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  1. this wasn't a IFTTT charge this was sonoff. You could still use their app for free but it would not intergrate with IFTTT until you got sonoff (ewelink's) premium account. In other words pay them for what you were getting free.
  2. No life360 option was removed my samsung. As was the echo speaks smart app which i'm still not very happy about 😫
  3. Yes have tried this but doesn't work with camera's seeing people and then alexa telling you it saw a person. That's the kind of thing that echo speaks can do but not virtual devices. Works for some things though like my washer and dryer webcore pistons. As long as webcore continues to function. If they drop the webcore support that will be it for me and smartthings.
  4. I have a sonoff device that i bought a while back (just to see if it worked like i wanted it to) and in order to get it to work with smartthings i created a virtual smartthings device and set it up in IFTTT so when the virtual device turned on/off so would the sonoff. Apart from being somewhat slow seemed to work OK. A few days ago it stopped working. So went into my IFTTT account found the applet and it wanted me to re-log into ewelink (sonoffs app) and when i tried to log back into ewelink it popped up a webpage that said if i wanted ewelink to work with IFTTT that i would have to upgrade to there premium package and pay 9.99 a mouth for something i was using for free. Well luckily i only have one sonoff device and its going in the trash. Just thought I'd share with everyone.
  5. As far as i know there is currently no app that works with smartthings and alexa that can do the same thing as echo speaks can. You can do it in a round about way through IFTTT but that is slow in responding and doesn't work a lot of the time. This is why i'm so mad. They are taking away a very good feature that a lot of people use when they don't have any real replacement for it.
  6. Sent them back a e-mail telling them that removing a feature without first replacing it is NOT an upgrade but a downgrade. I for one am not a happy camper with this and told them so in no uncertain terms in the e-mail i sent them. I believe they will soon be removing webcore as it also is groovy based. And the new webcore they hasve so far is NO WHERE NEAR as feature rich as the current one is. As a matter of fact in my option it never will or can be because of how it works. Just my option but i have been doing this for a long time. I will be looking for a better solution for smartthings unless they reverse this trend of dropping features without first replacing them.
  7. I just got this e-mail from smartThings. Maybe we should smart calling them DumbThings from now on Over the coming months, we will be rolling out a series of changes to the SmartThings platform aimed at providing you with better performance, as well as new and unique experiences in your smart home. Some changes happening soon will directly affect how you currently use SmartThings. Echo Speaks Support Echo Speaks currently uses a resource-heavy, outdated cloud-based Groovy implementation. The Echo Speaks SmartApp will no longer be supported, and existing installs will no longer be accessible on September 8, 2020. Install the new SmartThings Alexa integration before September 8, 2020 UPGRADE At this time, the new SmartThings Alexa integration does not yet support the ability to get Alexa announcements based on SmartThings events, or see individual Alexa speakers in your device list. Feel free to send us feedback using this form about enhancements you would like to see in our new integration. Voice Assistants SmartThings recently released a new version of the SmartThings Alexa1 Skill and SmartThings Action on Google2, which includes faster response times, support for more devices, and the ability to control multiple locations. Enable new voice assistants integrations by September 8, 2020 UPGRADE The legacy versions of the Alexa Skill or Action on Google you’re currently using will be going away. Make the switch to ensure your voice integrations continue to operate as expected. 1 Amazon, Echo, Alexa, and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. 2 Google is a trademark of Google LLC. Have questions? Read our FAQs or check out this SmartThings Community discussion for a complete view of all the changes happening to make SmartThings even better. Should you need assistance with this transition, feel free to contact us at support@smartthings.com. Thanks, The SmartThings Team
  8. I too would miss this as it's been nice talking to like minded individuals. But like the others here i too understand if you feel that it's needful to close the forums. Guess I'm just as guilty of not being on the forum as much as i should lately. Been working on understanding my 3D printer in my spare time, but with work and all that's been in short supply of late.
