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  1. I really can't believe that a company with such device manufacturing prowess is struggling with the actual device itself, I have to believe it must be Bixby related
  2. Gaztyke

    Motion Detectors

    Get in! My Gear S3 Frontier is on Tizen so I'll be able to get in on the action 👊
  3. Gaztyke

    Motion Detectors

    Ooooooh, do you know if that's only compatible with the latest Samsung smartwatches of if it extends to older variants?
  4. Yeah I've seemingly developed motion sickness of at least a more acute sensitivity to motion as I've hit my mid 30's, the last time I tried my son's PlayStation VR I thought I was gunna throw my bollocks up (English-ism for you there) after about 30secs 🤢🤢
  5. Better than the Alexa enabled Lambo?
  6. Yet Sony get the automotive headlines because they literally brought their own car
  7. Not got any of the Tradfri stuff sorry @Nige
  8. I use OSRAM GU10 bulbs with my SmartThings set up, however I had to enable them through my Phillips Hue hub to do so, they are tunable white bulbs & I've had no problem with then after a couple of years.
  9. Looks like the smarthome is coming to the car finally 😁 https://www.engadget.com/2020/01/09/samsung-smartthings-smartcar-app/ Anyone who saw my smart home video (17mins 50secs) with Brian will know just how much I want this sort of integration!
  10. Just gunna come out & say it I WANT ONE!! @FrankE this could be amazing for seniors
  11. Great idea for a forum topic @Brian W👍 These sort of automations could also be routed to provide a notification to wearables too I presume I.e. phone notification that pings a Wear OS watch maybe 🤔
  12. Hey everyone, whilst I don't have any Wyze products at this point in time (not available in the UK) I know a number of you have bought in to the ecosystem, I've received an email from Wyze this morning (I signed up to the mailing list) regarding a data breach that happened between through most of this month, I've screenshot the email below for anyone who didn't receive it.
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