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  1. Hi @Brian W I don't see a way to flash a bulb in a scene
  2. I was working on a solution for someone who is hard of hearing and was missing their Ring doorbell announcements. So, I thought, a piece of cake... I can flash any bulb or smart plug using webCoRE using SmartThings to see the Ring doorbell push. BUT, this was not going to be at my home and the installation should be made simple, and if possible, remotely managed ------------------------ Well I soon found out that although Alexa Routines and SmartThings Automations could detect the Ring doorbell press, they couldn't flash a light... other than the 5 second "wait" delay offered by Alexa Routines So, IFTTT to the rescue! It can detect the Ring doorbell press and also can cause a Lifx bulb to flash a fixed number of times. I think Philips Hue can also do this, but that requires a hub Surprisingly, Alexa Routines and SmartThings Automations using the same bulb doesn't show a "flash" option into their actions Anyone have any other simple solutions? I was reminded of those old bulb flasher screw-in adapters they made in the 60's https://youtu.be/xBJDceRH4rQ
  3. Amazon has finally caught up to Google uses Ring Doorbell with Echo Show vs Nest Hello and Nest Hub! As of 6/2/2020, my US-based system can now automatically display on my Echo Show without my workaround Echo Dot backpack!! https://youtu.be/K0mxaygdHiU The Amazon setup has a few pluses in that you can add custom announcements in Alexa Routines and that motion is also announced, but NOT displayed Frank
  4. I'd like some feedback on the assessment I'm doing on video doorbells for the elderly or mobility challenged. Please let me know if I'm missing something, especially on the Google side -------------------------- As of the date of this report, the two main players in the home video doorbell market Google and Amazon, offer solutions that may fall short of the expectations of an elderly person with mobility or cognitive issues. The ideal video doorbell solution would present a video image of a person at the door to the elder who remains seated at their normal location, without having to get up nor having to speak any command. The video image should be triggerable by a doorbell press OR the motion of a person at the door. The ability to provide a verbal or canned message response back to the person at the door is also desirable Maker Product Audio Video Comments Google Nest Hello Canned message on doorbell pressed only Auto-displayed on Nest Hub screen on doorbell press only Lack of motion detection No TV option Amazon Ring Doorbell Pro Canned message doorbell pressed and motion Auto-displayed on Echo Show on doorbell press only Amazon audio notification message can be customized with workaround *1 Amazon Ring Doorbell Pro with Fire TV cube Canned message doorbell motion only Canned text message Can auto-display video through use of a workaround *2 Amazon Ring Doorbell Pro with Samsung QLED TV Doorbell press and motion Auto displayed on Samsung QLED TV Popup is clickable to larger image *3 Notes: *1- The customization message requires the creation of a simple DIY Alexa Routine. This could include useful verbal personal guidance such as: “Grandpa, there is someone at the door. Please check the camera, before opening the door” … verses a canned message “There is someone at the door” *2 – The workaround consists of using an Echo Dot to “speak” the Alexa command to the Fire TV Cube, or to an Echo Show if it is “linked” to the Fire TV Cube https://www.amazonforum.com/s/question/0D54P00006zSxMLSA0/did-you-ever-wish-that-your-ring-doorbell-video-would-automatically-display-on-your-echo-show *3- The Samsung QLED TV will display the doorbell video, but does not allow any interaction with it
  5. @Stukes Yep, that's the only Echo Show model with a built-in zigbee hub, but the Echo Plus also has that hub at $150 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0794W1SKP/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_3-S1EbYPC6CV8
  6. I have something very interesting to report... I can get SmartThings motion and multi- sensors to trigger Alexa Routines directly through the Echo Show 2 hub! I noticed this back in January, but thought it was just a fluke So I ran the test again today with a ST motion sensor and multi-sensor and they both paired up directly with the Echo Show2 hub! Now, if you try this yourself, there are a couple of tricks. .. 1. Do not get worried if after an Alexa discover she says nothing was found nor can you find it under "devices" 2. You can either wait a few minutes or... start to create an Alexa Routine... the "first motion or first contact" device will show up there long before they do under devices" I can anywhere Amazon claims that these devices should work, but they do. Its great for a location where you wnat a simpe installation BTW, the SmartThings button is still not discoverable...
  7. I have been looking for a long time for a solution for those who want a "simple" home automation system using only Amazon Echo devices using Alexa Routines... For a while I was able to suggest a partial solution using the Echo Buttons which could Bluetooth into Echo devices, but those have disappeared from the marketplace. The Echo Flex motion sensor does trigger Alexa Routines, so that is a partial solution and there are also Alexa outlet plugs I'm still looking for buttons and contact closure sensors that can trigger Alexa Routines using only an Echo zigbee hub. I realize that there are other Wi-Fi devices with cloud-based solutions that Alexa Skills could work with using another vendor's account, but I want a very simple solution
  8. Hi @David Thanks... I never noticed that. From the screenshots below it mentions losing drop-in if disabled... maybe they mean only AFTER you once enable it. My relatives have drop-in on, with this disabled. For those of you trying the tap "Communication" and not seeing any settings... try this tip...tap Voice Responses first... only one time is needed
  9. In the above post I was complaining about the quick popup with no audible message, but here is another "announcement" I just received that actually started me on this exploration. This announcement says its from "Connections" which I believe is "Alexa Connections and is very different from the previous popup in that it even has sound. I'm still not sure it this has a specific setting to cause it update- I got a clarification from Amazon on these two types of message. The one in my previous post is just an updated the the original drop-in available message. The message shown below is from Alexa Connect and actually detects their activity and provides an audible announcement
  10. I'm not sure what "stated availability" means nor how I would set it. Here is what the notification looks like. Its a silent popup and stays only about 15 seconds
  11. Looks like it will also work with non-camera Echo devices such as Echo Dots based on usage https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=GF6XSNRNB7R3TXZJ
  12. Eureka!!!! I found what this feature is called "Alexa Connections" https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=GG8ANZALL4J9BXBV This seems like a very useful feature for connecting with elderly parents. However, I don't see any mention of what devices it works on. I assume it must be only devices with cameras, but I'm not sure if it works with all of these Echo Show 5, 8 & Gen 2 I don't see how it could work with an Echo Dot, unless it looks for usage I'm going to start testing this.... At least I have a good "search term" to work with
  13. Hi @David I'm looking at my Echo Show Gen 2 that displayed the message I mentioned above and I don't see any "Enhanced Communications" setting there or in the mobile app. That is a very interesting term you mentioned. Where did you see that described? Frank
  14. I was wondering whether anyone else has seen this new (to me) feature that when the parent "sits down" in front of their Echo Show their kids will get a message something like "This may be a good time to call Mom" on their own Echo Show screen I cant' find any description of this feature, nor how to enable/disable or which Echo Show models have it. I know its working on Echo Show Gen 2 models on two different Amazon accounts This is different then the always on "Available for drop-in" icon in the upper right of the screen, which does NOT detect presence.
  15. @Brian W I think you could be right about that.
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