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  1. I actually really like Bixby so I'm happy that S Voice is going to be superceded by it
  2. Samsung have announced that they'll be retrofitting the Galaxy S3 & Gear Sport with the Bixby voice assistant replacing S Voice, as an S3 Frontier owner I'm really happy about this as it will give me smarthome control on my wrist 👍 https://www.sammobile.com/news/bixby-to-gear-s3-gear-sport
  3. No bulbs unfortunately but like David I can say the Meross device I've got, a power strip, is great & I've had no reliability issues with it after a year or more
  4. Like it Frank, they could also be stuck to the front of the button to make the button more visible if they were to be used as a wall switch 👍
  5. Yeah absolutely @MNA1966like you I have motion sensors in the majority of my rooms to trigger lighting, even where this is not the case I have the ability to use voice control, there's only really 1 set of lights that isn't currently served by smart lighting & it's not an essential part of the house
  6. Yeah the gesture controls on the Nest Hub Max & on the Pixel 4 could be useful in this way
  7. So I've been thinking, what ways do you guys think smart home tech can help during the current COVID-19 pandemic? I was thinking that smart displays could be particularly useful for the video call functionality for those in self isolation. The drop in & broadcast features on the Echo Dot/Nest Mini's could be useful for communication for those not wishing to handle their mobile/call phone for infection control reasons.
  8. You'll be in the Great British Bake Off in no time.......as long as you've got your best hub on hand 😄
  9. Just read a short article regarding voice assistant use smart speakers Vs mobile device and task/action type. I wondered how you guys utilise your voice assistants? My own personal use fits what the article suggests is typical behaviour i.e I use my voice assistant more frequently on my mobile phone than I do on a smart speaker by virtue of the fact that I'm out of my home for 10+ hours each day due to work. I primarily use my Google Assistant on my android phone for navigation or quick information searches (rarely do I ever venture into my Alexa or Bixby apps). When in the home I mainly utilise my Alexa & Google Home speakerfor smart home control, weather or commute queries & entertainment i.e music whilst I utilise my smart displays for online video i.e YouTube. https://www.zdnet.com/article/getting-consumers-beyond-simple-tasks-on-smart-speakers-is-challenging/
  10. Has anyone encountered this bluetooth issue with their Google Home products? I haven't personally, but I generally use my Google speakers to play music directly or to create a bluetooth connection to a better speaker as opposed to connecting a phone/tablet to them via bluetooth to play music. Google Home bluetooth issue acknowledged by Google: https://www.techradar.com/news/google-home-speakers-have-a-big-problem-and-its-finally-getting-sorted
  11. It was always more likely that it was going to be a mobile phone driven event, but I was kinda expecting an update on a new Galaxy Watch & maybe some new Dex capability announcements
  12. Yeah Ballie has definitely captured my imagination too 👍
  13. Hey @FrankEjust spotted these: https://mytracmo.com/ They work with IFTTT so presumably that's a good launching point. This vid is from a couple of years ago so not sure how much of this functionality came to pass, if even half did it sounds like a very interesting product:
  14. I really can't believe that a company with such device manufacturing prowess is struggling with the actual device itself, I have to believe it must be Bixby related
  15. Gaztyke

    Motion Detectors

    Get in! My Gear S3 Frontier is on Tizen so I'll be able to get in on the action 👊
  16. Gaztyke

    Motion Detectors

    Ooooooh, do you know if that's only compatible with the latest Samsung smartwatches of if it extends to older variants?
  17. Yeah I've seemingly developed motion sickness of at least a more acute sensitivity to motion as I've hit my mid 30's, the last time I tried my son's PlayStation VR I thought I was gunna throw my bollocks up (English-ism for you there) after about 30secs 🤢🤢
  18. Better than the Alexa enabled Lambo?
  19. Yet Sony get the automotive headlines because they literally brought their own car
  20. Not got any of the Tradfri stuff sorry @Nige
  21. I use OSRAM GU10 bulbs with my SmartThings set up, however I had to enable them through my Phillips Hue hub to do so, they are tunable white bulbs & I've had no problem with then after a couple of years.
  22. Looks like the smarthome is coming to the car finally 😁 https://www.engadget.com/2020/01/09/samsung-smartthings-smartcar-app/ Anyone who saw my smart home video (17mins 50secs) with Brian will know just how much I want this sort of integration!
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