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  1. Your very welcome. Hope this helps others as well i use tasker for a lot of different well task. From keeping the phone from getting over charged at night to having it run webcore pistons to enable and disable the smartthings smart home monitoring software. (geofencing never did really work correctly in my part of the world), to telling me (via alexa) when my phone needs to be put in the charger and turning it on automatically for me, ect.
  2. That would explain why i couldn't find a root package for this phone. It isn't a phone 😗
  3. Is it possible. Short answer sure. Is it reliable, maybe. The WYZE cam detects motion by examining the pixels in the image instead of using a PIR sensor (Passive infrared sensor) then if enough pixels have changed and depending on the sensitivity setting in the app it will trigger a motion alert. IFTTT can trigger an action based on the motion so that's not a problem. The problem is reflection's and refraction's off of the glass and the impurities in the glass itself. It looks clear to us but turn a pane of glass so your looking through it sideways and it looks dark and very muddy. That's because there is tin and lead in the glass to help it melt at lower temperatures. Not a problem for us but when your looking for tiny changes in pixels then it becomes a much bigger problem. So can it be done? Sure. But not reliably. I have mine outside under the eve's of the house and in protective cases. Been there for over a year with no problem. Hope this helps
  4. This version of android is OLD. Current version 9 is out. You would have to root your phone and use adb to change the permissions for tasker to get this old version of android to allow tasker to access other apps notifications. If you have a newer device i would suggest using it as rooting your phone involves a lot of work. As a matter of fact i looked and don't see a root package for this phone.
  5. Yes WPA2 security protocol for WiFi (the most secure WiFi protocol) had been hacked. Here is a website that explains how and the steps you can take to try to make it more secure. Thread is a mesh protocol that will allow a better way of connecting IoT devices together.
  6. Nope never automated in my life total newbie here. 😀
  7. That is taskers way of telling you that whatever android device your using isn't allowing tasker access to the notifications of other app's. Usually newer versions of android will have a popup that will ask you for permission to allow whatever app is trying to gain access to the notifications of other apps to get that access. Either the device your using has a older version of android which is not allowing tasker the access it needs, or it has a non standard version (like a fire tablet for example). Can you give me a little more info on the android version your using and the device type?
  8. Update 7/10/2019 Ok this method will work with the nest camera as well as long as you have at least there $5 a month plan so it can detect a person it works just fine so when your configuring the tasker app in step 6 be sure to select the nest app as well as the wyze app. As a matter of fact if you want to have a IFTTT app and you want alexa say something based on whatever you want you can select the IFTTT app too and alexa will say whatever you want based on whatever trigger that you want. IFTTT supports tons of different devices so this can really be almost unlimited as to what you can do with this. You just need to select notification for the action part of the applet to get the ifttt notification on your phone.
  9. Christina, i have heard this from many other Wemo customers . That everything worked great but then they just stopped working or they work intermittently. I'm sorry to tell you this but from my experience the problem is with the device itself. Not a lot to do about it except replace them I'm afraid. Others might disagree with me but that has been my experience.
  10. Ok i was wrong. I thought i was wrong once , but then I realized I was mistaken. Anyway here you go directly from the creator of echo speaks smartapp https://github.com/tonesto7/echo-speaks/issues/58 And you can get your ID's for all your routines here https://alexa.amazon.com/api/behaviors/automations
  11. Ok the piston is very simple. The requirements are a little more interesting. This piston requirements are the echo speaks smartapp and a android app called tasker.As some of you already know WYZE now had Person Detection, which means no more motion detection false alerts. I have used tasker trigger ability to watch for a apps notification (WYZE in this case) and run a webcore piston that has alexa notify you that it saw a person. If frank wants to explain how to use his virtual contact to trigger a alexa routine instead of using echo speaks smartapp then i'll let him explain that this will mostly be how to setup tasker to trigger either webcore or in franks case a ifttt applet to trigger a virtual contact. You well need to get the URL to run the piston and put it in your phone. You well get that in webcore by click on the settings option in the left hand side of the main webcore screen Then click on the Intergrations button which will bring you to the screen below The https://graph-na04 and it go's on for a while. You will need to copy that as its unique to your webcore the last part will have :pistonId: you will need to replace that with the piston id that you can get when you import my piston into your webcore. After you save that imported piston look at the numbers at the end of the URL in your web browser its the numbers and letters in between the : symbols replace pistonId with those numbers. You will need this to put in your phone on step 11. Here is the piston and the steps to configure tasker below. Ok you will need to install and buy tasker from the google play store, don't worry its not very much when i bought it it was 3.99. Once installed follow the instructions below 1. Click on the + button in the lower right hand corner of the screen 2. Click the the Event option 3. Scroll down until you see the UI option. Click on that. 4. Click on the Notification option 5. To the right of where it says Owner Application click on the darkened squares icon 6. Scroll down until you see the WYZE app icon and click on it. Now press the back arrow in the upper left corner of the screen twice. 7. Scroll up in the window that shows up until you see New Task in the next screen and tap on it. Type in the name of the new task i called mine WYZE Person, then click the check mark in that box 8. In the next screen click on the + icon in the lower right of the screen. 9. Scroll down until you see Net and tap on it. 10. In the next screen tap HTTP Post 11. This is where you will put that long URL I told you how to get above in the Server:Port field. This has to be exact or it will not execute the piston. 12. Tap the back button twice and you will be back at the main screen. Tap the check mark at the top of your screen and that's it. If you followed the steps correctly the next time your WYZE camera sees a person you should here alexa tell you it saw someone. Any questions please leave them here. Update 7/10/2019 Ok this method will work with the nest camera as well as long as you have at least there $5 a month plan so it can detect a person it works just fine so when your configuring the tasker app in step 6 be sure to select the nest app as well as the wyze app. As a matter of fact if you want to have a IFTTT app have alexa say something based on whatever you want you can select the IFTTT app too and alexa will say whatever you want based on whatever trigger that you want. IFTTT supports tons of different devices so this can really be almost unlimited as to what you can do with this.
