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  1. Hi there, I was excited about receiving my echo auto today, but after getting it hooked up & working, I started wondering what advantages it has over using a Google on my phone thru a hands free setup if any ???? Think I'm starting to lean more towards Google products....
  2. Thanks good video, I already have 4 Lifx bulbs so already loving Lifx, think I'm leaning towards a Z strip
  3. Does anyone remember when Brian said Lifx will be coming out with a strip just for back of TV's (I thought he did,I could be trippin') & what would be the main difference between this & regular Z strip, length????
  4. Now I just wish I could make my Sonos Play Ones as default speaker for the hub, but as u already know Thier not Bluetooth....
  5. No it's a set of Play One's (I have a Sonos beam w/Alexa turned off in other room) I ended up calling Google support & even the guy was stumped, after re-booting which I had already tried & a few other things, he said try factory reset that did it, works now..... Thank you for your help !!!
  6. Brian, settings say Remove voice match & it says my name so I'm guessing I have that set, I have Google Music & YouTube Music set so think that's ok.Am I saying/giving correct command for setting it?? Wierd huh...I ended up using alarm on My Sonos which worked fine....Thanks
  7. Please help, I have a Google home /nest hub & im trying to set alarm to wake up to music. I looked it up on google and followed what it said "set music alarm for 9 am ( I also tried "set soundgarden alarm for 9") it tells me can't do it on this device yet.... am I missing something, how do I do this????? Thank you
  8. Has anyone tried these, thoughts or opinions ???
  9. Aaahh, what a pain in the butt this is, Thank you Brian for the reply, once again something that seems should be fairly easy is over my head, think the whole automation thing is beyond me, guess I should stick to things I can handle"Alexa / Ok Google , lights on / off".......HAHA
  10. My question seems simple enough, I have 2 Lifx mini color bulbs in bedroom, can I use Philips hue scenes on them (I have hue bulbs but only white) I've read I can use Lifx scenes, but don't know how if possible to run Hue scenes???
  11. Brian you don't like your Sonos, why not ? I only have two play ones & a beam but work great for me....
  12. Larry, (and All) Thank you for the advice, I'll be sure to check out the sites you listed.If you can't tell from my questions I'm a bit of a dummy when it comes to this stuff so I can't do anything to advanced (at all 🤪) so the simpler the better... and there's nothing wrong with knowing what your talking about which obviously you do, I appreciate it !!
  13. Huh,that's adds an interesting thought to this idea, I wanted smartbulbs but can't afford 9 Sengeld bulbs but they don't work with my Philips Hub, thought bout getting a smart things but not sure all that I can or will do with it.....
  14. Thanks Erin, which smart switches do you use? And I actually have 2 regular light switches for my kitchen lights currently 1 switch turns on 5 bulbs the other switch turns on the other 4....
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