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  1. Nope. After looking for a while i just went on to other honey do's and projects I had on my list. Never got back to checking on it.
  2. Are these videos helping anyone? Anyone have any questions?
  3. Hummmmmmm........ I think based on the demo's i saw that would be very distracting from the movie itself 😀 Not to mention expensive at $230.00 US Now cycling the lights hummmmm...... 😏 Thanks, i would like my bias lights to be better in my media room with my projector but the TV in my living room I'm very happy with it. That's one of the few automation setup's i don't think i can improve on.
  4. You will need a samsung smartthings wifi outlet, or a outlet with energy monitoring abilities, that is Outlet 1 in the piston. and a light strip that works with smartthings. The piston monitors for output to exceed 20 watts. Each TV is a little different so you might have to see what your TV draws when its on and when its off by looking in the smartthings app. I then have it turn on the bias strip light which in the piston is RGB Bulb 1. Also if your living room lights are on it lowers the light level's to 20%, that can be changed to whatever you want of course.Then when the outlet drops below 10 watts I have it turn off the bias strip lights and raise the light levels in the room to 50% if they are on. Again you might have to adjust the level based on what your TV draws when its off. Here is the piston And this will show you what it can look like. The light behind the TV can make a big difference to how the picture looks. Might even add a LUX sensor to automatically adjust the bias strip lights level based on brightness in the room at a later date. If you want your TV to really shine, you’ll want the color temperature of the bias light to match the color temperature your TV or monitor manufacturer uses to back-light the display. Most TVs and monitors fall somewhere between 6000K and 6500K, that's why i set the color temp to 6500K in the piston. You can see the difference between when there on and off in these pictures. Bias Lighting Increases Your Screen's Contrast On first thought, adding light to the back of your TV is the same as watching with the lights on. On first look, however, you’ll probably change your mind. Adding a bias light to your TV actually improves how the image on your screen looks, and doesn't have the drawback of added glare. It makes the TV appear to have higher contrast, and better overall picture quality. Technically speaking, a bias light doesn’t increase the contrast of your TV, but it helps your eyes see more contrast from the screen. To quickly illustrate how this works, take a look at this optical illusion: Does the gray bar above appear to change color? The skinny bar in the middle of the illusion is actually a constant shade of gray, although it doesn’t appear that way. On the side with the lighter background, the gray bar appears darker and richer whereas against the dark background, the gray bar appears a bit washed out and white. Now apply this concept to your TV watching experience; if you illuminate the wall behind your TV with bias lighting, the blacks and grays on your TV screen will appear much darker and richer! As always if you have any questions please ask them here.
  5. And here is another explaining how to integrate IFTTT with webcore
  6. Here is another one that explains how to install webcore This is a good install guide but i found a smartapp that is easy to install and makes it very easy to install webcore and several other hard to install smartapps. Might want to try it if your having problems with this install guide
  7. I have had several request about creating a webcore piston to turn on/off TV accent strip lights on the back of a TV when the TV gets turned on and off as well as the living rooms lights set at a certain brightness. I use my harmony hub to do this but there is a way to do it without the harmony hub by using for example the samsung smartthings wifi plug to monitor the TV power. Is this something any of you would be interested in? If so please leave a post here to let me know and if I get enough people interested in the project i will buy another smart plug and create the piston and post it here.
  8. Sure but you would need a hub of some sort as most buttons are either zigbee or blue tooth because of the small battery's they use. I would suggest something like a samsung smartthings hub with their button and smart plugs. There are others out there but for easy setup and use this is what i would suggest. Make sure the devices you want to control will come back to the way you want them to after unplugging them and then plugging them back in as some devices do not turn back on after being powered off that way. You could also set it up so that after it's been turned on for a given time it can automatically turn it off again if that's something that you wanted it to do or even notify someone via a push or sms message that a given device has been on for longer then X minutes.
  9. Nope most washers here in the states are 110v although I have heard that some are 220v here still. I think that the stack-able washer/dryer combo's in apartments and such are 220v because of the dryer requirements.
  10. You could also do this "The dryer has finished at {$time}" <-- if you just wanted the time when it completed or "The dryer has finished at {$now}" <-- if you wanted the date and time it finished.
  11. I liked @Stukes idea about adding Action Tiles for visual notifications so much I modified my piston's with virtual switches so they now turn on virtual switches that you can add in action tiles to alert you when either the washer or dryer is done. I did this because while the dryer tile can be done no problem, the washer tile can't be done so easy as it measures power instead of being on or off. Switch 16 is the virtual switch for the dryer piston Switch 15 is the virtual switch for the washing machine piston And here are my action tiles when the washer and/or dryer are done While one or the other is washing/drying i have the icons set to spin with no glow when the virtual switches are off. Any questions or comments please leave them here.
  12. Not very much bigger. Used to use this with my Raspberry Pi 3 and Home Assistant. Back when I was looking for a replacement for the dying/dead mostly Wink hub. That's when I followed DrZzs youtube channel https://www.amazon.com/GoControl-CECOMINOD016164-HUSBZB-1-USB-Hub/dp/B01GJ826F8/ref=asc_df_B01GJ826F8/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=193989831776&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=9943598652874826351&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9026223&hvtargid=pla-312424172362&psc=1
  13. If it had a zigbee radio I'd be on board to. But that leaves out just about all motion, contact, temp sensors and blubs, (except wifi blubs) etc.
  14. Just in case you didn't get this e-mail or it went to your Trash Bin.
  15. I used them a long time ago when they first started making them. That's back when X10 was popular. No smartthings, Phillips hue, Alexa, google, etc. I ran Ethernet cables to them (no wifi then) to a blue iris server i ran. Worked pretty well. Not great though, had several cameras shut down on me several times in the 2 and a half years i used them. Then one by one they just stopped working. I'm sure they have gotten a lot better by now.
  16. Will I didn't know he was going to add another speak command after the one i had in my piston or i would have explained that ahead of time 😀 It's because of the speed of webcore it run's faster then alexa can say the words.
  17. You need to put a wait statement in after it tells you about the temps and before it tells you about the windows. I ran into that with my security check piston and that's what i did seems echo speaks needs time to finish what it is saying before it can say anything else. I'd say about 10 to 15 seconds should do it.
  18. Here you go Unknown device 1 is the AccuWeather smartapp as I don't have a outdoor sensor to get temperature from except that, and music player 2 is of course my echo dot. The triggering event is the Outside Temperature rising above 74 degrees, if you want one of the other conduction's to act as the trigger then just change Outside trigger to a conduction and the conduction you want to a trigger event. If your not sure what i mean by that then check out this website that explains it very well. https://community.webcore.co/t/conditions-and-triggers-the-difference/164 Any questions just ask.
  19. Yea I had the same problem until my Electric company installed 1 gig fiber in my area and now with there gigacenter fiber router and WiFi extenders, there's not a place in the house where I do not get full signal strength, beats AT&T's router and service to pieces. Used to I didn't like WiFi devices at all because of them dropping off of the network all the time. I have the samsung smart WiFi plug and now i really like it. Hasn't dropped once. Here is what I'm getting on my phone in a area where I barley had a wifi signal before
  20. Yep that works great outside but inside not so much there are other factors involved. For example in my kitchen i can't just set it so the light comes on when it see's motion at sunset. If i do and it's cloudy outside the lights will not come on when needed. I tired using lux for that and still didn't work correctly. Care to share your piston would like to see what you came up with.
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