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    I received this email today even though I routinely use both versions Here is the FAQ link the refer to https://smartthings.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fc865295de6f052023cd22d39&id=0690e2fcee&e=9cd3e19c37 I have slowly been weaning myself off the Classic version, especially with Automations in the new version, the smart panel, and support for installting the latest device. But I still find myself going back to classic to initially setup the "Virtual Device Creator" for the new version of SmartApps for new users and "allowing devices" for IFTTT under Automation- SmartApps. (is there another way to do this?) Frank
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    Potential Solution One of the most overlooked features of YouTube on a TV is 360-degree virtual reality. An Amazon Fire TV Cube provides a low-cost, easy-to-use viewing solution, as the remote control offers the normal ring control (up, down, left, right) as well as play/pause, forward/rewind Setup Just install the YouTube app on your Fire TV Cube or Fire TV Stick and you will be able to use your Fire TV remote to move around 360 degrees within the view with the “Ring control” as well as advancing and backing up in the video with the normal controls Here is a video of it working… https://youtu.be/9VL4abfU78k Suggestions This may be enough for most seniors. It of course does not offer the same “immersive experience” as the VR headset, but they can pan around in the video and pick the direction they wish to look. It’s helpful to create a “list” of videos Please note that you can add videos you are actively watching to a list, but to initially `create and name the list, you must be using the YouTube app on your phone Rather that selecting Autoplay, which will play “suggested videos” for you, try using “Play All” in your list so that the senior only sees the videos you have added You could setup Tube Premium, so there would be no commercials. In addition to 360-degree videos, there are some very long (2-4 hour) high quality videos that you could add to a list to provide some background scenery that is much better than someone just watching daytime TV as a “background”
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    Yeah I've seemingly developed motion sickness of at least a more acute sensitivity to motion as I've hit my mid 30's, the last time I tried my son's PlayStation VR I thought I was gunna throw my bollocks up (English-ism for you there) after about 30secs 🤢🤢
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    Having tried a number of VR headsets, I think this is a great approach for many folks. The fact is, the VR systems can be so disorienting and at some level, nauseating. I think many people can't use them anyways.
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    I wanted to add a small update as I have been testing both the Oculus Go VR headset on the discontinued 2017 Samsung Gear headset. The Samsung requires the installation of an S series phone and Oculus Go requires a smartphone for setup and if you wat to do casting to see what the senior is seeing. Both of these require quite a bit of setup before a senior can use them. However, the demos you will see of seniors using VR headsets are always in a senior facility or with friends or family member assisting them in setting it up for EACH USE. https://youtu.be/h4AnJhAYWdQ In fact, several companies have started offering that service to facilities with costs ranging from $150/month per user plus an equipment fee. https://seniorhousingnews.com/2019/05/20/25-an-hour-to-50k-a-year-what-senior-living-spends-on-virtual-reality/ What I've decided to do while I find out a way to make these headsets work in a "kiosk mode" is to promote the use of 360 degree video playback on Fire TV. I'll write this up in the Alexa section of the forum. https://community.automatelife.net/topic/581-viewing-360-degree-videos-on-fire-tv/
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    @PeL4 hey @AYL_Brian just posted a video from CES that might be the beginning of the in room sensing capability you were looking for. It comes up at the 7:25 mark in the video below. It’s a product called RooMe from a company called intellithings. Here is a link to their website https://www.intellithings.net
