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  1. Hello from South Carolina. I'm a retiree living in a huge retirement community and addicted to this stuff. I'm using SmartThings, Hue, Honeywell, Blink cameras, Wyze Cameras (Wyze Sense also,) Rachio, Ring Alarm, WeMo switches, IFTTT, WebCore, and about anything else I can get my hands on at a reasonable cost. I also have an Amazon Echo and a Google Home in almost every room including the garage. I enjoy helping some others here with their automation and security needs...strictly as a hobby and NOT as a business. I don't like "fishing" for them, but am more than willing to teach them how to fish. Why screw up a fun hobby by turning it into a business? We have a computer club with over 3000 members to give you an idea of the size of things here and have experts on almost everything. Below is one of my ActionTiles panels, but it isn't neatly laid out as I view it on all sorts of devices and they haven't yet given the ability to have a fixed grid layout which could be scrollable. Probably the most useful automation item for me is having leak sensors throughout the house and a Z-Wave actuated water shut-off to the house. It will send me push, SMS, and phone call notifications if it triggers and shut off the water, too. I have a friend here who had over $30K in damages to his home from a leak...that motivated me. Oh, I have a grown Down Syndrome daughter living with us which is an additional motivation for keeping an eye on things. Oh, a pet geeze peeve...quit thinking you're doing your folks a favor by giving them your outdated tech stuff. If it isn't good for you, it will be worse for them. It creates a real burden on their friends who are trying to help them when they should just pitch it!!!
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