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  1. Hi folks! Trying to get a suggestion for a bulb that I can stick into the back of a pumpkin. One of two ideas, but certainly happy to hear what you guys are doing when it comes to something similar, or just halloween decorations in general. Something less expensive, vs. say "Phillips Hue" where there'd be a significant investment, as I don't have any smart LEDs today. First idea is to rotate colors, etc. via either a physical remote or app, but preferably something that saves the settings between power off/on OR can be controlled via app to turn it on/off separately from when I turn on/off my outdoor lights. That will be more annoying, as I'd have to run a completely separate wire out to it, but not a deal breaker. If it's inexpensive enough, I don't mind it not being "outdoor" per se... Second idea is just maybe a black light, so nothing necessarily "home automation" about it, and just need a cord with a single bulb to plug in... maybe someone's done this and has recommendations? Thanks all, appreciate it!
  2. Alright, so I figured it out. Be sure to use this device handler, as otherwise the "button" sensor may not be available, and that's the important bit: https://graph-na04-useast2.api.smartthings.com/ide/device/editor/5561e017-d5d3-47d5-a543-dc67e979a4fc The documentation that was vital was this, which allowed me to create events based on a button push, and knowing which button corresponded to which sensor state: https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-homeseer-flex-sensor/157045 Option 1: (what I used) Use WebCore to trigger based on pushing button 2 (Light On): Option 2: You can use SmartThings, and their generic "Notify me when" via the classic app. Be aware this triggers on all buttons, including button 1 (no light). I didn't love this because I'd get a notification after I emptied it. How to set up notifications with Notify Me When Tap Marketplace. Tap SmartApps. Tap Safety & Security. Tap Notify Me When. Select one or more triggers from the following: Select the devices for which you want to be notified. Tap Done. I hope this helps! Enjoy!
  3. Hi folks! I just installed the Homeseer HS-FS100+ flex sensor (using it for light) for my dehumidifier. I added the custom device handler from Homeseer, and within the "old" SmartThings app, I see the device and it detects light as expected. The problem I'm having is how to create an automation around it. I have both the new and old app, but I can't seem to find something in either app that I can use to notify me based on it detecting light. The new app doesn't even see the light portion, only battery and temperature. In the old app, if I look at the sensor itself, it shows light when detected, etc. but I cannot find an automation that would give me essentially "If light detected, notify me". I also looked at IFTTT and under SmartThings, there's no topic where I can choose this sensor. I could really use some help here. Please let me know if I can answer anything I didn't mention. Thanks everyone!
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