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  1. I bought a 3D printer to be able to print cases for my projects

    Here is picture of my first 3D printed test object.


    And @AYL_Brian Haven't forgotten that you liked my LED coasters so am printing the first case of one of them for you now.


    It had just started printing the top and bottom of the case when I took this photo.


    And this is what the entire machine looks like.

    Just thought i'd share with everyone

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  2. For a sensor that has it all including being compatible with smartthings and has a Lux sensor try this one https://www.amazon.com/Aeotec-Multisensor-Temperature-Humidity-Vibration/dp/B0773FWJ2Y/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=6+in+1+sensor&qid=1594732439&sr=8-8

    Not cheap but very good sensor

    As far as RGBW i like Sylvania myself https://www.amazon.com/s?k=SYLVANIA+SMART%2B&ref=nb_sb_noss

    And welcome to the board


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  3. On 7/3/2020 at 9:24 PM, Brian W said:

    So I already bounced this off of @AYL_Brian but I wanted to pose it to all of you. Inovelli has these bulbs on sale for under $10 per bulb. They integrate in to Smartthings and i am curious who has them and how has your experience been with them?  Do they play nice inside of Smartthings, how is their color saturation and brightness, in general what do you think of them?  I may purchase a good number of them and would like to be as informed as possible. Thanks in advance!

    I have a couple of their switches but not the bulbs. I like there switches a lot and the company is very fast to respond to problems. I would suggest buying one and trying it out for yourself first before you buy more. Of course that's always a good idea no matter the product 🙂

  4. 10 hours ago, Brian W said:

    @DOWNSOUTH407 I’m right there with you. When I first saw this I was excited to possibly have a smart lock that didn’t come with a brick sized attachment on the inside of the house. But just like you I passed on it because of it’s lack of integration with SmartThings. I ended up buying the Schlage Zwave Plus deadbolt. So I now have a huge brick in my house, but the functionality and flexibility I gain thru SmartThings and WebCore make it worth it. 

    What he said 🙂

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  5. Thought i'd add a couple of pictures of the completed install of the sensors.



    Works very will to keep the lights in the bathroom from coming on when I enter the bathroom when its light enough in the room to see without needing the bathroom lights turned on. And when the humidity is to high in the room it turns the exhaust fan on and when it is back to normal it turns it off.

    Using the USB port of the echo flex to provide power to it.

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  6. 1 hour ago, FrankE said:

    Hi @Larry Underwood

    Thanks, I understand.


    My TV only shows up under  the "Which Switches" category.

    When I look under the "Which Notification Devices" category, I don't see anything available. I'm surprised that my Samsung phone doesn't show up there

    Do you see any in that category on your setup? Are you able to direct Notifications to those devices?

    What is really strange is that if I add $devices into action, I get a deviceNotification option



    I have all of my echo devices in that category and that's it. And that's funny just noticed my echo buds are in there 😀

    I have the echo speak smart app installed that's why they are in there.

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  7. Sorry @FrankE but i do not have the samsung TV to try this out on. So can't check out what you are trying to do in webcore. It's very hard (as in impossible) to try something like that when you don't have the device in question.

     That being said i know that when you add the device into webcore it has to be added as the device type you are wanting it to act as. In other words if you can't add it as a notification device type then it's not going to be able to support that function.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Brian W said:

    @Larry Underwood you continue to be a wealth of knowledge my friend. I’ll be bugging you soon for more WebCore help as I am digging back in to that again now. I just started creating a piston this afternoon to manage an Auto Unlock feature for my new deadbolt. My hope is that I have enough pre unlock requirements to minimize false unlocking, but also a backup post unlock action requirement that must occur or else the door will automatically relock itself. 

    It always seems so simple when I think about it, then I go to do these things and my brain recognizes that I need to account for something else that my prethinking didn’t account for. 

    No problem always glad to help.

  9. 3 hours ago, Brian W said:

    @Larry Underwood do they make one that works with LEDs?

    I have only seen one company that makes a no neutral wire smart dimmer switch that works with LED's reliably because to make them work without a neutral wire they need to pull a small amount of power through the light to keep the switch powered. If you do that with a LED bulb it will flicker on and off or not work correctly. Or the switch will not be able to pull enough power through the LED bulb to remain powered.

    Keep in mind these will only work with certain LED bulbs. https://inovelli.com/black-series-dimmer-switch-z-wave/

    And when using LED bulbs when not using a neutral wire you will need one of these https://inovelli.com/aeotec-bypass/

    Plus i have heard these switches have very good scene control. Multiple taps on the paddles can do different things with the lights. Plus the company has very good customer service.


    Hope this helps more then confuses 😁

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  10. 39 minutes ago, Brian W said:

    I am looking for a smart dimmer switch recommendation.  First let me mention I need a switch that does not require a neutral wire as my home does not have a 4 wire setup. I need the switch to function with Smartthings and Google Home. Thanks in advance. 



