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  1. Is there anyone else having issues with child devices showing offline in the new app? My light child devices in the Wink ceiling fan controller and the child devices for the second channel in the Fibaro double switch 2 are showing offline only in the new app.
  2. I am looking forward to the new Chromecast as a potential replacement for my Roku Ultra. I hope that the new Chromecast will integrate with Harmony Hub and SmartThings the way look Roku does. Currently I have Harmony activities set ups that will turn on the TV, receiver, and open the application in Roku. Activities are integrated both with SmartThings and Google Assistant.
  3. This is the smart lock I have been waiting for that I will not buy. I would buy it if it would work with SmartThings. Android and Google Assistant integration would be a nice substitute. https://level.co/products/level-lock
  4. We need a smart lock forum!
  5. I have a virtual device creator in my new app under SmartApps. 2 things that are keeping me from switching to the new app. 1. I can't control the smart home monitor (SHM) with ActionTiles/webCoRE, . I wonder if it will let you change the SHM status with a virtual switch? This may be a work around for webCoRE. 2. Multi channel devices don't seem to work well. On my Fibaro Double Switch 2 it renamed the second chanel and changed the device handler to hidden. I had to go into the old IDE and change it back. My Wink ceiling fan controller using the KOF Zigbee Fan Controller SmartApp is a mess! It will only turn the fan on/off but will not recognize any of the child devices such as speed or light. I had issues getting it to pair originally and had to add/delete several times using the old app. It has been running perfectly for over a year now. But in the new app it never deleted any of the old devices. I have 68 devices for fans. Because I don't know which ones are good I don't want to delete them as it was hard to set up. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon.
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