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    Another Update; interesting that these updates happen around big conferences and shows like CES2020. Inovelli had some interesting Z-Wave Devices at the Z-Wave alliance. Hubitat Elevation Platform update 2.1.8 is now available: Please note, the process takes about a minute to download (depending on your Internet connection) and extract the hub update, and 1-2 minutes to perform the update after you click 'Update Hub'. We recommend that you periodically download a backup of your setup from the Settings page, Backup and Restore. Changes from 2.1.7: Drivers and Devices New drivers: Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Switch S2 ([LZW30-SN](https://inovelli.com/shop/smart-light-switches/zwave-smart-switches-gen2/z-wave-on-off-switch-neutral-required-scenes-notifications/)) Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Switch S2 ([LZW30](https://inovelli.com/shop/smart-light-switches/zwave-smart-switches-gen2/pre-order-z-wave-on-off-switch-base-model/)) Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Dimmer (NZW31) Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Dimmer (NZW31) Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Switch (NZW30) Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Switch (NZW30) GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Dimmer ([46203](https://byjasco.com/products/ge-enbrighten-z-wave-plus-wall-smart-dimmer-quickfit-and-simplewire)) GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Switch ([46201](https://byjasco.com/ge-enbrighten-z-wave-plus-smart-switch-quickfit-and-simplewire)) Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat ([TH6320ZW2003](https://www.honeywellhome.com/T6-Pro-Z-wave)) Aeotec Dual Micro Switch (DSC17) Zooz MultiRelay ([ZEN16](https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/products/zooz-z-wave-plus-s2-multirelay-zen16-with-3-dry-contact-relays-20-a-15-a-15-a)) Zooz Double Switch ([ZEN30](https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/products/zooz-z-wave-plus-s2-double-switch-zen30-white-for-light-fan-combo)) SAGE Doorbell Sensor SAGE Light Switch Controller Virtual Smoke Detector Virtual CO Detector New tested devices: Innr UK Zigbee outlet using Generic Zigbee Outlet Nue HGZB-01A Zigbee switch using Nue Zigbee Switch Nue HGZB-021 Zigbee Dimmer using Nue Zigbee Dimmer Nue ZB-18A Zigbee RGBW strip controller using Generic Zigbee RGBW Light RGBGenie ZB-1025 Zigbee controller using RGBGenie Micro Zigbee Dimmer RGBGenie ZB-1003 Zigbee controller using RGBGenie Micro Zigbee Dimmer RGBGenie ZW-1001 Z-Wave dimmer using Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer RGBGenie ZW-1002 Z-Wave RGBW controller using Generic Z-Wave RGBWW Controller New driver features: Iris V3 Keypad, add beep for older firmware devices. Lutron Pico drivers, add three button option and support. NYCE Motion Sensor Series, add humidity get to refresh command. New App Features Rule Machine: Added connectors for local variables. Add time variables (see the community for more information). Group-2.1: Added button to update devices available for selection. Hubitat Dashboard: Added Variable Time template for RM time variables. Yeelight integration: Added ceiling4 and color6 bulb support. Bug Fixes Rule 4.0: Fixed error thrown by times in older rules when editing actions. Thermostat Scheduler: Fixed bug with required separation. Scene Transition: Fixed bug with dimmers. Hue Bridge Integration: Fix null error on application label change. Add CRCEncap to Fibaro 2 dimmer and switch drivers, fixes reporting issues in some situations. Fix GE Zigbee Dimmer, single spastic power report when turned initially turned off. Fix UK ST outlet power reporting when using Generic Zigbee Outlet driver. Fix TransitionTime preference issues in Lutron Dimmer driver. Fixed occasional Null error when turning on for all Sengled Element drivers. Group-2.1: Added button to refresh device lists Raw Lan HubAction message responses will include the payload as a Base64 encoded string Platform Changes Extended the following Z-Wave command classes Basic up to V2 SensorMultilevel up to V11 Meter up to V5 Central Scene up to V3 Version up to V3 Time up to V2 Multichannel Association up to V4 Indicator up to V3 Firmware Update MetaData up to V6 Association Group Information up to V3 Association up to V3 Notification up to V8 Multichannel up to V4 Thermostat Fan Mode up to V3 Incoming calls for App Web endpoints now includes headers Incoming calls for App Web endpoints where the App does not exist will now log a message in the logs including the source ip address. Added optional flag to ignore SSL issues (ie: self signed certificates) with http calls (httpGet, httpPost, etc)
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    Check this out. I know @AYL_Brian has talked about duplicate devices before, but I couldn’t find his video discussing it. Hope this is helpful
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    Here is a piston that keeps track of the number of times the switch (in your case the pump) was turned on and the last time it was turned off and turned on. This gives you the idea of how it can be done.
