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  1. I got frustrated trying to set mine up as it wouldn't pair with the Bluetooth in my Toyota Camry. The support site lists a few years of Camry that don't work and I assume this is due to specific customer complaints. My car doesn't have an audio in jack, so I started looking into a USB powered BT speaker to put in the car... As I started testing that in my house and had some issues, but found out that my Samsung S10 phone can act as a BT speaker for the Echo Auto! That surprised me as I have always used my phone as a BT transmitter to a BT speaker. Anyway, I now can use my phone as a speaker for Echo Auto, as it requires my phone anyway as its mobile connection and GPS. This gives me what I'll always wanted... a hands-free Alexa app on my phone I can have routines "speak" using "This mobile device" and Reminders speak using "Alexa on phone" Frank
  2. I also include any links they give me for info and videos
  3. I have some interesting news about SmartThings, WebCore and Sharptools. I have had this fear that SmartThings was going to make it more difficult to use WebCore but instead they are going to actually support and PROMOTE it at SDC19 !! https://www.samsungdeveloperconference.com/?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=outreachkit&utm_campaign=sdp2019&utm_term=smartthings They are unveiling their new API and actually offering a lab using WebCore... no mention of ActionTiles... I'll be attending and let you know what I find out
  4. it may look bright in the blacked out room, but that is the camera adjusting... its REALLY dim
  5. Hi Larry, It does a great job of that and also looks really good even in a bright environment
  6. I actually like the built-in clock. I'm using it next to the kitchen sink with the medication reminder light. Although it can also display the outside temperature, it only does when speaking a response to an temperature check... I wish it would toggle between time & temp with a user selectable frequency
  7. Right... direct trigger to Alexa and with the Echo Buttons Blue light to indicate pushed and Green light to indicate Alexa received I also have tried Larry's SmartThings button and even a Flic button. Lots of ways to do this... I was aiming for the Use Case of someone with limited dexterity having a "House On/ House Off" button My little secret is that to get a toggle function, I needed to end to using WebCore anyway.... 🙂
  8. here is my solution for mounting an Echo button near an entry switch without making any holes in the wall. It uses a double gang switch cover with one side as a blank
  9. ah, do you mean a motion sensor light above their head? I have tried PIR type motion sensors, but if the individual is sitting very still, such as watching TV, or have dozed off, the sensor tends to timeout I think the problem is that the sensor algorithm looks for motion, not "presence". I've been searching for a true presence sensor
  10. The first is the ability to set a "wait" period in a Routine to less than one minute... now down to 5 seconds. Previously I had been sprinkling "dummy" commands like volume adjustments for short delays The second is the ability to invoke an Alexa Skill from within a Routine. I have been waiting for this as I have been using a second Echo Dot to speak that Skill invocation command to a first Echo Dot to start a game at a defined time. This is very useful for those living independently who need a bit of encouragement to exercise their mind or body https://developer.amazon.com/blogs/alexa/post/cf65c68e-f3df-475e-939d-4ea2771b20b7/tell-your-customers-they-can-now-invoke-your-skill-from-routines
  11. I just got a couple... I like the new size... but the volume is pretty weak
  12. Thanks to all for pointing out this solution! I have been trying a pressure mat similar to what was shown in the article with unsatisfactory results. The problem is that for the mat to work properly, it can't have any covering over it to make it more comfortable to the user. I understand these are routinely placed in wheelchairs with occupancy alarms, so the occupancy has little chance to complain What I'd really like is a "scale" type device to put under a leg on the lazy boy chair to detect a 100lb change. I've looked into strain gauges with a bridge, but would need an RP3 at the chair for that. I really appreciate you all looking into this for me.
  13. Kirkland water bottle... Anyone who knows someone with limited vision should check out the free iPhone Seeing AI app by Microsoft. Its really good
  14. I gave it a quick test and it seems to be, as you said, something for placing orders... It did a really poor job What I have been recommending for low vison and blind clients is a free IOS app from Microsoft called Seeing AI https://technology4seniors.com/vision
  15. This does a good job of covering the pluses and minuses https://www.techhive.com/article/3327501/how-to-use-alexa-routines.html
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