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    Just wondering about the current state of BT for the home? I have seen the word coming up in more articles. It's in the SmartThings Hub but not turned on yet. I emailed Hubitat a while ago and they said there is not enough people requesting it. I only have one (device) need for it but I'm stuck playing the waiting game. I have one SmartBlinds, retro fit kit. They are putting out another product that would open my style of window. That, for me, would be great and better than me, falling out the window someday. ha ha, I'm in a wheelchair.So, that's if I stay with Bluetooth and Samsung turns on their BT. Or even buying a SB Hub/Bridge at $90 or I just switch to iBlinds (uses Zwave) and cut my losses with SmartBlinds.
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    I have the galaxy watch so ditto

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