications received by the phone. Then using SmartThings Automations, I was able to not only turn a reminder light at a specific time, respond to a button push to turn off the light, but also post a Notification to the Senior that gets spoken on the phone through the Bixby Routine. Now we have two-way communication Bixby <-> SmartThings Samsung Galaxy phones with the One UI update such as the s10 shown in the referenced video, have the capability of “speaking” Notifications through Bixby Routines. This solution uses a “continuously active” Bixby Routine to speak Notifications as they occur. Reminders set notifications by default and should be minimized to reduce confusion. This solution provides a spoken reminder to take a medication with the addition of a visual reminder in the form of a special light controlled by Samsung SmartThings (ST) that stays on until confirmed by the senior via button press. YouTube video https://youtu.be/gRg7n0uwLZo Implementation · Create a “always on” Bixby Routine to speak Notifications · Create an ST Automation trigged by time to turn on the light and create a Notification o “Time for your pill. I’ve turned on the Reminder Light. Push button after taking the pill” · Create an ST Automation triggered via a button press to turn off the light and create a Notification o “Thank you for taking your pill. I’m turning off the Reminder light”
  20. here is the conference streaming link... https://www.samsungdeveloperconference.com/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=sdc2019&utm_content=EMMCLIVE&utm_term=site
  21. Agreed. In the meantime I'm using a SwitchBot Skill in Alexa. IFTTT also supports SwitchBot
  22. Samsung has described voice control through Bixby for SmartThings, e.g. turn off devices, but NOT a way for SmartThings to talk back to Bixby. In looking for a way to do this, I used my previously described "Announcer Bixby Routine" which continuously loops and speaks any notifications received by the phone. Then using SmartThings Automations, I was able to not only turn a reminder light at a specific time, respond to a button push to turn off the light, but also post a Notification to the Senior that gets spoken on the phone through the Bixby Routine. Now we have two-way communication Bixby <-> SmartThings Here is the YouTube video
  23. Yeah, a bunch of them but no "inactivity alert" or spoken option... I will bug them about it at the show
  24. Hi Larry, I also have a Galaxy smartwatch. I like the way it can do "couch potato" (inactivity) reminders, but haven't figured out a way to get those reminders spoken or sent to my phone
  25. Yep.. and Tizen is in their watches, TVs and lower-end phones. They are also promoting a RealTime version for IoT
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