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    I would suggest these. I have all 4 of mine in these housings and they have worked great for over a year and a half with no problems https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DW971RT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    Just wondering about the current state of BT for the home? I have seen the word coming up in more articles. It's in the SmartThings Hub but not turned on yet. I emailed Hubitat a while ago and they said there is not enough people requesting it. I only have one (device) need for it but I'm stuck playing the waiting game. I have one SmartBlinds, retro fit kit. They are putting out another product that would open my style of window. That, for me, would be great and better than me, falling out the window someday. ha ha, I'm in a wheelchair.So, that's if I stay with Bluetooth and Samsung turns on their BT. Or even buying a SB Hub/Bridge at $90 or I just switch to iBlinds (uses Zwave) and cut my losses with SmartBlinds.
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    I have the galaxy watch so ditto
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    I just received this announcement and haven't had a chance to test the SmartThings API https://smartthings.developer.samsung.com/?mc_cid=cb925fbb71&mc_eid=9cd3e19c37
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    Very good! I'll let you know how I get on and if I hit any limits. Loving the videos, ta!
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    HI all, I am starting to (very) slowly build up a smart home. I have SmartThings and use Google rather than Alexa alongside it. I need to replace lots of GU10 bulbs so for now looking for a low cost option in the UK that allows dimmable white spectrum for warm and cold whites, that works with both Google and SmartThings. I've seen a few recommendations for IKEA bulbs ( https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/tradfri-led-bulb-gu10-400-lumen-wireless-dimmable-white-spectrum-90408603/ ) but also read somewhere that although SmartThings can control them without a Tradfri hub there is a low number of bulbs it can take on. Any truth to this? I have about 35-40 bulbs in 3 very large downstairs areas. Ideally I want to bypass the IKEA Hub with SmartThings, but want to be able to control the lighting with my voice via Google, set brightness levels based on time of day/light levels/phone app/etc. Any thoughts if the IKEA bulb can do all this OK without it's own hub? I'm also open to suggestions for other light bulbs. I'm aware of Hue and also know that LIFX GU10s are too long for my lights. Thanks in advance, Nige
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    Little tidbit on the Galaxy Home and Mini... I asked the lovely 4 Samsung employees sitting at the desk next to Ballie. They had to talk for about 5 minutes and then said "it's not here". I said...OK, but...are there any announcements about it or any news? "No, sorry." Brett found it at one point, but they literally took it out of CES on Day 3. Tells me something isn't right.
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    That was quick: Any Tizen 4.0 watch should be compatible, exact watch models will be announced one the version is officially released.
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    Hey Pete! Good to see you over here and with such an in-depth discussion for us to tackle. I'm not an American as you know so I'm going to struggle with helping in terms of your cell and data plan discussion. It sounds like you need simple at the vacation home, but combining that with not using data all the time is going to be hard. My first thought is SmartThings because you can get many things done without service, and even with the latency of your cellular-internet, it'll run well (for the most part...I'll get to this). I worry about a connected lock though in that situation. Hubitat would be a great option if you were there to set it up for them. Otherwise, it's far too difficult. The thing is, any cellular based service is going to be touch-and-go in terms of how reliable a cloud-based automation solution is. There are delays due to latency and routing, and then when we're talking about the service switching back and forth (ethernet and cell, or even presence/no presence of MiFi), this will likely wreak havoc on the devices you install. So I think you HAVE to have a hub, and I think it has to be mainly local. Alexa likely won't work all that well as the basis for everything you're doing and even if it does, your parents may find it too slow. In general, I'm going to say SmartThings is the right balance here and it'll let you configure things remotely if you need to through the API. Alexa can be a nice addition so they can talk to the system, but I wouldn't rely on it unless your internet is going to be solid and 24/7.