  12. You see it says custom beside it? means its not a device command but a smartthings routine. You can execute ST routines with that
  13. Yep have no doubt that it will happen in time. Maybe even very soon, but like most people I wanted it NOW!! 😀 And this works so i'm a happy camper.
  14. Ok found a way around the problem the wyze app is what sends a notification when it detects a person. I use a program called tasker to watch for a notification from the WYZE app that it saw a person. Then i have tasker send a webhook http post to webcore which runs a piston that in turn uses the echo speaks smartapp to make Alexa say it saw a person on whatever camera it got the notification from. If anyone wants me to post the webcore piston and more detailed instructions on how i setup tasker to do this then let me know and I'll post it.
  15. Ok had my wife test it it does trigger on a person but also triggers on just motion as well so hopefully IFTTT will update this to allow trigger on person detection only. 🤔
  16. Now I'm wondering if you just enable person detection if ifttt will trigger on just person detection and not motion? if that works i can see some extremely useful webcore pistons coming soon as ifttt and webcore integrate will with each other. I can't test this as I'm at work and not home at this time. Can someone confirm this one way or the other? I have these outside in protective cases around the outside of the house so this could be very useful.
  17. That is just WoW... I've got several of these and when i saw your post i installed the firmware update, then the app update and then enabled the service and it works. This along will make people want to buy several more of these each. I know I will, in fact I did that before coming here.
  18. That sounds like what i can do with the echo speaks smartapp for the Amazon Alexa echo speaker devices (echo's, echo dots, ect.) and webcore. I can make any of the amazon echo devices in the house say anything i want and be triggered by any of my automation devices in smartthings. Example TV turns on and its after my kids bedtime i can have alexa say hey why did you turn on the tv your supposed to be in bed on their echo dot. And then have the system turn their tv off if i wanted to. That is also how i got this piston to do what it does I have wanted a way to get the google home devices to do that as well and this sounds like it will do that. Very cool 😀 But sense almost all my smart assistant speaker and show devices are amazon devices i guess i can live without it.
  19. I'd be interested to hear more about the Chromecast integration. If it impressed you that much as I don't have their hub, I can't look into that as much as I'd like.
  20. Ahhhh...... Ok makes sense now. Well hope you like webcore and let me know if you want or need help with any of the other pistons. Or help with creating one of your own.
  21. Brian i have been looking at there rule engine (they are going to Version 4 soon) and i like it a lot the best thing i think is that all of there automation's are local. Not sure how big an advantage that is these days. Look at webcore for example and how fast it is. Can't remember the last time i lost WiFi either. So think its a great hub, but then i thought wink was a great hub when it first came out so what do i know 😀
  22. Erin you are very welcome, sorry we didn't figure out what the problem was. Also don't know what happened to your post but it looked like what you see below. Not sure what happened maybe Brian can explain it?
  23. I have to say that wink was my biggest disappointment. I had such high hopes for it when i bought it. They promised a lot when it first came out and about 80% of what they promised never came to fruition. I really wanted to like it as it had great potential. But it never really did what i wanted it to and the automation was all web based which means a lot of the time i would walk into a room and the light would come on any where from 3 seconds to 3 minutes later. I guess I'm lucky my harmony hub has worked perfectly sense day one. Have never had a problem with it and seems to work perfectly with smartthings. I can remember the first real remote we had for our TV It made bell like sounds to change the channels. I can remember our dogs tags on his collar clinking together and changing the channels or volume on the TV. Made my dad mad when we let the dog into the house. 🙂
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