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  1. Now, I realize this is just for FUN and NOT a practical use case, but looking for way to get around limitation of the single device attachment to an Echo Flex. I first tried the "USB hub" approach, but the Flex doesn't like seeing two devices Then I used the "double-stack" approach, which does work but of course request an extra Flex Finally, I added a gooseneck USB extension to raise the detector up to reasonable person-detection height Ok, its too expensive, but it does provide an AC powered motion detector light... 🙂
  2. I just found a use for the Echo Flex in my Use Case for Seniors with Samsung devices. I mentioned in a different post that I'm using their Samsung phone to speak notifications such as calendar, reminders and SmartThings... but there is no Samsung audio-only device (yet) So I'm using their phone with Bluetooth while they are in the home to speak through an Echo Flex (actual Samsung can support dual BT devices) to speak the notification. The reason the Echo Flex works better than an Echo Dot in my case is that there is no local volume control so they can't turn it down by mistake I also found that an app called "Bluetooth auto connect" does a great job of reconnecting to the Echos when they return home
  3. FrankE

    Samsung Easy Mode

    One of my "clients" (friend of my sister) was not even able to remember how to "swipe right" to get the Easy Mode contacts screen. Even if she could do that, having to chose between phone, email & text when she touched the picture of the contact she wanted to call was confusing I found a way to way the Samsung phone's home screen have just icons contact pictures and the ability to "direct-dial" using widgets a. Set the phone to Easy Mode b. Drag all the icons from to the Apps screen (to the right) i. Remove the “Apps icon” 1. Swipe down from the top and pick settings (gear) 2. Tap Display and scroll down to Home Screen 3. Turn off Apps button & App icon badges 4. Remove all Widgets form the screen 5. Push Home button c. Add contacts to Home Screen in “Direct Dial” mode i. “Pinch screen” to expose Widgets ii. Tap Widgets and then Contacts iii. Tap & HOLD the Direct Dial icon drag it to a location on Home Screen iv. Choose the contact you want to display v. Repeat for the rest of the contacts This gives the seniors a “flip phone” like screen when first turning it on and yet retains the Easy Mode larger icons and Contacts Screen as well as the original icons on the apps screen The additional benefits that the Samsung smartphone has over a flip phone is using the Samsung Bixby AI to do Voice First type functions such as: · Time & weather information & general information · Directions guidance from Google Maps · Audio books through audible Through advanced Bixby capsules such as Senior Time, personalized responses to frequent requests for “The Time” can be given in a context aware-manner such as “Its 4AM, Frank, it’s still time for sleeping”. In addition, DIY techniques such as using Bixby Routines to “speak” notifications such as calendar events and reminders can be beneficial as well as using a setting to remove the “Tap & Drag” requirements on phone calls BTW, a Samsung A50 is a low priced ($250) version of an s10($800) that has all the Bixby features
  4. Hi Brian, Its a very interesting device and will get better as they keep adding features... first off, the picture quality is excellent! There is even a mode called ambient, where it just puts up a static picture to act like a framed picture Here are some pics of the notifications and the popups When a motion or notification happens, it doesn't go full screen.. you just get a big thumbnail with and OK button to go full screen. It will time out if you don't click it. If you do click it, it won't automatically return to where it was There are only a few notifications to pick from; smarthings & calendar is what I use The notification and camera don't dont turn on the TV, but SmartThings can do that and there are several options including speaking a notification (phone only) If Samsung made an ad, or Best Buy could demo it, it would really sell
  5. Hi Brian, Can you share some details on your senior home project? Frank
  6. As a recent convert from iPhone to Galaxy, I was always thinking it was my fault when I tapped to answer a phone call and it didn't work.. In frustration, I repeatedly stabbed at it until it answered I didn't know a "swipe" was required until one of my clients with dementia had the same issue. After a bit of research I find this has been an issue for years and that Samsung had a solution under "Accessibility" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLWUYNEweW4 Here is the solution that works on these Samsung Galaxy phones; A50, S10, Note10
  7. I took the plunge and bought a great Samsung 43" QLED TV... Although there are lots of 4K 43" TVs for less than $499, I wanted Bixby and SmartThings integration. Its really interesting in that the BestBuy stores, even with resident Samsung personnel can't demo the features... all locked down Anyway, Bixby DOES have a hands-free mode on the QLED 2019 models and there is a "Smart Hub", there is NOT a built-in SmartThings Hub... just a software feature. That's fine in my case since I already have a hub, but may confuse some buyers. Bixby is limited in that there are no Bixby Routines, Quick Commands or marketplace. The SmartThings integration works great. even automatically displays video from motion detection on Ring cameras, but not Nest cameras. It also displays popup notifications for Calendar events. The TV also supports Apple Airplay 2 and Apple TV as well as Chromecast and Smart View as well as the usual Netflix, Prime and Hulu
  8. My second capsule has been accepted in to the Bixby marketplace Senior Quiz is now available along with the previous Senior Workout I've submitted one capsule more that may not be accepted as it requires some configuration of the user's phone contacts One of the most common things for those living independently to ask their verbal assistant is "What time is it?" https://blog.eskaton.org/eskaton-deploys-amazon-alexa-to-100-seniors-in-assisted-living My Senior Time capsule greets them by name and also lets them know if they are asking for the time during their normal sleeping hours. This helps the confusion with 4AM verses 4PM that someone may hear when they think its time to get up for dinner
  9. I'm sure you have run into an older family member who says smartphones are too hard to use. Here is a feature from Samsung called "Easy Mode" that can help https://youtu.be/6izluvAl6xk The best feature is that full-screen "contacts page" that shows their contact's picture and offers an easy way to phone, email or text them
  10. Brian... congrats on your new Alexa Skill. Its interesting to "listen" to Automate Your Life on my Echo devices
  11. That is true, but you don't need to worry about checking batteries in those Echo Flex motion sensors.
  12. One tip I picked up from Craig's site was that the Echo Flex can serve as a hub for a motion sensor This means that if you are building a small Alexa-only system, say for your Mom, you no longer need to add a hub if you want to add a motion sesnor
  13. Just received this Rules API update via Samsung Developers email https://smartthings.developer.samsung.com/docs/rules/overview.html?utm_source=SDP-Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=November-2019
  14. I testing an Echo Glow Echo Glow as a potential "reminder Light" for Seniors. The basic look of the device and colors are fine, but its a bit of a strange device. At first I thought it might be an Alexa Gadget, like the Echo Button, but its not a gadget, yet it doesn't connect like other Echo devices or even smart lights/plugs The setup procedure tried to use a QR code (it failed) and also a hard reset (worked). The setup process is through adding the device as a Echo light. The bad news is that this "light" can only be controlled be Alexa... no other controllers I light patterns are ok, but there is no simple commands like Toggle or Flash. It does have a button, but I see no way to trigger Routines from it... something I was hoping that a Senior could use to acknowledge the light
  15. It appears that SmartThings only allows pairing of the Samsung speakers under the Classic mobile app
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