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  1. I got it this morning. Under more settings , services, there is now a notes and lists option. The options are google keep, any list, and Any.do. I selected google keep and when I tell it to add to my list it shows up in google keep.
  2. Other than IFTTT is there a way to connect the MYQ to the smartthings hub. I am switching from Wink to smartthings and it does not appear to be an option.
  3. Thanks to everyone. I will order the smart things hub.
  4. I currently have the Wink 2 hub. Since Wink look like that are not making improvements and could be going out of business, I am looking to replace my wink hub. I would like some input as to the best hub as a replacement. I am currently looking at Smartthings and Hubitat. I have cameras, lights, switches, thermostats, smart locks and other sensors.
  5. I enjoyed Brian's video on how to connect the wyze products to smartthings. The hub that I am currently using is the Wink 2. Is it possible to do the same connection to the wyze products with the Wink 2 or do I need to upgrade to a different hub?
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