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  1. That wouldn't work in my household my wife can take very long showers, depending on her workouts or lack-there-of her showers can be short or very long depending. You might consider a door contact sensor along with your other sensor and use both to determine if someone is still in the bathroom. I also recently replaced the switch that controls the fan in the bathroom and depending on the virtual switch that gets set when i'm sleeping and the door contact sensor it can turn that on and off along with my wax melt air freshener. You could use the humidity sensor in your sensor to do the fan turn on and off as well.... If you need help with the scripting let me know. I don't have that sensor so not sure how much help i could give but the offer still stands
  2. Normal Configuration of the Samsung smartthings button will allow you to setup only one action for each of its 3 presses (press and release, double press, press and hold), With webcore you can increase its functionality greatly. The below piston shows what can be done. This allows for not only turning a lamp for example on and off with a single button press but now you can very the brightness based on time of day, ect. And based on if any of the lights in a group of them are on then turn them off. I also use a virtual switch that gets turned on and off by my alexa goodnight and good morning routines so if i press the button while i'm asleep it turns the light on but at a much lower brightness then normal. If you have any questions please leave them here.
  3. That looks good Brian. Hummmm..... I wish my sensor had a light sensor (samsung multipurpose sensor on door) i like that touch... what happens if your in the shower and the motion sensor can't detect anyone? I had that problem before. That's one reason why i used a door contact sensor. Just curious how you got around that problem.
  4. I also use mine for wax scented warmers. I'm using theses Sylvania LIGHTIFY Smart Plug I also have one on my wireless standup phone charger. I don't like having my phone charging all night long (bad for the longevity of your phone battery) but i do like a fully charged phone when i go to work so i use a phone app called tasker (google play store) that can monitor my phones battery, when it gets below 40 % charge i have tasker send a web post to webcore to run a automation that turn's on my phone charger. When it's fully charged tasker sends another web post to turn off the phone charger. I also have one on my fan in my bedroom that gets turned on and off based on how warm it is in my bedroom. Use a Samsung multipurpose sensor which has a temperature sensor in it to do that. Nice touch with the car block heater. If i lived in a area that got that cold i would have to use that tip.
  5. that looks really good Brian. Love the camera setup.hey shouldn't you be saying start filming 😀
  6. Just thought i'd share my ActionTiles setup, only had ActionTiles for 2 days so not sure I'll keep the current setup or change it. I'm using a cheap fire tablet, web browser called Fully Kiosk Browser (google play store) to display the First Screen you see. When the screen times out it goes to a webpage that i setup on a site called DakBoard The DakBoard pics can be set to change every couple of minutes, you can setup fully kiosk browser so that when it sees motion it goes to the main page which i have setup as my ActionTiles page. When it stop's seeing motion it go's back to the Dakboard page. Here are the pics. The Good Morning button runs a smartthings routine that turns on the coffee pot (wife's got to have her coffee), turns on the kitchen lights, turns on the TV (using harmony hub for that and the Logitech harmony connect smartapp to connect it to smartthings), sets the smartthings smart home monitor to Armed/Home, opens certain blinds in the house, unlock the front door, ect.. Oh and i also have it set to turn off the screen when its dark and turn on the screen when its light. (i got that tip from FrankE, Thanks frank). Oh and i used a program called tasker (google play store) to look for a push notification from stamrtthings app if the smart home monitor is in alarm mode to lock the tablet. It requires a pin code to unlock it after that. This keeps someone that might have entered the house from using the pad to unlock doors, ect...
  7. Frank i found that option in fully browser for when the room gets dark it turns off the screen but when it turns back on after the lights come up the fire tablet goes to its login page. i know all you have to do is scroll up to get back to actiontiles but is there a way to stop this? I opted out of the special offers so that's not the problem. Any ideas?
  8. i should have known you would have figured this out already 🤔
  9. Hey check out this youtube video on fully kiosk browser, actiontiles and a site call DAK board very nice i have my fire tablet mounted on the wall next to my front door showing dakboard all the time (nice full weather forecast for your area and time display and the background changes to different pictures) and when you walk up to it it senses motion and changes to the action tiles screen. After no motion detected it switches back to the DAK board screen. Really nice he has 2 youtube videos on how to set this up.
  10. You do know i blamed you guys for this 🙂 Everyone was talking about there ActionTiles and after i saw some of them i broke down and bought it. Told my wife it was all your faults. Of course she didn't believe that for a second. Once i get it like i want i'll show it off 😀
  11. I'v heard good things about it in reviews but as i don't have one can't say for sure i have a Samsung smartthings V3 hub but just a normal router myself.
  12. Oh my god living without automation. Should be a crime 🥺
  13. Brian is there a way to increase the timeout on editing our own posts there's been a few time's that it didn't allow me to edit my post even though it had only been a few min. Takes longer then that to take a new snapshot of a screen edit it and then get back to the board to correct a problem with a screen capture for example. Just thought i'd ask Thanks in advance
  14. I'm a movie buff. Run my own Plex server have a LOT of movies. Sci-FI is my fav. But like most other genre's as well Except Horror.
