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  1. They may be of some use in setting up your parents https://www.techenhancedlife.com/articles/making-tv-useful-my-94-yr-old-aunt https://www.techenhancedlife.com/citizen-research/how-set-amazon-fire-tv-cube
  2. @AYL_Brian... this kind of info makes this Forum so important
  3. @Larry Underwood, I understand that its not as flexible as Echo Speaks, but I have been using virtual contact closures to trigger Alexa Routines to speak through Echo devices. The
  4. I would miss the forum, but have noticed that's its gotten very quiet I especially would miss David's Alexa findings, Larry's webCoRE/SmartThings tips and Brian W's smarthome tips . Please let me know where you guys will posting your items ------------------------------------------ If anyone wants to follow my postings, I'm writing several articles over here, where they will be giving me a section. I have ten articles in review https://www.techenhancedlife.com/citizen-research/how-set-alexa-calling-loved-one and I still post a lot on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBVxf646R95nXLHqVe3GPOw I'm also involved with a disability organization, sharing my solutions with their Innovation Strategy Group https://technologyforliving.org/ @AYL_Brian, Thanks for doing this... I understand it been a financial burden and needs to be closed Frank
  5. I have an update from the Google Disability Group, which handles support for Action Blocks It turns out that although its OK to have the word "routine" in the name of the Google Home Routine when invoking it from Google Assistant, that is not the case when invoking it from Action Blocks. At their suggestion, I removed the word "routine" and it worked. Google has been very response and I believe its because I'm working with this disability group https://technologyforliving.org/
  6. I come from an Alexa background, and have a question about adding a Device to Google Home when using "Works with Google". I was adding the Tile app, I may have missed it, but I didn't see any guidance on what to say to Google Assistant when controlling the Tile app In Alexa, when I would add the Tile Skill, there would be some example command phrases shown. How does a Google Assistant user know what the commands are?
  7. I ran into a problem where an elderly lady had only a smartphone and and cable TV, but no Wi-Fi and Internet. Well, of course, she has Internet through her phone, but I couldn't think of a way that I could use a SmartThings hub What she wanted was physical buttons to help her locate things such as her smartphone and TV remote as she was constantly misplacing them The phone locator was easy to implement as that was a standard feature of Flic buttons using only Bluetooth I then used the Flic button's feature of TTS to speak a command to Google Assistant to ask Tile to find the TV remote... I always wanted my TV to help me find the remote. Shouldn't that be built in? https://youtu.be/lUY3_ME4i2Y
  8. I have been using QI charging on my phones for years, both with the built-in and with an added wireless sleeve. I have seen some DIY attempts at QI charging of tablets, but this is the first solution I've seen offered by a manufacturer. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0899L7JMD/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_6VffFbBV1Z89B I tested it on both Samsung Tablets and and iPad Pro (2018)... it works very well The iPad version is 2000 mAh and has a longer power lead than the normal phone version https://youtu.be/nwx9L_YHWr8
  9. Maybe as an Echo Auto replacement?
  10. Just a hint, if anyone gets into a situation where a switch in SmartThings is not available in webCoRE... I added a TP-Link Kasa smart plug to SmartThings and could control it fine in the ST mobile app. When I went to make it available to webCoRE under: SmartApps- webCoRE- Settings- Available devices- Which actuators I couldn't see it However, I found it under Capability group 3... "sleep sensors through wireless devices" It appears that all "which switches" are there !
  11. @Brian W I just found out that Action Blocks is supported by the Google Disabilities Group and they started looking into my findings. They seem very responsive
  12. I was able to use a neat feature of Google Home Routines called "Say Something". When the Routine runs is says a personalized message. This runs great when I use Google Assistant to invoke it, BUT if I try to get Action Blocks to invoke it, it only shows the message as Text, it does not speak it. If I check the box in Action Blocks to "Always speak action out loud", it only speaks the name of the routine, not the Say Something text that is in the Routine Google says Action Blocks are part of its disability efforts https://support.google.com/accessibility/android/answer/9711267?hl=en#:~:text=Action Blocks uses the Google Assistant to make,to your Home screen with a custom image. And on that same URL with that message direct me to their disability support But that team says they don't support Action Blocks Does anyone know how to contact Google about Action Blocks issues? This would be a great feature for the disabled and elderly
  13. I've run into a strange problem on my Android phone verses my IOS phone using Google Assistant. On both phones I can view the Nest camera by clicking on it in Google Home, but only on the IOS phone can I ask Google Assistant to view the camera! The Android phone says "It looks like the camera hasn't been setup yet" It can been seen by voice request on Nest Home
  14. Hi @Brian W I just tried using the phone number and it still had the same problem. Then, I tried your message... and it worked... It seems to be dependent on the "actual message" as I think Google Assistant is trying to interpret what the message wants to do rather than just sending it... even the the command starts with the required "Send a text message to (123) 456-7890 that says..." I think that Action Block just passes the command to Google Assistant and GA is getting confused with the word "Call" in a text message. I tried just speaking to GA by saying "Send a text to Frank saying I'll be home soon" and it worked, but if I say "Send a text to Frank saying please call me" I then get a "what's the message" response If I say to GA, "Send a text to Frank saying please contact me" I then get a dialog with the actual message displayed asking me if I want to call. I think GA has a bug in that in needs to turn off the AI after it hears "Send a text to XXX saying.." and just send the message, not keep trying to figure what it thinks I really want it to do If you have time, please try my messages above to see if they work for you?
  15. Agree... That is the best way... As of today, Google support is telling me Factory Default I know I had the SSID & Password correct and though the WPA/WPA2 looked correct... but it couldn't see the Wi-Fi when it got there
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