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    Hi all. Hope you're having an excellent day! I'm here asking for help, in the hopes that someone else has done the research for a similar project recently, and care to share their findings, or anyone else who has some thoughts! Something inexpensive is the name of the game here. I want my folks and I to be able to keep tabs on their home, but they won't buy into it if the cost to maintain it is too high. My folks have two homes, which they split their time between. Their permanent home has internet all the time, but their "vacation" home doesn't, as it doesn't make sense cost-wise to maintain that. I am looking to build two systems, with that variation in mind. They are already familiar/comfortable with Alexa, so I thought it made the most sense to build around that ecosystem. Not saying I couldn't get SmartThings or similar, just trying to avoid it if possible. They have a 1st gen Alexa, some minis, and a Flex right now at main house, and I think just a mini in vacation home. My ideas for both homes are simple. Contact sensors on any entry doors, sheds, garages, etc. which will alert them based on their preferences. We might add cameras in as well, doorbells, etc. down the road but I think starting with the sensors and potentially locks is a good first step. I thought it'd be nice to have Alexa alert them with something spoken, since they are both over 70, and aren't the most technologically savvy. As far as the internet, it'd be great to get a router that could use cellular as a backup, but I worry about if the normal internet goes out while they are there and it fails over to the cellular... they could be in for a huge bill! But it would be super nice that when they are at vacation home, they turn on internet and it will use that, but otherwise use the cellular. Keeping this simple is a must. We have T-Mobile for cellular now, but also my folks have AT&T through their Chevy SUV (not sure if you can add another mifi or similar device onto that package). If you have a recommendation on MIFI on the cheap, please let me know. I wouldn't mind connecting whatever hub strictly through the MIFI device/router, and forego the cellular backup portion if it was more economical. I'm perfectly fine with setting all this up for them at their house near use, but it may be a challenge for their vacation home since I won't be going there, so I'd have to maybe setup the sensors ahead of time and they can stick them up, or something similar to make this easy. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and hopefully you folks have some great ideas I haven't thought of! Much appreciated.
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    Mine's still been flawless, and I'm beating on the thing (by comparison to most). I'm moving it, sticking it outdoors, unplugging it constantly...like it's had a rough life.
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    I don't have a lot of the ikea bulbs, so...I wouldn't have a chance to hit an upper limit. However, I haven't hit an upper limit for devices connected! So that's good!
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    I really hope so...it kinda has to be there for virtual device setup... It wasn't there in the last app update, but you're probably one of the folks that will see it show up first. Cause most of us have already created our first virtual device.
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    Thanks Brian! Will take a look at those too! Great to have a decent colour option for certain lights. Thanks for the link! So I'm assuming you haven't hit an upper limit for IKEA bulbs with Smartthings? Nige
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    So this is something sneaky that Samsung is doing with their connected car platform. See, they have a V3 of their "fin" coming up right away. It has 5G connectivity (I think 4 transceivers), 4G/3G, WiFI, BT, and probably everything else under the sun but that's what I remember. In any case, that's a car...with full connectivity options...and now you have SmartThings...and routers...and...you get the picture.
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    Yeah I really like the direction RoomMe is heading. They now have Galaxy Watch integration so they know who's in the room based on their sensor that looks just like a smoke/CO detector. Very interesting stuff.
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    There's definitely some latency issues with double linking, however I think it's worth it in most cases. It depends on the device though and how fast you want to get it moving once you've given a command. 🙂
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    Ok so I have Ikea bulbs (not the GU10's) paired direct with SmartThings. The integration is seamless and very good. However, I have a new option for you! Ikea's may be cheaper (probably will be), but you could look at the full color options here: https://amzn.to/387008Z. They don't really have US direct sale options so that's something they need to work on, but the reason I'm telling you about it is because it directly connects to Hue, Ikea, SmartThings...whatever hub you have. They also have their own hub. So you could move these bulbs between systems. Very powerful for future migrations.
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    Wow you made that call fast! Probably good cause yeah...web browsing on that TV!
