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    They may be of some use in setting up your parents https://www.techenhancedlife.com/articles/making-tv-useful-my-94-yr-old-aunt https://www.techenhancedlife.com/citizen-research/how-set-amazon-fire-tv-cube
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    HI all I am using smarthings hub v2 with webcore for sump pumps with changes come I am looking at hubitat can I use both hubs together? thanks beau
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    You know what though...when you guys write things like this, I'm willing to keep it open. It's not a huge financial burden, I just did notice the drop off and thought...maybe there's no worth. 5 people is a lot to build something out of. Let's keep going then?
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    Sent them back a e-mail telling them that removing a feature without first replacing it is NOT an upgrade but a downgrade. I for one am not a happy camper with this and told them so in no uncertain terms in the e-mail i sent them. I believe they will soon be removing webcore as it also is groovy based. And the new webcore they hasve so far is NO WHERE NEAR as feature rich as the current one is. As a matter of fact in my option it never will or can be because of how it works. Just my option but i have been doing this for a long time. I will be looking for a better solution for smartthings unless they reverse this trend of dropping features without first replacing them.
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    It’s funny to see this post. I normally stopped by daily because I loved the interaction, and it really helped me dig in to learn more. It has been quiet, and that has reduced my frequency to the forum, but I really do love it. And I stopped in tonight because I have run in to a snag that is haunting me with SmartThings. I am going to post about that shortly. @AYL_Brian I would never fault you for doing what you need to do, but I would miss this board. @FrankE started me down a road that allowed me to see smart homes as more than just a fun thing for me. @Larry Underwood took my expectations of possibility and raised them to new levels. And Brian you have helped me stop just buying smart home toys, and instead look at my smart home from a big picture perspective. The products you have helped me become aware of has been great, and the discussion on this forum about them and how we each use them has been incredibly helpful. No matter what I am and will continue to be an AYL guy.
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    I think that there are several reasons for the lack of activity. 1. It's summer. Most forums experience a severe slowdown this time of year. Things usually pick back up in the fall. Of course that is if the kids ever go back to school. 2. The whole home automation segment is kind of stagnant right now. With covid 19 slowing down both production out of Asia and the sluggish economy and delayed product cycles (example, pixel 4a) things are just kind of boring right now. We are also due for new products from Amazon but those will probably be delayed as well. This whole industry just kind of needs some buzz about a new hot product or 2. 3. This segment is kind of a niche section of the whole tech scene. How many Echo owners actually know or care how much they are capable of or are unwilling to learn. Ultimately Brian, this is your sandbox and it would suck to have to return to the Amazon forums but if it is your time and $ at stake I would certainly understand.
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    I have a sonoff device that i bought a while back (just to see if it worked like i wanted it to) and in order to get it to work with smartthings i created a virtual smartthings device and set it up in IFTTT so when the virtual device turned on/off so would the sonoff. Apart from being somewhat slow seemed to work OK. A few days ago it stopped working. So went into my IFTTT account found the applet and it wanted me to re-log into ewelink (sonoffs app) and when i tried to log back into ewelink it popped up a webpage that said if i wanted ewelink to work with IFTTT that i would have to upgrade to there premium package and pay 9.99 a mouth for something i was using for free. Well luckily i only have one sonoff device and its going in the trash. Just thought I'd share with everyone.
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    Hey Automaters, I had really hoped that this would be a place we could gather and do a lot of great things with, but I think the fact of the matter is that over time I haven't been able to spend the right time and that has left this a quiet place. I can't personally drive engagement here, and while I can send a few people over here and there, it's just hard to break people out of using Social Media these days. As a result, I'm considering closing the forums. Are there any massive objections or ideas here, or is this something that's OK to let go?
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    I have the SmartThings WiFi 3 pack, and it has been rock solid for well over a year. Last week we had power outages and since then the WiFi portion of the system has crapped out. When I reboot the ST system it gets connected to my router and begins broadcasting the internet. Within minutes the internet disappears but the ST (smart home) integrations continue to work. I then connect to my isp’s WiFi and it is still running strong. This first happened last week but I got it back up. Now today we lost power for an hour, and now I can’t get the internet to broadcast via my ST WiFi. Please god help. I’m losing my mind here.

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