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  1. Update on the strip lights. It has been to cold here to install these lights outside so i decided to add them to a few more places in the house such as under the bathroom vanity. Heres a screen shot of that.


    The interesting thing here is the i only needed about 5 foot of the strip for this project. The cost of the 16.4 foot strip is $25 so only used about 1/3rd of that so about 8 dollars in cost. Then i used one of the micro controllers which is about $4 dollars. Also used one of the project boxes which is about $1 dollar.



    Add some wires about $1.50 and a 5v 3 amp power supply $9 dollars and my total cost for the project is about $25 dollars. I can still use the rest of the unused strip elsewhere (plan on replacing the strip under the kitchen cabinets). I am using webcore piston to automate the strip so when I enter the bathroom it turns on the strip at a set level based on if I'm awake or sleeping. Considering the effects you can do with these and the cheap price, I'm planing on using them in many different places.



    Nice thing about these is you can cut them to fit whatever size area you need. You can cut it with a pair of scissors in between each pixel. so about every inch


    Can use the WLED app to control them or can use alexa and webcore. Have added a smartthings button and one click of that can run different effects each time you push the button (wife approved 😀).Can trigger them with motion, contact sensors, any smartthings sensor.


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  2. I think we will need a little more info to be able to help you. What brand of smart plug did you buy? If samsung wifi smart plug then you could get there hub and water detector and you would be in business.

    Getting a wifi leak detector to run a automation via google will most likely not be possible. They mostly will just sound a alarm and that's about it. Most leak detectors that work via the zigbee or z-wave protocols will allow you to do automations of the kind that you are looking for, but require a hub to connect to and do the automation's.

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  3. 11 hours ago, Gaztyke said:

    Get in! My Gear S3 Frontier is on Tizen so I'll be able to get in on the action 👊

    I have the galaxy watch so ditto

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  4. I would recommend smartthings myself. It has a lot of support for it compared to hubitat and personally I like webcore over habitat's rule engine. I have both hub's and after trying them both keep coming back to  smartthings. Easier to do complex automations and I have a fiber connection so I hardly ever have internet outages. As a matter of fact I haven't had a single one as of yet.

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  5. Just a FYI if you power on a ST hub without a wifi connection then it will not work with the smart lighting app automation's. If it has a wifi connection when it boot's up then loses it, it will continue to work.

    Have tested this several times and this seems to be the case each time I've tried it.

  6. This is definitely a DIY project, but as far as i know unless you want to spend 10 times more money it's the only way to control individually addressable light strips. But it's not as hard to do as you might think.

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  7. Have you thought about using a hot spot device that you can connect via either WiFi or hard wire? That way you can connect a hub to it. I haven't had much luck with wyze sensors. They work but are slow to respond and sometimes they are so slow as to be unusable in a real time scenario. Such as walk into a room and expect their motion sensor to trigger a light to come on.

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  8. If anyone is interested in doing this project for there own house let me know and i can go into more detail about what pins to use on the controller boards, where to get the WLED fireware for the boards and how to flash it onto the boards and use it to control the LED strips. The boards are wifi capable and there is a app for both android and apple phones to control it. Plus you can use your computer's web browser and alexa and i have figured out a way to use json commands to access them so webcore can now control them to, which means you can use automation's to control them.

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  9. The Power supply and the Light strips are the 2 biggest buy's

    Here is a breakdown of the parts and prices

    ALITOVE 5V 60A 300W Power Supply             =  $25.00

    The 16.4 Foot Light Strip                                   =  $25.00

    100 Pack Strip Light Mounting Brackets        =    $7.58

    Plastic Waterproof Boxes Junction Case's    =  $10.89

    40FT 18 Gauge 2 Color Red Black Cable       =  $10.99

    3 ESP8266 NodeMCU CP2102 Controllers   =  $12.69

    Total Cost                                                           =   $92.15

    The nice thing about this though, when i add more strips to the rest of the house (figure 4 more strips should do it to cover the entire front of my house) I will only need to buy more light strips and maybe a couple more of the controller boards at the end of the project. The controller boards have to be close to the strips for the data line to work so that's why the junction boxes. But i'll hide them under the roof overhang, they are only 4 inches by 2 and the controller boards are only 2 inches by 1.

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  10. Yes I'm already configuring webcore to work with it. I'm modifying my holiday light piston to run certain effects on certain holidays so it will automatically run the correct effect for the right holiday without me having to do anything. For example on day 77 of the year (St Patrick's day) It will run a green effect trailing sparks. On the 4th of July it will run the fireworks effect.

    Am also playing around with a program called xLights and when working in conjunction with WLED it will allow me to run some pretty amazing light shows. Also have it working with Alexa now as well.

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  11. Just thought all of you might want to see my light strips. Waiting for it to get a little warmer here before I install it over my garage


    I will make another video after i mount it above my garage

    Sorry about the abrupt ending of the video but was being called by the wife 👀 The power supply i got was a big one because i plan to run all the strips for the house on the one power supply and because there wasn't much difference in price between the smaller ones and this one. If anyone wants me to go into more detail about how i connected the nodeMCU board and the power supply to the strip let me know. Also just a FYI the strip can go a lot brighter. Found a setting in the WLED software that limits the brightness when using a small power supply so after increasing that to the limit of my supply it allowed the strip to increase brightness a great deal. The strip when set to all white at full brightness pulls about 5.25 amps. But your looking at 150 pixels in this 16.4 foot strip. That's 450 LED's (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue per pixel)

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  12. Frank if your going to do that you could even add into the piston a followed within 1 minute logical operator like this


    This way you can tell which direction the person is going. Left to right or right to left. Is he heading to the kitchen for example or leaving the kitchen to the bathroom. I use this a lot to tell if someone is leaving the house or entering the house. I have a contact sensor on the doors and a motion sensor above the door so if the door opens first followed by the motion sensor going active then i know someone entered the house as opposed to leaving through that door.

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  13. 1 hour ago, FrankE said:

    Yep.. Brian was the only one I know who saw this. I just looked at it myself and it actually does work. As soon as you pair a Wyze Motion sensor with the Wyze camera, the Alexa skill picks it up and you can use it as a trigger in an Alexa Routine

    Brian... you are Da Man...update- building off what Brian found, I added a Wyze motion sensor on top of the Echo Flex light to make a combo unit

    My plan is to not only implement "follow-me lighting" but rather "guide-me lighting" where  a webCoRE piston can determine which way the senior is going from all those sensors and light the path in front of the senior... bed to bathroom … bedroom to living room... living room to bathroom... etc 



    @FrankE With some small mod's you should be able to use this piston to do that. If you need help modifying it let me know.


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  14. On 12/18/2019 at 9:50 AM, Larry Underwood said:

    I have these on order for a outdoor project i have in mind. Will cover the entire front of the house. Uses a project called WLED's


    Well got the ESP8266 boards, LED strip, 5VDC 30Amp power supply in. After flashing one of the boards and connecting it to my WiFi network I then connected the strip to it and connected the power supply up. All works as it should. next step will be to install it under the roof overhang if front of my driveway. After this all i will need to do to add more is to buy more strips, they will connect to the other boards and the same power supply i bought and in time i will have the entire front of my house outlined with them (i figure 4 more strips should do it).

    When i have the first strip installed i will take a pic of it and post it on the board. Or maybe a video would do better as you'll will be able to see the effects.

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