  15. Ok as far as i know this is the only way in smartthings that this can be done via webcore. If I'm wrong someone please correct me. Ever wanted to be able to tell when someone walks through a door if they are entering the house or exiting? Rules for automation can normally only have 1 trigger. They can have many conduction's but only 1 trigger. That's because a trigger is time based (one trigger is always first even if its in milliseconds which then negates any other trigger's). There is a little know feature in webcore called followed by. This allows 2 triggers to be true in one piston because it looks for something to happen first followed by something else. In the case of this piston we are looking for someone entering the house not leaving. If i want to leave the house i don't need Alexa telling me I'm going out, but if someone enters the house then i want to know. This piston requires that echo speak smartapp be installed and that 2 global variables be created one called @DoorOutsideSensors your door sensors on the doors leading outside of your house and @DoorMotionSensors these will be the motion sensors above each door (place these inside the house above each door not outside). If anyone needs help with this please leave a message here.
  16. Thought this would be a good please to put a link for a smartapp called ST Community Installer http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Community_Installer_(Free_Marketplace) This is a smartapp that installs other smartapps 😀 Yep you heard that right a smartapp to install other smartapps. I hear everyone saying WHY??? Will as some of you may already know some smartapps can be hard to install as there are several steps (in some case as many as 15) to get the smartapp installed. And if you miss a step or do it incorrectly then it will not work and you have to delete it and start all over again. Once you get this installed correctly and use it to install the other smartapps all those steps get done automatically and in the right order. What smartapps can you install with this? Below is a list of some of the more useful smartapps that this can install and a brief description of each. webCoRE -- This is an advanced web-based rule engine that works on top of Samsung SmartThing's automation platform and delivers complex automation scenarios that users can program. Echo Speaks -- Echo Speaks is a utilitarian smartapp and device handler that allows you to discover, select, and use the Amazon Alexa Devices directly in your Smart Home Environment. It will give you the ability to wake your Alexa devices remotely to speak any text that you wish for almost any given scenario. You will need webCoRE to use this. Ask Alexa -- Ask Alexa is an add-in to the SmartThings mobile application that allows you to control a broad array of devices with your Amazon Alexa Enabled Devices. When installed along with the proper services at AWS (Amazon Web Services), a simple voice command allows you to control your devices along with querying their status. Simply "Ask" Alexa to do something within your SmartThings environment and she will respond! NST Manager -- The SmartApps and Device Handlers work together to provide integration to the SmartThings ecosystem using Nest's Official API. These also include automation's that allow enabling different features. And many more. Hope everyone finds this information useful. If you have any questions or comments please leave them here.
  17. I have read those articles as well. I believe that was said because they believe that because wifi devices do not require a hub that zigbee and zwave were going to be replaced by wifi devices. As more and more wifi smart home devices start hitting the market i think people will come to understand they are not near as reliable as the zigbee and zwave devices are as Brian has said in his post they act as repeaters all along the line as you add more and more creating a mesh network (unlike wifi) plus we have so many other devices on your wifi's these days (cell phones, printers, tv streaming boxes, ect.) Keep in mind even if you are using a different router the radio bands they use are on the same channels so that can be a problem as well. All that said if i had all my devices on wifi i won't want to have to replace them all either 😀
  18. This webcore automation will turn on the bathroom light when the bathroom door is open. It turns the light on at different levels based on the time of day and it looks at a virtual switch that's set in a goodnight alexa routine when i go to bed so the bathroom light will come on even lower then. Also it will not turn the light off if you close the door behind you when entering the bathroom. It will turn it off when you leave the bathroom. Any questions about this piston please leave them here.
  19. This webcore automation will check all of your door and window sensors and then report the results to whichever echo device you wish. You will need to create 2 global variables @DoorOutsideSensors and @WindowSensors you will also need the echo speaks smart app installed. I trigger this automation in my alexa goodnight routine by turning on a virtual switch. If you have any questions please ask here. Switch 4 is the virtual switch and music player 2 is the echo device you want it to speak from. Update.. I have added the ability to trigger this via IFTTT as well as the virtual switch. see the below video Warning I do say Alexa in the video.
  20. What are you trying to do with the google routine? In webcore i can get the new smartthings smart button do do a good number of different tasks based on time, motion, ect. even trigger a ifttt applet to run. Just depends on what your trying to do.
  21. I agree get your automation devices off the wifi. ZigBee and Z-wave are the way to go.
  22. Check your messages from the board not sure if it sends them via e-mal or just holds them until you come to the board next time, and let me know if what i sent you works or not
  23. I just checked this out and found as of 10 days ago they have closed down the nest developer portal. This was not supposed to happen until august 31st Guess google will do what they want when they want. I will see if there is a alternative available but doesn't look promising. Seems any current developer status will remain working but no new ones are being allowed.
  24. Try going to this page and follow the instructions carefully. It may take more then one try as google is in the process of removing the nest development portal. https://cdn.rawgit.com/tonesto7/nest-manager/master/Documents/html/Create_Dev_Account.html
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