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  1. I don't use the reminders a whole lot but there are some notification options in the galaxy wearable app that changes how they are/not displayed I'm sure you have most likely been here but thought I'd mention it just in case. Haven't seen any way to get the watch or the phone to speak them though.
  2. I have the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch and it has worked very well. Have been very happy with it. Not cheap by any means, but worth it I think.
  3. Thanks @FrankE like @Stukes I'll be very interested in anything you can send our way. Wish i could go. Makes me wish i was retired already πŸ˜€
  4. Just wondering if anyone else uses Smartthing's Home Monitor for there home alarm system?
  5. Dimmer 3 and 6 and white bulb 3 are lights that get turned on inside the house when someone arrives to a empty house and its dark. Dimmer 9 is my outside lights that also get turned on when someone arrives home after dark then get turned off after one of the @DoorOutsideSensors gets closed when someone enters the house or if no one enters the house in 10 minutes then the outside lights get turned off. If anyone has any comments or if you need help modifying the piston let me know and I'll help or modify it for you and post that. Also if any one needs help understanding any part of the piston I'll be glad to explain why i did what i did to it.
  6. Love my WYZE cams. Use them outside. But being a coder I know how easy it is to hack into cameras and use them to see people inside there house, so will never have a camera inside.
  7. I have seen some screen shots of the new API and saw a list of the feature set, but nothing more then that. Wish I could go but there's no way my company would let me go until we get the current project finished. Will very much be looking forward to whatever you can tell us frank.
  8. Hey @FrankE I was thinking about replacing my old dot with one of these as it has the built in clock. I heard it will dim the display when the light in the room dims. I was wondering just how dim it gets in a completely dark room as i like my displays very dim when I'm sleeping?
  9. @Brian W Cars engines emit a lot of heat, the faster a car goes the more heat it emits, also larger trucks have bigger engines so more heat there too. Also radiator's rapidly change temperature one of the main reason's for false alarm's. If your interested in how a PIR sensor works here's a good site to check out https://learn.adafruit.com/pir-passive-infrared-proximity-motion-sensor/how-pirs-work @AYL_Brian Took me a while going through a few white papers on the model number but found this info. Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor Detect movement and activity to trigger smart lights or receive an alert when you're not around. The SmartThings Motion Sensor works with your SmartThings hub to allow your home to react to your presence or to detect visitors or unwanted guests. When motion is detected by the motion detector, you can receive an alert or message on your phone, trigger an event like turning on a light or buzzer, or send a message to a property manager or neighbor. Use the motion sensor to automatically turn on lights when you enter a room, or turn them off to save money and energy when no-one's around. The motion sensor mounts quickly and easily with the included mounting bracket, utilizing a magnetic ball mount. GP-U999SJVLBAA Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor Specifications: PIR motion sensor works with SmartThings hub Zigbee 3.0 device Dimensions: 2.23" x 1.98 x 2.19" CR2 battery (included) Operating temperature 32-104 F
  10. If you are trying to access your cameras with there IP addresses then any router "should" allow you to access your IP camera's via the local LAN without needing access to the internet. Of course it will depend on the software your using and weather it needs access to the internet or not also. Are you using a Ethernet power injector to get power to your PoE cameras or are you using a PoE capable switch?
  11. Yes i use a WYZE cam that points at my driveway and have set it so it alerts me only when it see's a person. It is under my house's eve but still have it in a case I bought on amazon. Been there for over a year now and still working fine. In the past it did not work very well as WYZE is still perfecting there person detection but has been getting better and better. I use webcore along with a android app called tasker to give me a alert via Alexa and visual notification on my action tiles. You can see how i did it here. Let me know how it goes with the motion detection.
  12. You have heard I'm sure that size does matter??? Did I say that out loud? 😁 Well speed matters as well both in visual detection and motion detection. The faster something is moving the more likely it is to be detected. Motion detection for use outside where trees, cars, leaves, ect. can set off a motion detector doesn't work very well. That's why camera company's are working hard to get person detection working correctly.
  13. I did something like this except i used a smartthings button instead. With it being white and smaller it matched and fit the space a lot better but this works too and you don't have to have a smartthings hub. 😁
  14. Its not really a function of the webcore script but of the switch or bulb hardware. The firmware of the switch/bulb determines if it will come back on at the last level it was at then lower to the requested level or come on at the level requested from the beginning. For example my Cree bulbs will come on at the requested level from the beginning where my OSRAM bulb comes on at whatever level it was last set to then lowers its level to the requested level.
  15. This webcore automation will turn on Smartthing's Home Monitor system when the last person leaves the house and will disable it when the first person arrives back. I have tried this and it works perfectly. You can use smartthings app or life360 app as the presence sensors. Looks like the life360 app is more accurate. You will need to create 1 Device Global Variable called @PresenceSensors and put your life360 or smartthings presence sensors (phones) in that Global Variable. Also created a device Global Variable called @AllLights and put all the lights in the house into it so could turn all my lights on or off at once from any piston. Also use a device Global Variable called @DoorOutsideSensors and put my 3 contact sensors that are on my doors leading to the outside in it. Here is the pistons Had to break this into 2 pistons, one above to enable and disable Smart Home Monitor and the one below to turn on and off the outside lights Anyone have any question please leave them here
  16. Thought some of you may want to know about a project that combines wall mounting a tablet and replacing a dumb wall switch with the tablet. Sounds dumb I know but actually isn't. Ok I had entry wall switches i wanted to replace with smart switches but i also wanted a display so i could see the outside camera on the other side of the entry door and control my locks, blinds, lights, ect.. I know I could use my fire tablet to do this but i didn't want any wires coming from the wall plug to the tablet showing. So I had an idea what i wanted so started surfing the web looking for a way to do what i wanted. Found this site https://www.etsy.com/listing/676472925/amazon-fire-hd-8-tablet-wall-mount-7th?ref=pla_similar_listing_top-2&frs=1 I ordered the mount with the 120VAC to 5VDC integrated charging option. I removed both dumb switches and installed the mount over the hole that the switches came out of and installed the converter. Then replaced the old bulbs with Cree smart bulbs. The resulting install leaves no wires exposed and looks professionally done. With Fully Kiosk Browser and Action Tiles installed on the fire tablet i can control the lights that i removed and all of my other devices i need to control, plus see the camera. The fully browser allows the tablet to detect motion via the camera and show the action tiles when someone walks up to it. Check out the site if you want to see how this is done has several pictures of the product and shows how to install it. If you order it make sure to select the 120/240V AC charging option. Any questions about how i did this just leave them here.
  17. I was just thinking the same thing πŸ˜€
  18. Just a FYI on using phones as arrival sensors. In my part of the world it was only about 85% correct.The other times it was either very late or at times i would get false positives. In other words it would trigger the piston when i wasn't home or it would say i had l gone when i was still there. Ended up using a app on my phone called tasker to run the pistons when my phone connected or disconnected from my wifi. That works about 99.5 % of the time.
  19. This is a how to install the echo speaks smart app. Your going to want the ST - Community Installer installed first Here is the how to video
  20. My wife wakes me up...πŸ˜‰
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