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  1. Oh I think there's a TON more coming. Timers, variables, better integration control, a TON of devices that haven't ported across (you should see the Aeotec devices setup...), and I even think there's a whole priority thing that's gotta get created. I've run into some very interesting things trying to perfect lighting levels in my spaces. All those things are missing and all of them are needed make it impossible to really make home automation spectacular. Example: I've actually created so much automation that my hub can't get 8 lights to turn on in less than 3 seconds (there's a delay for each one). It's because I can't prioritize, time, and/or create variables to manage the automation.
  2. And it gets even wilder with virtual switches, and multi-sensors or sensors that only have the ability to be discovered in the old app. There's some really wild stuff going on right now.
  3. So far my experience has been that the integration is very good, very reliable, and provides a lot of benefit in terms of smart home control. However, sensors and things don't really come across very well and there's no ability to trigger Google Assistant/Home with the devices. That's where you have some ability to do a bit more with Alexa. 🙂 It's just one part really though. Google Assistant IS GH at this point.
  4. Totally with ya there 🙂
  5. We might just be starting out, but I think this is going to be an amazing resource for people!
  6. 3 filings at the FCC: A new Google Home or Mini with a battery A new Tile tracker type device with just Bluetooth capability A new Nest Cam All three look to release closer to November for the Made By Google Event. Stay tuned for more on Sunday!
  7. Welcome Dave! We're happy to have you here!
  8. If you haven't already signed up...this is ALOT of smart home stuff! https://gleam.io/XxqqG/the-make-your-home-smart-giveaway-on-automate-your-life
  9. Hey sir! I do think Philips Hue and Google integration have been having rolling issues now for a few weeks 😞. I had struggled last night a couple of times, but was using HomeKit actually later in the evening. Anyone else?
  10. Yeah so that's really just about the developers using the connection properly...since i've used the temperature quite a bit from SmartThings sensors, I'm betting that this is one of the things consistently reported.
  11. I think this all goes back to how Alexa is getting the data! It doesn't necessarily receive all the data from SmartThings because the devices could be changed by another controller. However, ActionTiles is ensuring that you're polling devices regularly from SmartThings. I think that's the difference...but I haven't actually seen the code to be sure! Love that this is being thought about though. Next step is...how does Alexa/Google/others ensure that the status comes back every so often to make sure our panels and displays are accurate?
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