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  1. Check out the tutorials, and if you have any questions please ask. Plus have lots of scripts in the scripting talks forum.
  2. @jmack87 No, not really but it can look at many devices at once and you can create a piston to look at device states (on or off for example), battery levels, motion, acceleration, etc. and many other condition's then react based on those condition's, send e-mails, text, etc. Not sure what events or state's your looking to configure, so not sure how to help with what you wish to do.
  3. @jmack87 Out of all that info what are you going to do with it? Just wondering where your going with this? Reason I'm asking is sometimes someone ask this type of question and all they wanted was to know when the battery levels of there sensors was getting to low. Or what the temp. was, etc. Just wondering because I have webCoRE pistons that can send notification's, e-mails, etc. when those type's of things happen.
  4. no those settings are hard coded in the device micro-controllers. They can not be changed without hardware changes
  5. Could also do something like this. Will detect if it see's any vibration, but will only alert once and then will not again for the 180 seconds. Let me know if this helps.
  6. Would something like this help? After it is tripped (needs to vibrate for at least 15 seconds, configurable) then it will not trigger the flashing again even if the sensor see's vibration for 3 min (180 seconds, again configurable). Don't know if this will help but i use this in several pistons. If it happens again after the LockOut time then it will trigger again. But once triggered will not trigger again for another 180 secs.
  7. I would hate to have to replace the battery in that sensor after a while 😫 Sorry couldn't resist.
  8. I don't have the hue system so can't troubleshoot from this side. Not sure where to go from here Peter.
  9. Hummmm... try changing the color variable to the names of the colors instead of the hex code, Red, Green, Blue, etc. make sure to capitalize the first character of each color.
  10. Yes it shows as a smart color bulb. In webcore if it see's it as a switch it will only allow you to turn it on/off and if it see's it as a dimabble switch it will allow you to change the brightness, but a switch can't chnage color's. When you setup webcore to allow it to access it did it only allow you to add it as a switch? smarrthings app > smartApps > webCoRE > settings >Available devices > Available devices then find your hue device and see what is available to add it as anything other then a switch
  11. @Peter Can you send me a green snapshot of your piston so i can see how you integrated your hue lights into the piston. The debug output suggest that the phillips hue bulb is not accepting the commands that my Sylvania Color Bulb does.
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