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  1. I have been into Automation since I was a Kid, I am now 57 years old, I first dabbled with Din Plugs and had a Multi Room Audio (my bedroom and my little brothers connected to my portable tape recorder) and I also had automated curtains (string attached to pulley's from across the room). Fast forward to this decade, I installed Rako lighting into my home a few years back, the cost to install was about the same as re-wiring. The Rako works over the internet and I could set basic on/off timers which was great for a security point of view. Recently Rako has produced a Cloud Gateway (https://rakocontrols.com/media/1487/cloud-gateway-quick-start-guide.pdf & https://rakocontrols.com/cloud-gateway/) and it is currently working on IFTTT integration. So it now looks like I can fully immerse myself into Home Automation...... I think? Has anyone here either come across or had dealings with Rako and if so have you heard or read anything that may point me into the right direction, I would like to know if it would/should be possible to implement my system into the Samsung smartthings platform even if it is only via IFTTT?
  2. illingworth22


    Where do you purchase your Wyze products from in the UK?
  3. I am currently researching the Door Bell products out there and this one seems to be the way to go. What factors made you choose this model and did you consider the more expensive POE version?
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