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  1. Just thought I would wish you all had a Happy New Year, hope you all had a good Christmas break last weekend before back to work and slowly taking Christmas decorations down, managed to automate Christmas lights throughout the house and that pleased Mrs Jones just with a few zigbee plugs and running through she who can't be named and Smart things.
  2. Great timing, as ordered today and its coming tomorrow, have a house full of Alexa shows so will be interesting how this compares.
  3. Just migrated and gone to the new Google Nest subscription I did put it off for as long as possible but I've invested in Nest doorbell and cameras + smoke detectors for a while now and want to add more, got email today offering a free Nest Hub, so not all bad, I still prefer Alexa but will use this to cover my doorbell
  4. Has anybody used the Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock, I would like to get rid of keys for the front of my house but have two doors to go through and looking at this as an option for one of them, you can fit a Z-Wave module so it will connect to Samsung SmartThings. As this is my second lock to the house I can try it for reliability but at £200 I'm hovering over the buy it or bin it any thoughts or alternatives would be great.
  5. Still after a front door automated lock, would like another nest camera and nest protect is on my wish list
  6. For me I think a camera is a bit of deterrent, so I'm not bothered about the green light, same as my house is internal and externally illuminated when i'm out or in as for me this is a big deterrent for me i don't want to catch the intruder i want them to go next door to the dark house 🙂
  7. Have to say looking forward to the video, as a Nest user with my cameras linked to amazon fire TV, echo shows etc and the fact I like the Nest App
  8. That could be useful not available in the UK yet, would like it to add regional accents also
  9. Its amazing the difference in generations and opinion on this, my Parents late 70s don't have anything to do with technology no internet, they have a mobile phone that you can only talk on!! no laptops, no iPads they really are anti or afraid of it, no matter how much I've tried its a big no, my dad is interested in what i do in my home but really does not trust it and is horrified about the stories of people being able to listen in. We have a couple of friends late 60s totally opposite love it and are not bothered by privacy issues and embrace it. Myself big 50 It doesn't concern me to much about Amazon, google having my information as to be honest anyone listening to myself and my wife would really wonder how old we are (slightly childish) for the pros of having the this technology out-way the cons. My daughter late 20s while has grown up technology and loves it, is a lot more cautious about than me and really would like the law to stamp down on some of the privacy issues.
  10. Well by choice i use Alexa, but I also run Nest Doorbell that works very well with a google mini as a doorbell / announcer and they are very cheap so run a couple of them as i have the best of both worlds having both to ask what's the weather is like.
  11. Think its a great doorbell, quality image day and night are good, face recognition is very useful excellent camera and love the Nest app, my only concern is what happens with nest / google integration as i have few nest products. I did actually buy a google mini just for the doorbell announcements as this was the easiest way not having a doorbell before.
  12. Still hiding empty Amazon boxes, careful disposal is highly important in the Jones family household, then slowly bring products out as if they have been there for ages 🙂 My Purchase are: Amazon Show 5 Amazon Show 2nd Gen Philips Hue LED + PIR Kit 3 x Phillips Hue colour GU10 Kits 2 x Echo Dots 3rd Gen Thats my purchases
  13. Hi David I just use a pin code stops any unwanted ordering
  14. Ok you need turn on voice purchasing within settings within the mobile app, it works within the phone mobile app, and Alexa devices and on the show it actually shows the deals, certainly can't get these prices through the Amazon Web site, and the savings are good, will check tomorrow to see if the deals change, Just ask Alexa "what are my deals"
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