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  1. Thought i would share my latest iteration of my tablet/phone UI of my home running Home Assistant from a Raspberry Pi 3b+. The screens are pretty self explanatory, apart from the temp sensor of 'moses basket' which is the temperature of the location of my newborn daughters cribs (we move it about rooms). At the moment i've only really smartified the downstairs of the house. The upstairs bedrooms remain untouched.....for the moment. I am constantly changing the frontend (at least every 2 months) based on how it feels and practicality (and wife comments). I'm currently not happy with the 'lights' page but struggling to come up with something more inventive. Happy to answer any questions on assets and automations.
  2. This is exactly what I do!!! My fire 7 has appeared this weekend but the new dots are still in hiding 😂😆
  3. Agree guys, poor choice of wording. 😀 apologies
  4. Really good video Brian thanks. I've yet to integrate ZWave into my Home Assistant setup. This sensor is hugely appealing given the spec and I'm tempted but the £54 price tag in the UK is holding me back.
  5. Edit: my response posted twice for some reason
  6. My advice Rich is to go down one of two paths. (1) embrace one or two eco systems and accept that's the route Ur going down i.e. smart things and lifeX/Hue etc. It's much simpler and I think less time consuming or (2) opt to go down the 'tinker-er' route and look to piece together multiple different standards and platforms to make them work together i e. Hubitat or Home Assistant. It's much more time consuming and at times frustrating, but rewarding too. Good luck
  7. Yeah based on what you've said, I agree with Marcus and Brian, it would seem HA is your best bet, providing your happy with some sort of computer (nuc/raspi) running in each house with the tenants.
  8. Thanks Brian. Looking forward to learning from this forum. 👍
  9. Hi all, Scottish guy here. Been building up my home automation life for past 3 years. Started with Hue and found Home Assistant last year. Running my home automation on Hassio Raspberry Pi 3b+. Looking forward to good automation conversation in the forums. Cheers
  10. Hey, I'm from Scotland but lived in the Outer Banks for just over year. NC is my foreign home and close to my heart 👍
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