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  1. Not new, not really, ok kinda, after 81 long days Amazon has finally gotten around to fixing the broken link between Fire TV Edition TVs (Insignia and Toshiba). So if you have an Echo you can now be so lazy that you never need to touch the remote.
  2. Also in this same section of the app you can now rename stereo/theater speaker groupings. Before this week all pairs were called stereo pairs and it became confusing with multiple pairings.
  3. Well done, very creative.
  4. Not available for fire tv edition tvs. I'm still limited to 1 echo and no pairing with sub. Features like this need to be released across all fire devices at the same time.
  5. IMHO the buds are overpriced. I would not pay full price again. To my ears they need a larger size silicone tip but when I use the tips from my Sonys they don't fit in the charging case. The Echo Studio is great and I don't understand why Amazon so under estimated demand. Comparing physical size to sound ratio I expected it to be louder then it is considering the other Echos I have around. However the studio plays clear at a higher volume level then the other Echos.
  6. Looks like all dim-able lights. Option available on all my dimmer switches, hue bulbs and sylvania bulbs and led light strips. Definitely simplified my wake up routine.
  7. brighten your lights slowly in the morning without your alarm sounding, or to slowly dim them at night, add the action to a routine. https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=G4XRFPC74SLMCK72&tag=theverge02-20 This eliminates having to ad all the wait features and light changes in routines.
  8. I found the side viewing angles to be quite bad. Far worse than the Insignia Fire tv models. Straight on they look fine.
  9. Welcome. Lots of helpful folks here alot smarter than me but if you have an alexa/echo question I can probably help.
  10. One product not mentioned at the Amazon hardware event (probably because it's from Toshiba but the Nebula sound bar is made by Anker) is a new 65" Fire TV. Release date is 10/30 at Amazon and Best Buy. At $600 it's almost twice the price of the 55" and certainly more than the $250 I paid on black Friday
  11. Yesterday someone clued me in to a bump in supply. So I cancelled my Dec. 6th shipment and ordered again. This time I'm at the release date of Nov. 7th. But I'm not going through all that for the buds or Show 8, They will get here when they get here.
  12. If you want one of the new Echo products you might want to order now. Echo studio has a release date of 11/7 but a ship date to me of 12/6
  13. Many of us know that you can ask alexa to remember something such as a birthday or password and later retrieve that info by asking for alexas memories. Now that information is also included on the app under lists and notes. Why is Amazon not promoting new features or at least have a section on their site to list this stuff? Wonder why we have to stumble on it ourselves. Seems like a bad business plan.
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