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  1. The app has been updated with a new energy dashboard. You can now monitor your energy usage for lights. It could get interesting since I still use mostly incandescents and I'm curious to see the actual differences.
  2. So I have 2 Insignia fire tv edition tvs, 1 Toshiba fire tv edition tv, and 1 firestick 4k. All are given different names, kitchen fire tv, master fire tv, david's fire tv and theater fire tv. All are assigned to their proper groups in the app and linked to an echo in the proper room/group. The only exception is the firestick but that is still in the box, never even plugged in. Amazon did link it to my account when I bought it so it is listed as a device in the app. So here is the problem, Each tv/echo combination acts properly if I use the words fire tv in the command such as turn on/off fire tv. Recently I found I could just ask for tv, not fire tv. Well come to find out that only works with theater fire tv. Any other room/group still requires the old phrasing fire tv. Not only that but I am finding that any echo in the house will turn on/off theater fire tv with "alexa, tv on/off " That should not happen. Only the echos in the same group as the tv are linked. Confusing, I know but I just dread having to explain this mess if I have to deal with amazon echo tech support. They seem to get confused too easily! Has anyone run into something like this yet?
  3. Fire tv's in a group can now be voice controlled by just saying tv instead of fire tv. Small change I know but a step in the right direction of natural speech. Now we need fans, heat, ac, etc.
  4. Great idea if you like smart bulbs. I still prefer incandescents thus I have gone to smart dimmers everywhere. Now that amazon has installed the device dashboard, similar to action tiles I think, I am thinking of hanging a couple on the wall. I would still need to tap the power so the tablet would need to be mounted close to a switch. Considering how slow and clunky the smart home controls are on the shows and the alexa app is no road runner, I am very impressed on how fast the new dashboard is. Even on older fire tablets. Now if you could just pin entire groups to the dashboard instead of wasting a tile on lights and a tile for switches and a tile for plugs for each room.
  5. Nice video. You should do one on how to set up/host a zoom meeting.
  6. Thx Frank. Added to my very long list of things to figure out.
  7. Update: I found a way to connect an echo voice remote to the link. There is no option in the app but if you click on the app to pair a new bluetooth device just push the play button on your remote until it shows up as a pairing option.
  8. Yes, but I was referring to using the pc (either alexa app or amz. music app) to play amazon music or I heart radio and cast it to my echos scattered around the house. This can be done with either app on fire tablets or phones.
  9. I can't find a way to cast music from the alexa pc app or the amazon music pc app.
  10. I'm interested in this for my mom. Is this a free service like guard or a subscription like guard plus? Amazon does a poor job of explaining everything or I've just gone blind which is possible.
  11. Other new stuff: Care hub is now live Echos now support 2 languages You can track your order at Domino's Pizza 4th gen echo available in red. https://www.amazon.com/b/?node=21550985011
  12. Hi Tomia, Looks like amazon has added even more sorting options. Make sure none of them are checked. Still works for me and I'm using the app on a pixel 3a.
  13. So as I mentioned in my other thread the link has received new firmware sometime in the past couple of months. Even the emails sent to me this week by amazon on how to set up and use, list the old limitations and state that you can't do what I'm doing. Local music (cd/mp3/etc.) can be cast to any group of echos you have set up in the alexa app. Just include the echo link in each group that you wish to play your own stuff on. Stereo pairs and echo subs also work. In the alexa app set your line in distribution from local speakers only to your echo music group. The local speakers will also play if your amp/receiver is powered on. You can not blutooth your source for multi room music. Blutooth will only play directly on the link. Multi room requires a cable, RCA or Digital (Toslink or coaxial) from your source. Digital takes priority so if you wish to play something through the RCA input you will have to literally unplug the digital cable from the back of the link. Amplification is a must. I tried playing from my 2 phones and the sound was both low volume and quality. Perhaps a small headphone amp (commonly used in mp3 player setups) would help? I don't happen to have one. The music files on my computer were much better but about 2/3 the SQ and volume of streaming. My rather high end Sony mp3 player sounded fantastic as did my cd player. I have not tested vinyl yet. Once this is all set up your internet connection is not required. I was able to cast while having the link connected with ethernet or wifi while the modem was unplugged. Just an outstanding bonus for those times the internet is down. Other restrictions: no mic or speaker on the link so you will have to assign another echo to the group the link is in so you can interact with it by voice. The alexa voice remote won't work with the link. You can not control playback from any echo, just volume. And there is no music information on the show screens. This is not an audiophile device. I would say the SQ while playing locally is slightly less than streaming standard amazon music or Iheartradio. However for just general listening throughout the house, especially being Christmas time, I could not be happier. Keep your echos at or below volume 7 and you should be fine unless you are very picky. I generally keep mine between levels 4-6 depending on model. I paid $140+ tax but would have gladly paid full price. I just wish Amazon would have opened up these features when it was released back in 2018. How many customers like me considered this at its release date and will never think to take a second look 2 years later? Hope this info helps anyone wanting to listen to their own music. Merry Christmas!
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