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  1. I have been using “simulated Alexa switches” in the SmartThings IDE for quite a while now to trigger Alexa Routines. But I just found the IFTTT trigger Alexa Skill on this YouTube channel I tested it, and it does work! Three triggers are free, $5/year for unlimited triggers
  2. FrankE


    Hi @Shane c, I'm also interested in setting up a hubless system. Please describe your setup and what type of sensors you are using. Do you have any motion or contact sensors using Wi-Fi? Do you have any buttons that an elderly person comfortably use? What automations do you have, other than voice activated? Thanks
  3. I love it. If anyone is doing OTA (Over the Air) TV, you can now change the channels by voice with a Fire TV Cube
  4. I just published an article on using Zoom Meetings on an Echo Show 8 https://www.techenhancedlife.com/solutions/how-use-zoom-echo-show
  5. I just published this article on Alexa Group Calling https://www.techenhancedlife.com/solutions/how-use-alexa-group-calls
  6. @David Thanks.. I thought there were plenty of "setup a Zoom meeting videos" out there, but I guess I could do one with a focus and setting it for Dad as a scheduled Zoom meeting. I'm now working on an article for my column on how to do this and could add a video. BTW, there is also a neat trick I'm going to discuss which is "instant Zoom" meetings where the Dad would get an invite that looks a lot like a Facetime or Google Duo notification, versus an email that he has to click on
  7. There is a lot of great info here on Amazon Fire TV https://amazonfiretv.blog/tagged/alexa
  8. @David So far I have tested group calling on various Echo Shows and Zoom on an Echo Show 8.. They both work great Next up is Fire TV Cube with big screen video calling
  9. Wow! Amazon opened the flood gates 1. Group Alexa Video calling in MANY countries (Echo Show only- no Alexa app devices) 2. Zoom call support on Echo Show 8 (US only) 3. Fire TV Alexa video calls (Fire TV cube only, with using USB camera) Here is the press release https://www.aboutamazon.com/news/devices/new-ways-alexa-can-help-you-stay-connected-with-loved-ones
  10. Please note that many people are complaining that an elderly parent who really needs this feature, may not have an Amazon account, email, smart phone or a computer. This is something that Amazon don't address as they expect EVERYONE has a smartphone I address this problem with a solution in the article just published with setup instructions here https://www.techenhancedlife.com/citizen-research/alexa-care-hub-set-up
  11. If you are looking for a senior-friendly tablet that you can remotely control to provide support, take a look at this article. You can provide remote support through the Splashtop SOS app and can on a Android tablet that you own It even provides some tracking of daily activities If you have unused iPad, take a look at this article, but there is only remote viewing available, not remote control
  12. For a while now, I've been suggesting the use of Google Voice to satisfy the need for a phone number to accept the PIN via SMS during Alexa Calling setup Recently Allynn, a reader of my column suggested textnow.com as Google Voice is not supported in Canada I tried TextNow and it worked really well (in US) for this purpose. I suggest using a Google account to log in and your browser versus their mobile app
  13. It's free. Here is an overall description I'm working on an article describing how to set this up if your loved one currently doesn't have Alexa Calling or is not capable of performing their side of the setup, even with over-the-phone guidance from you
  14. I'm interesting in knowing if others have set up Alexa Care Hub for remote loved ones and had any issues
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