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  1. Feel free to share! Im glad I didnt shy away. I would have never known how cool these guys are. Finally getting into my weekend so Im sure I'll have some time to learn the camera inside and out!
  2. While at work today a customer came in with a bright blue sweatshirt that said Wyze on the back. " Cool, he must work for the Wyze team!" So I ran over so I could get a chance to talk smart home! Well the guy not only worked for the Wyze team, it was CEO Yun Zhang! He was super cool and very interested in how I use my smart home. The ideas and functionality they want to improve/incorporate really shows their integrity in the smart home world. After letting him know in not a WiFi guy (Zwave and Zigbee for life), and that I like everything in a closed system, he decide's to blow my mind and handed me a camera. After telling him he just blew my mind 3 or 4 times, I ran in the back to get some of my composure back. After coming back outside to chat some more, he took the time to walk thorough the app with me and go more into detail why a camera can be an important tool in the smart home. I made sure to give @AYL_Brian and your channel a shout out! But yeah, who would of thought I was going to be shown how to use the Wyze cam by the CEO! Just shows you the dedication they have from the top down! So much fun!
  3. Looks great! I really need to sit down for a few hours and rearrange my dashes.
  4. https://atap.google.com/soli/
  5. Thats what they want you to think. 🤖
  6. I'd say VPN's are typically not needed unless you're someone who navigates many networks via coffee shops and so on. Technically someone could sniff out packets locally at your house, but most connections to the internet are (should be) encrypted anyways. Obviously privacy away from your ISP is nice, but its not really needed unless you're doing something your not supposed to. I've been looking into VPN's for awhile and will eventually sign on to one, but I haven't seen it as a necessity.
  7. Trust me, airline's are working hard on automation, just more on the back end.
  8. I really need a few contact sensors for my pantry lights and something for my washer/dryer. Not sure if I want to go electric based or motion based. I would like a robot vacuum, some cameras (local), and smart blinds would be sweet. For my small place, I dont really need a whole lot.
  9. GE Z-Wave motion sensor, what a POS! Take's 3 mins for it to register the next movement to save battery's. Im surprised so many people having issues with Harmony Hub. It's had updates where it didnt support the HA platform, but its been updated and has worked great for me, though I dont do anything super complex. Just need it to turn off when going to bed and leaving the house.
  10. They're great! Almost as thin as a digital optical line.
  11. Car detailing has been a big passion of mine for the last 5+ years. Just starting to get into telescopes, haven't invested yet but I'd think it would be great to view the solar system and nearby galaxy's and nebula's. I also game and watch movies. Slowly getting all the Marvel movies in 4k on my Plex server and working my way through the Master Chief Collection on Legendary. My recent project I've completed was upgrading/swapping out all my network cables. If you haven't seen the slimrun ethernet cables from mono price your missing out.
  12. Im currently rocking Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi using Google as my main voice assistant!
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