  9. To program the D1 mini I use a program called Arduino IDE it's free to download here. https://www.arduino.cc/en/main/software I made my own code and that's the code below. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #include <SPI.h> #include <Wire.h> #include <SoftwareSerial.h> #include <ESP8266WiFi.h> unsigned int raw=0; // Time to sleep (in seconds): int sleepTimeS = 600; const char* ssid = "YourSSID"; const char* password = "YourPassword"; const char* server = "api.thingspeak.com"; const char* api_key = "YourThingSpeakAPIKey"; // Optional - you can define air pressure correction for your altitude #define ALT_CORRECTION 3144 SoftwareSerial mySerial(D6, D5); uint16_t temp1=0; int16_t temp2=0; unsigned char Re_buf[30],counter=0; unsigned char sign=0; int led = 13; int Precent = 0; WiFiClient client; unsigned long prev = millis(); void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); delay(1000); //--------------------------------- Serial.println("Connecting to wifi..."); WiFi.begin(ssid, password); while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED){ delay(150); if(millis() > 30000) { Serial.println("Could Not Connect to WiFi Sleeping For 10"); ESP.deepSleep(sleepTimeS * 1000000); } } Serial.println("WiFi connected"); Serial.println(WiFi.localIP()); //--------------------------------- // put your setup code here, to run once: mySerial.begin(9600); mySerial.listen(); delay(5000); mySerial.write(0XA5); mySerial.write(0X55); mySerial.write(0X3F); mySerial.write(0X39); delay(100); mySerial.write(0XA5); mySerial.write(0X56); mySerial.write(0X02); mySerial.write(0XFD); Serial.println("Setup complete"); delay(100); } void loop(){ float volt=0.0; pinMode(A0, INPUT); raw = analogRead(A0); volt=raw/1023.0; volt=volt*4.35; Precent=raw/1023.0*100; float Temperature ,Humidity; unsigned char i=0,sum=0; uint32_t Gas; uint32_t Pressure; uint16_t IAQ; int16_t Altitude; uint8_t IAQ_accuracy; //Serial.println("Checking serial..."); while (mySerial.available()) { //Serial.println("mySerial available"); Re_buf[counter]=(unsigned char)mySerial.read(); if(counter==0&&Re_buf[0]!=0x5A) { Serial.println("Sensor not reporting in. Going to sleep for 30 seconds"); sleepTimeS = 30; ESP.deepSleep(sleepTimeS * 1000000); } if(counter==1&&Re_buf[1]!=0x5A) { counter=0; return; }; counter++; if(counter==20) { counter=0; sign=1; } } if(sign) { sign=0; if(Re_buf[0]==0x5A&&Re_buf[1]==0x5A ) { for(i=0;i<19;i++) sum+=Re_buf; if(sum==Re_buf ) { temp2=(Re_buf[4]<<8|Re_buf[5]); Temperature=(float)temp2/100; temp1=(Re_buf[6]<<8|Re_buf[7]); Humidity=(float)temp1/100; Pressure=((uint32_t)Re_buf[8]<<16)|((uint16_t)Re_buf[9]<<8)|Re_buf[10]; float altPressure=(float(Pressure)+ALT_CORRECTION)/100; IAQ_accuracy= (Re_buf[11]&0xf0)>>4; IAQ=((Re_buf[11]&0x0F)<<8)|Re_buf[12]; Gas=((uint32_t)Re_buf[13]<<24)|((uint32_t)Re_buf[14]<<16)|((uint16_t)Re_buf[15]<<8)|Re_buf[16]; Altitude=(Re_buf[17]<<8)|Re_buf[18]; Serial.print("Temperature:"); Serial.print(Temperature * 9 / 5 + 30); Serial.print(" ,Humidity:"); Serial.print(Humidity); Serial.print(" ,Pressure:"); Serial.print(Pressure); Serial.print("|"); Serial.print(altPressure); Serial.print(" ,IAQ:"); Serial.print(IAQ); Serial.print(" ,Gas:"); Serial.print(Gas); Serial.print(" ,Altitude:"); Serial.print(Altitude); Serial.print(" ,Battery:"); Serial.print(Precent); Serial.print(" ,IAQ_accuracy:"); Serial.println(IAQ_accuracy); postData(Temperature,Humidity,volt,altPressure,IAQ,Precent,IAQ_accuracy); if(volt < 3.33) { sleepTimeS = 3600; } //Sleep Serial.println("ESP8266 in sleep mode"); ESP.deepSleep(sleepTimeS * 1000000); } delay(1000); } } } void postData(int temperature, int humidity, float altPressure, int volt, int iaq, int Precent, int iaq_accuracy){ digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, HIGH); // Send data to ThingSpeak if (client.connect(server,80)) { Serial.println("Connect to ThingSpeak - OK"); String dataToThingSpeak = ""; dataToThingSpeak+="GET /update?api_key="; dataToThingSpeak+=api_key; dataToThingSpeak+="&field1="; dataToThingSpeak+=String(temperature * 9 / 5 + 32); dataToThingSpeak+="&field2="; dataToThingSpeak+=String(humidity); dataToThingSpeak+="&field3="; dataToThingSpeak+=String(altPressure); dataToThingSpeak+="&field4="; dataToThingSpeak+=String(iaq); dataToThingSpeak+="&field5="; dataToThingSpeak+=String(Precent); dataToThingSpeak+="&field6="; dataToThingSpeak+=String(iaq_accuracy); dataToThingSpeak+="&field7="; dataToThingSpeak+=String(volt); dataToThingSpeak+=" HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: a.c.d\r\nConnection: close\r\n\r\n"; dataToThingSpeak+=""; client.print(dataToThingSpeak); int timeout = millis() + 5000; while (client.available() == 0) { if (timeout - millis() < 0) { Serial.println("Error: Client Timeout Going to Sleep for 30 seconds!"); client.stop(); sleepTimeS = 30; ESP.deepSleep(sleepTimeS * 1000000); return; } } } while(client.available()){ String line = client.readStringUntil('\r'); //Serial.print(line); } digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, HIGH); } ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just copy ever thing between the dotted lines into arduino IDE change the SSID and Password and Thingspeak IDE keys. If you have any more questions just let me know. their is a learning curve to get this working but once you do a lot of normally expensive devices become very cheap to make for yourself.
