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  1. I'd say 30-40 feet is about right for the Tile too 👍 Yeah they have a map of the last location it was seen of its not currently within range of either me or another Tile User, if it is within range of another Tile user it'll show me it as a live location (it doesn't display on the other Tile users app though for security reasons). So it's basically a bluetooth enabled location as opposed to having an inherent GPS signal per se
  2. Hey guys, just an update on the Tile - Google Assistant integration, I've had a push notification through from Tile today saying the integration is now live, I invoked the GA & asked Tile to find my wallet, after asking me to link my Tile account it then successfully 'rung' the tile in my wallet 👍
  3. These kind of requirements feel like something you could help with @FrankE
  4. Yeah the vendor by vendor approach is one that kind of feels like it's got the potential to feel really fragmented & that's not what SmartThings is about, hopefully they'll deliver a consistent approach to integration & functionality across similar device types from different vendors
  5. The SmartLife integration could be huge, the only non SmartThings compatible devices I own are SmartLife devices (from various vendors) that are IFTTT enabled, so whilst I can fold them into my SmartThings ecosystem via utilising virtual switches, it'll be far better to have direct integration so I can have those devices display device status info etc.
  6. Neigh I don't believe you Brian 🐎😆
  7. A great UK deal, can't see it lasting long though, just remember to cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription before the initial month runs ou. Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Charcoal Fabric + 1 month of Amazon Music Unlimited for £8.98 with Auto-renewal https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07YMZWHSV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_h7YTDbDGV1WHV
  8. Great to see that Samsung are recognising the great work you & the team are doing @FrankE 👍
  9. The Buds do look pretty cool, if the claims about the range are accurate then that deeply impressive. Still keep going they'll eventually release a Pixel watch
  10. I think it's cos the audio signal is kind of seen as the secondary purpose of the device makers, mainly it's marketed as a way to find things that are lost outside of your home via the Tile community, indeed that's where the additional features come in when you pay for the premium tier.
  11. I guess that was always likely to be the sacrifice 🤔
  12. That's why this is a community @FrankE👍
  13. Trust me I've made most of the mistakes that it's possible to make when building a smart home set up so someone may as well learn from them haha!
  14. Hey Neil, welcome to the community 👍 The virtual switches are really easy to integrrate into SmartThings, this is s good vid to show how its done quickly, it's where I learnt how to do it
  15. Just been reading about the new Tile Sticker product, much like previous Tile products is a bluetooth tracker that can be stuck to items to make them trackable, they're waterproof & have a 3 year battery life according to the promotional material. There's also an established Alexa skill, Google Assistant & Siri integrations, that allow you to ask Alexa/Google/Siri to ring your tile do that you can locate it through sound. It's currently got a deal on that means specific retailers package a 4 pack with a free Echo Dot (see link for article below) /@FrankE could give you extra options for some of your clients https://www.cnet.com/news/the-all-new-tile-sticker-4-pack-comes-with-a-free-echo-dot/
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