  11. Have built a new Light, Temperature, Humidity Sensor.

    This consist of a D1 mini, a BME280 Temp and Humidity sensor and a BH1750 Light Sensor. These 3 devices are housed in a 3D printed case measuring 2 1/2 inches long by 1 1/4 inches wide (very small). Like my air quality sensor project it uses Thingspeak to monitor the Light level, Temp and Humidity. Have mounted it on my master bathroom wall so it can turn on my exhaust fan when the Humidity becomes to high and turn it off when it lowers. Also the light level will trigger a webcore piston so that the lights in the bathroom are not turned on when the level is above a set LUX value.

    Total cost is about 11.50 US for the parts.

    Here are some pictures of it.




    As always anyone have questions about this project please leave them here.

  12. 16 hours ago, GraceLS said:

    My Meross outdoor plug stopped working. I'm in touch with the company and they asked for a video, which I sent. At first it worked, then I took it outside and plugged it in and the light in front did not go on. Reset doesn't work. 

    You most likely have already thought of this but does your wifi extend to the area your trying to use the switch at? I know this sounds like a stupid question but have found that the 2.4 gig wifi signals leave blank spots in the strangest places.

  13. This is new because in the past they would pair but would not trigger the routine as amazon did not have the software that worked with the smartthings sensors.

    @FrankE I would be very interested to see if this continues to work in the coming weeks. Can you keep us updated?

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  14. 12 minutes ago, David said:

    Frank, a little off topic but can I use one the the hubs in my echo devices to connect a smartthings motion sensor? Amazons site seems to suggest that I need the smartthings hub but the multi purpose sensor connects right up with the echos.

    @Davidit will connect as they both use the same wireless protocol. But you still need software/firmware to let the echo device know how to interact with the smartthings sensor and amazon does not make device handler software for the smartthings sensors.

  15. Great project @vPeteWalker Like the use of the light sensor.

    Been working on creating my own light sensor. It's only in the breadboard stages right now but got the code working great so far. Got it reporting the lux level to thingspeak.


    Consist of a D1 mini and the light sensor. That's about $6.25 US.


    Planning on creating a 3D printed case for it soon as the code is about done for it.

    I think I will incorporate this sensor into my air quality project

    so it will report indoor air quality, humidity, temperature, battery level and light levels all in one device.



  16. 11 hours ago, AYL_Brian said:

    How do I get a set from you!?

    Give me some time to order some more D1 mini's. Used the last one on this project. Plus i will need my friend who has the 3D printer to print this. Takes almost 5 an a half hours for his printer to print the 3 parts needed for it.







    I'll get in touch with you when i have them put together.

  17. What does everyone think of this?



    Made this with a D1 mini and led strip and 3d printed parts.

  18. 1 hour ago, Brian W said:

    @Larry Underwood geofencing has worked well for me with my text alerts letting me know my kids are home. Since I am not Tasker familiar and since my family is a mix of iPhone and Android would tasker still work?  If not I could always try the Life360 app as a trigger. 

    No tasker is a android only program.

  19. 2 hours ago, Brian W said:

    @Larry Underwood I am finally getting ready to purchase this lock. The selling feature to my wife is the concept of the door automatically unlocking as she approaches the door (not using an app but perhaps geofencing). Have you done any of that with yours?

    I use my phone and a program called tasker (android phone). So when tasker connects to my wifi at home it disables smartthings home monitor and unlocks the door. If someone is already home it just unlocks the door. Tasker sends a HTTP post from my phone to run a webcore piston which does this.Found geofencing (at least in my part of the world) to not be as reliable as it should be.

  20. Made a few changes to the software. Now when the battery voltage go's below 3.3 volts it will automatically send me a text message on my phone that the battery needs charging and it will automatically increase it's time between sensor reads to 1 hour instead of every 10 minutes. This will make the battery last longer until i can charge the battery.

    If you want to see the sensor readings in real time check out this link. Updates every 10 minutes. Show's Temperature, Indoor Air Quality, Humidity, and Battery Level of the IoT device.



  21. 12 hours ago, Brian W said:

    @Larry Underwood I think you may have just created the device @FrankE has been searching for since......  well a really long time now. The concept is awesome, now create a few demonstrations of ways to use it and I would bet you could start selling these things easily. Well done sir!

    @Brian W While i will certainly help @FrankE any way I can, I'm not really interested in selling my creations. I'm a couple of years short of retiring from work. I have to work on someone else's time table and I have to work at what they want me to work on and not what i want. If I turn these fun projects into sell-able objects then I will end up doing what others want and will have to do it when needed to keep up with demand.

    I might do that after i retire if I really need the money, but for now I like working on what I want and when i want to do it. That's what makes it fun and enjoyable to me anyway.

    @FrankE if you are interested in these let me know and we can work something out.

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  22. 51 minutes ago, FrankE said:

    @Larry Underwood

    I like it!

    If this was mounted near a person sitting on the couch and they remained relatively motionless while watching TV or taking a nap, would it still detect them being present?

    I have been looking for a presence, not a motion sensor, for a lung time





    If its close to them they only have to move a very little to trigger it. I had my hand under a thick table and the sensor was on top of it and i moved my little finger on my hand just a little and it triggered.

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