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  1. $20 off. I have not used this one but all my other switches are Meross and I have had no problems.
  2. All lights on/off (or any variation of the command using the word light) is not currently working. Must use lamps instead of lights.
  3. Anyone know if Google has an official forum page like Amazon's digital and device forum?
  4. In my experience (based on the echos I have) ranking the microphone sensitivity from best to worst: echo 2nd gen, studio, dot 2nd gen, dot 3rd gen, echo 3rd gen, plus 2nd gen, fire hd 8 tablet, and dead last is the show 5. With background noise or music playing the first 2 hear me great, the dots are ok and so is the echo 3rd gen. The plus, show 5 and tablet are deaf as a doorknob. Yes, I realize the tablet is a fire device, not an echo and it does not have the far field mics but the show 5 is that bad. As far as ESP, I think it's related to Amazon reducing the mic sensitivity. I read somewhere that they had too many complaints of false wakes and are tweaking the sensitivity. I would rather have false wakes than having to yell at a device 6 feet away playing music.
  5. How about a skill that would alert us to new content here via echo devices?
  6. You can now set a reminder for every x number of days. You can choose anywhere from 1 to 31 days
  7. Wyze had problems last night. They're back up now but to view cameras on show or fire devices you might have to disable/enable/re-link your account.
  8. Anyone having trouble this week with the minis? Had some people over yesterday wondering about the differences between dots and minis. Every single response was some babbling about in order to help me it needs more information and something about using the app. Alexas answers were not always right but at least they were relevant to the question. Thinking of ditching the mini after this.
  9. This right here is one of the best updates all year. $6 for a sensor that can trigger routines with echos. I just set mine up and they work great. Now I'm regretting all the $25-30 sensors I bought. No, they don't tell me the temperature, but they're 6 bucks! And no mention of this anywhere, Amazon never, Wyze no, Youtube nope, just Brian. Great find Brian! Edit: This kind of makes buying an Echo Plus harder to rationalize now not needing a zigbee hub for those just starting out in the Alexa ecosystem.
  10. I would like another echo studio. I really like mine and I want to see how 2 paired together with a sub sounds. Not that I need any more echos.
  11. Only those 2 as they are the same speaker minus a hub and temp sensor.
  12. Hi Frank, yes I saw it. Love the naming feature. My routines list was so hard to sort through before. I really have not found a reason to play around with IFTTT yet, especially since routines now can play sounds and we apparently have Wyze triggers. But I'm always open to ideas for IFTTT
  13. Echo Studio can support multiple wifi networks. I took my studio to work last week, set it up on another network, brought it back home and didn't need to change anything. It automatically connected back to my home network. Don't know if this is new, when it started or if it's all echos. While connected to my work network it also gave me notifications, announcements, and reminders from my home network but that might be because both networks were tied to my phone.
  14. Thanks for the heads up on the date and time feature. Added to my start my day routine.
  15. Amazon does not yet allow theater pairs for fire edition tvs, just firesticks and cubes. I do have a dot connected to 1 fire edition tv for sound and voice control. Even a dot sounds better than the built in tv speakers. I have also tried a stereo pair of dots with sub but I thought it sounded worse than 2 stand alone dots. Now pair a couple of 2nd or 3rd gen echos with a sub and you have a very nice system for casual listening and still reasonably affordable.
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