  10. You might try the switchbot hub https://www.switch-bot.com/hub-plus the hub plus comes with 2 bots and is google supported. Amazon has them in stock https://www.amazon.com/SwitchBot-Infrared-Conditioner-Entertainment-Compatible/dp/B07DL6M8PZ/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=switchbot+hub&qid=1596399552&sr=8-4
  11. I bought a 3D printer to be able to print cases for my projects Here is picture of my first 3D printed test object. And @AYL_Brian Haven't forgotten that you liked my LED coasters so am printing the first case of one of them for you now. It had just started printing the top and bottom of the case when I took this photo. And this is what the entire machine looks like. Just thought i'd share with everyone
  12. For a sensor that has it all including being compatible with smartthings and has a Lux sensor try this one https://www.amazon.com/Aeotec-Multisensor-Temperature-Humidity-Vibration/dp/B0773FWJ2Y/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=6+in+1+sensor&qid=1594732439&sr=8-8 Not cheap but very good sensor As far as RGBW i like Sylvania myself https://www.amazon.com/s?k=SYLVANIA+SMART%2B&ref=nb_sb_noss And welcome to the board
  13. I have a couple of their switches but not the bulbs. I like there switches a lot and the company is very fast to respond to problems. I would suggest buying one and trying it out for yourself first before you buy more. Of course that's always a good idea no matter the product πŸ™‚
  14. What he said πŸ™‚
  15. Thought i'd add a couple of pictures of the completed install of the sensors. Works very will to keep the lights in the bathroom from coming on when I enter the bathroom when its light enough in the room to see without needing the bathroom lights turned on. And when the humidity is to high in the room it turns the exhaust fan on and when it is back to normal it turns it off. Using the USB port of the echo flex to provide power to it.
  16. I have all of my echo devices in that category and that's it. And that's funny just noticed my echo buds are in there πŸ˜€ I have the echo speak smart app installed that's why they are in there.
  17. Sorry @FrankE but i do not have the samsung TV to try this out on. So can't check out what you are trying to do in webcore. It's very hard (as in impossible) to try something like that when you don't have the device in question. That being said i know that when you add the device into webcore it has to be added as the device type you are wanting it to act as. In other words if you can't add it as a notification device type then it's not going to be able to support that function.
  18. I have only seen one company that makes a no neutral wire smart dimmer switch that works with LED's reliably because to make them work without a neutral wire they need to pull a small amount of power through the light to keep the switch powered. If you do that with a LED bulb it will flicker on and off or not work correctly. Or the switch will not be able to pull enough power through the LED bulb to remain powered. Keep in mind these will only work with certain LED bulbs. https://inovelli.com/black-series-dimmer-switch-z-wave/ And when using LED bulbs when not using a neutral wire you will need one of these https://inovelli.com/aeotec-bypass/ Plus i have heard these switches have very good scene control. Multiple taps on the paddles can do different things with the lights. Plus the company has very good customer service. https://www.amazon.com/Inovelli-Repeater-Technology-Indicator-SmartStart/dp/B07RYMSH6Q/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=smart%2Bdimmer%2Bswitch%2Bno%2Bneutral%2Brequired%2Bsmartthings&qid=1592122483&sr=8-5&th=1 Hope this helps more then confuses 😁
  19. https://www.amazon.com/GE-Incandescent-Required-Works-SmartThings-14299/dp/B07361Y54Z/ref=sr_1_5?crid=370GLVEHXZQ13&dchild=1&keywords=ge+smart+switch+no+neutral+wire&qid=1592106663&sprefix=ge+smart+switch+no+n%2Caps%2C177&sr=8-5
  20. Have built a new Light, Temperature, Humidity Sensor. This consist of a D1 mini, a BME280 Temp and Humidity sensor and a BH1750 Light Sensor. These 3 devices are housed in a 3D printed case measuring 2 1/2 inches long by 1 1/4 inches wide (very small). Like my air quality sensor project it uses Thingspeak to monitor the Light level, Temp and Humidity. Have mounted it on my master bathroom wall so it can turn on my exhaust fan when the Humidity becomes to high and turn it off when it lowers. Also the light level will trigger a webcore piston so that the lights in the bathroom are not turned on when the level is above a set LUX value. Total cost is about 11.50 US for the parts. Here are some pictures of it. As always anyone have questions about this project please leave them here.
  21. You most likely have already thought of this but does your wifi extend to the area your trying to use the switch at? I know this sounds like a stupid question but have found that the 2.4 gig wifi signals leave blank spots in the strangest places.
  22. This is new because in the past they would pair but would not trigger the routine as amazon did not have the software that worked with the smartthings sensors. @FrankE I would be very interested to see if this continues to work in the coming weeks. Can you keep us updated?
  23. @Davidit will connect as they both use the same wireless protocol. But you still need software/firmware to let the echo device know how to interact with the smartthings sensor and amazon does not make device handler software for the smartthings sensors.
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