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    I wound up going with one of Lenovo's 2019 models. A C330. I just noticed on the budget Chromebooks ($170) there wasn't a touch screen. The C330 is a 2 in one as well. I haven't used it much for Home Automation just yet. I did DL Google Home, though and my Hubitat Hub is a bookmark. Because I used the Chrome Browser on my PC, Signing in to my Google account is all I had to do, just about. I have a few more apps to add.
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    Thank You, @Brian W, this basically affirms some thoughts that I had. The only concern that I have with unlinking WeMo or hue is the latency of having to go through smartthings. I can simply do it and if I'm not satisfied I can change how I do it. Thank you!
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    I've looked at them too but they need a hue hub. Any ideas how many IKEA bulbs can be handled by Smartthings without a TRÅDFRI hub?
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    I use OSRAM GU10 bulbs with my SmartThings set up, however I had to enable them through my Phillips Hue hub to do so, they are tunable white bulbs & I've had no problem with then after a couple of years.
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    Your setting your variables at the start of your script. Each time the piston runs they will be changed to that value. Unless you want your variables set that way i would suggest not setting them there. Instead set them in the body of your piston, that way they will change as needed.
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    Thought someone might find this interesting... Lennar's choice of technology.. https://seniorhousingnews.com/2019/01/03/3-lessons-for-senior-living-from-top-us-homebuilder-lennars-move-to-future-proof-the-home/
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    Going to toss in another vote for SmartThings and webCoRE with the caveat I haven’t tried Hubitat so can’t speak to that. I’m attracted to the speed everyone mentions. David, I’ve also had a few issues myself with a couple of ZigBee devices yet wonder if the issues are device specific not necessarily the protocol. The ST ZigBee devices have been solid. Z-wave has been rock solid for me on the whole. If you live with other humans, you will want to consider them going into it to save yourself trouble later. My spouse is in IT as well, but tells or texts me whenever there is an issue In addition to our kids. I regret not making it all more of a family project early on. My son has some interest so over the holidays we got a raspberry pi and started messing around with homebridge. Our kids are really into the Apple ecosystem so that was fun for him and he likes HomeKit. They each have an ActionTiles shortcut for their dashboards that probably never gets used from their iPhones. None of us are big talkers and prefer visual interfaces or automation, but the voice assistants are great for convenience when your hands are full. As Alan mentioned, smart watches are another way to control devices and helped get my daughter using things more. Personally, I love the Apple Watch too. My daughter really likes Siri and doesn’t care for the other VA’s...at all. NFC tags are definitely my son’s favorite. Sorry, I’m going on a tangent here, but just definitely consider everyone now or regret later lol. Going with devices that work on as many platforms as possible is a good idea. IFTTT has been helpful a few times trying to kluge between two. Please post back updates as I’m super curious how this goes!
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    @Brian W Cars engines emit a lot of heat, the faster a car goes the more heat it emits, also larger trucks have bigger engines so more heat there too. Also radiator's rapidly change temperature one of the main reason's for false alarm's. If your interested in how a PIR sensor works here's a good site to check out https://learn.adafruit.com/pir-passive-infrared-proximity-motion-sensor/how-pirs-work @AYL_Brian Took me a while going through a few white papers on the model number but found this info. Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor Detect movement and activity to trigger smart lights or receive an alert when you're not around. The SmartThings Motion Sensor works with your SmartThings hub to allow your home to react to your presence or to detect visitors or unwanted guests. When motion is detected by the motion detector, you can receive an alert or message on your phone, trigger an event like turning on a light or buzzer, or send a message to a property manager or neighbor. Use the motion sensor to automatically turn on lights when you enter a room, or turn them off to save money and energy when no-one's around. The motion sensor mounts quickly and easily with the included mounting bracket, utilizing a magnetic ball mount. GP-U999SJVLBAA Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor Specifications: PIR motion sensor works with SmartThings hub Zigbee 3.0 device Dimensions: 2.23" x 1.98 x 2.19" CR2 battery (included) Operating temperature 32-104 F

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