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  1. Wow that is some coffee table But i think my Santa would go broke trying to buy one of those for me
  2. Just to give you an idea of what this can do i should be able to do effects like the ones in this video And that's just a few of the effects that WLED has. At the current count it has over 80 effects with the ability to adjust primary and secondary colors, brightness, and speed of the effects. So the combination's are almost unlimited in what can be done with it.
  3. If the button is/has been in your hand that may account for the change. Let it set in the open air for a while and then check it.
  4. I will. But I think i'm going to wait until it warms up a bit before I install the light strips. So might be a bit before I have something to show.
  5. I have these on order for a outdoor project i have in mind. Will cover the entire front of the house. Uses a project called WLED's https://www.amazon.com/ALITOVE-Individually-Addressable-Programmable-Waterproof/dp/B07FVP54GQ/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=dealz04a9-20&linkId=e9a62114124b6539e6675046a6e3d541&language=en_US https://www.amazon.com/ESP8266-NodeMcu-Internet-Development-Micropython/dp/B07L8W9SP3/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=dealz04a9-20&linkId=81b58294bf399dd72d93bf33560ea35e&language=en_US Plan on flashing the boards with this firmware WLED_0.8.5_ESP8266.bin from this website https://github.com/Aircoookie/WLED/releases Will let everyone know how it turns out. If set up right should be able to control it with webcore.
  6. If you set the button so that it set's it to a level then that will turn it on and it should have a off function as well. And for the smartthings button check out the scripting forum for a smartthings button piston
  7. Here is a holiday piston I created that will turn on a smart plug or anything else you wanted to add (lights, tree, etc.), but only during the holidays. You can change the days it turns them on if needed. I have 4 of the holidays coded in but more can easily be added, times changed, etc. If you need help doing any changes please ask here and i'll help. It is set to turn the smart plug on at local sunset and off at 10:00 PM, change that as needed. Switch 3 for me is a GE Smart Outdoor Plug which works natively with smartthings hub and turns on all of my outdoor Christmas decorations and lights at this time of year As always if anyone has any questions or comments please leave them here. If you want a feature added then just ask.
  8. I have another one that might be better. Just created it today. It is for several holidays and you can add more if needed.
  9. Is switchbot a RF blaster? I thought it was a IR blaster.
  10. So what hub did you pair it with? If smartthings did you have to install a Device Handler or was that controller natively supported already? Never mind I answered my own question. You used the hue hub. If I cared to read your post closer i'd have known that 😁
  11. That looks really good. If I didn't have lights on both sides of my garage I'd like to do something like that. I do have a 6 foot light strip under my bed rail on my side of the bed and have some under my kitchen cabinets and some as accent lights on the back of my TV. I'm using Sylvania Smart Zigbee Indoor Starter Kit It works natively with smartthings. I look forward to seeing what hardware you used.
  12. I have a fan that was already installed when i bought the house its just a ceiling fan with a switch in the wall to turn it on and off. So i replaced the switch with a GE Smart Fan Switch It works with smartthings hub natively and has 3 speeds. I can control it with alexa and in automation's, etc. I bought a smartthings button to put on my bedside table as this is in the bedroom and because the button has a temp sensor in it i can set up automation's to turn on the fan automatically if I'm in the room and the temperature is above a set level. Can also control it with a button push as well.
  13. No problem glad to help. If you need any help modifying it let me know.
  14. In other words you must have your button set to just turn on the light and the webcore piston had set it to the 40% level so when you hit the button thats what it went back to. If you look at the setup for that button there should be a option somewhere (i don't have that exact button so not sure where to tell you to look) that would allow you to set it to a level instead of just turning it on.
  15. thats a function of the light not webcore. Some lights when turned back on and not set to a level will go back to whatever level they were set at last
  16. The trigger is the motion sensor going active, when that happens it will check and see if the light is off, if the light is already on then nothing will happen this keeps the piston from trying to turn on the light when motion is detected if the light is already on. For example if the motion sensor has already been triggered and the light is brightening up to the 40% level and someone triggers the motion sensor again if i didn't have that in there it would start the light back at 1% again before it was turned off, which is not what you want to happen.
  17. I have one I use it starts at December 1 (that's the 335th day of the year) and ends January 10 but you can change the days and the time to what every you want. It turns on 2 smart plugs at 6 PM but only on those days of the year. Then turns one of them off at 10 PM and the other at 11 PM. Of course you can change it to whatever you need and if you need help doing that let me know. You could add another boolean variable called say IsThanksgiving and set it to maybe 327 to 335 as thanksgiving is day 332 in 2019. If you want to know what day of the year a holiday is just ask google for example to get it. This will work even on leap years (as it is coming up next year), as it looks at each year as it comes.
  18. I have over 200 pistons in my webcore, many of which I either created for others or do not use anymore. So if you run into one of the piston's that you want and the import code doesn't work anymore please let me know and i'll either give you a new code to use or i'll tell you it's gone. I'll wait a week from today before I start to give everyone some time to see if there's something here that they want before I start. Sorry but it's LONG past time I did this.
  19. I don't use the ST app so if you want to use that then maybe someone else can help you there. I use Smartthings webCoRE automation system to do my automations. If you decide you want to give it a go then you can go here https://community.automatelife.net/forum/24-scripting-talk/ and there are instructions and videos to walk you through installing and using webCoRE I created a webcore automation (it's called a piston) that will do what you want. Feel free to import it if you decide to go this route or wait for someone that uses the ST app to help. Hope this helps you out. Edit: I just remembered that in the Smartapps section of the ST app there is a smart lighting smart app (you'll have to install it if its not there) you can create a new lighting automation select the device you want to control (your light for example) and then under trigger scroll down to the bottom of the list until you see power allowance select that give it the amount of time you want to allow the device to stay on. Keep in mind this will affect that light no mater what automation triggers it so it will never stay on for more then what you set the power allowance to. Keep in mind I don't use the ST app very much so there may be a better way to do this. I tend to want to do more complex automations then the ST app can provide so quickly switched over to webCoRE when I ran into several things I wanted to do that the ST app could not do.
  20. @AYL_Brian Here is another example. If the motion sensor changes to active then the color bulb or light strip will turn on blue then the next time it happens will turn on the next color in the color variable then the next, etc. When it gets to the end of the color list it sets the Counts variable to 0 and starts through the list again. You can see just changing the logic around slightly you can make it do a lot of different automations.
  21. You have to install the app on your android phone first. I bought the pro version (wasen't very much i don't think). Once you do that then you can add the tinycam cloud.
  22. @AYL_Brian Just thought i would show you an example of a simple array in webcore This just takes a push of a button and the piston cycles a light strip or color bulb through the colors in the variable Colors. You can change the colors as needed and add other colors to it. You can see with a little more code such as date triggers how this could be used as a holiday color piston. I added a Count Colors expression so you don't have to change the amount of colors in the color variable. I subtracted 1 from the count as webcore starts it's count at 0
  23. Yes with webcore you can send e-mails, text and create very complex automation's. Yea back in the days I too ran several different kinds of servers e-mail, web, DHCP, DNS, etc. I don't live my myself, but the wife has been surprised to see me home sometimes, 😄
  24. Whatever you need Brian just let me know.
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