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  1. No it will work on the V3 hub. Samsung just had their Samsung Developer Conference 2019 and talked in detail about what they plan and how. Might want to check out the post and the videos that were taken their
  2. This is a screen shot on my web browser of a program called tinycam cloud. It allows you to add different cameras and place them on a timeline. I have all my WYZE and other cameras on it. It also has a android app version to see all my cameras at once in a live view. Here is a screen shot of tinycam monitor pro on my android phone.
  3. As @Official_Andrewstech just got through saying I would be happy to help! 😁
  4. Unless you put your WiFi router right next to your smart home hub then you are most likely good to go as they use different channels, (even if they are in the 2.4 Ghz band). I would suggest about 3 to 5 feet of distance between the two. I have had to explain this to some of my family/neighbors after they had bought their smart hubs and had problems with devices dropping off of their WiFi, and there zigbee/zwave devices becoming unresponsive. Mostly zigbee as most zigbee devices are fairly small and for the most part are ran on small batteries, (motion sensors, door sensors, etc.) Plus zigbee devices that run's on battery does not repeat the signal. Where as zwave devices (which usually run on ac power, light switches and the like) do repeat there z-wave signals, so often as not, go further with less problems.
  5. You have one on the samsung smart bulb. Maybe one on the new Samsung smart WiFi plug would be a good next step.
  6. They didn't say anything about it cooking but they did show it cleaning 😀
  7. https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/9/16868856/aeolus-robot-beer-fridge-ces-2018
  8. No the button is a zigbee device so you would need the hub but as you pointed out you can do a lot more with the hub
  9. Yes the smart button has a temp sensor in it so you can set a automation to do what you want. You could also have say Alexa tell you the temp of the sensor as well
  10. i would advise a smartthings hub I had wink myself and it's no where near as powerful a automation system as the smartthings hub V3. Wink has been slowly dying a painful death for well over a year now. Even there website is showing Temporarily Unavailable https://www.wink.com/products/wink-hub-2/ Has been showing that for over a year now.
  11. The smartthings hub does some local processing and samsung is working on there new rule api which will make most processing local as well. I say most because will like your wanting to broadcast on your google mini that the blinds are closed would require internet access to accomplish.
  12. I would suggest a smartthings hub and one of there smart buttons and there smart wifi plug. The button has a temperature sensor in it with the added benefit of being able to use it to manually turn the smart plug on and off manually if wanted/needed.
  13. I would say it depends on what you want to do with your automation's. If you want to do more then what you are doing now then I would say go for it. There is a lot of support for the smartthings hub, plus it is a very stable and reliable hub. As far as what can be done, have you checked out some of my webcore scripts in the scripting forum?
  14. That is weird as i have not had a single zigbee or z-wave device become unresponsive (over 95 devices at this time) and some of these devices I've had over 5 years. I alweays have my hub located in the center of the house and away from my wifi router
  15. I just replaced my nest thermostat with ecobee thermostat already can till i'm going to love it. Full support with smartthings to.
  16. I would recommend the smartthings hub. It has a great deal of support and if you want power for it check out webcore. It supports more devices then hubitat. Don't get me wrong hubitat is a great hub but it doesn't have the support that smartthings does. Wifi is great but I (and a lot of others) have had devices drop off of the wifi network. I haven't had that problem with zigbee & z-wave devices.
  17. On a side note i used to have the wink hub and it supported Lutron Caseta. It had their clear connect radio built-in. It was the only switches that I had a problem with when I had my wink hub. When I switched over to smartthings as it doesn't support their clear connect protocol I removed them and replaced them with the GE Ebrighten ones and have never had a single problem with them.
  18. I use the GE Enbrighten Light Switches and use there fan switches as well. These are z-wave switches so you well need a hub (I use the smartthings hub myself), but for reliability you can't beat them. I know a lot of people will say wifi switches are great and they are but I've heard a lot others say they had problems with them dropping out. Anyway that is what I would suggest.
  19. If I understand Adrian correctly the new webcore which will work with the new rule API and will have a replacement for virtual switches only better.
  20. https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-myq-lite-door-and-lamp-control-for-liftmaster-chamberlain/49150
  21. Webcore can handle to some degree arrays, string, int. etc. I didn't want to get to deep into array's and the like because, well didn't seems like the time for something so complex yet and bool are basic true/false variables, which i have already used in webcore piston's posted here
  22. Like that but don't really wear my watch around the house. So don't know how popular this will be, plus bixby's responsiveness is not very good on the watch or there phone's (as of yet anyway). I have both and not very impressed with bixby.
  23. @FrankE and @Stukes Ok I had a very brief chat with Adrian and from what I understand is yes they will eventually do away with virtual switches but will replace it with something more integrated into the smartthings new rule API which hopefully will be available before they remove the virtual switches. Sorry it took so long to get back to you guys but have been very busy at work, creating a whole new set of applications for our systems, so have a deadline we are trying our best to meet.
  24. I just use echo speaks and webcore to say and do all my notifications (security, washer, dryer, camera see's a person (WYZE and Nest), temp alarms on doors and windows, etc.). Unless I'm asleep and then all notifications (except security) get muted.
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