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    I own motorbike Honda CBR600RR that I've had since new 2005 its not very comfy to ride but love it!, I love photography and aerial photography and travel a lot for my photography when i can, my PS4 is my gaming machine and currently playing Red Dead Redemption. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX81 with a 16k upgrade and still have it πŸ™‚ Love motorsport of any kind, family and enjoy life. oh and spend far to much on gadgets. Thats a bit about me
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    If you haven't already signed up...this is ALOT of smart home stuff! https://gleam.io/XxqqG/the-make-your-home-smart-giveaway-on-automate-your-life
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    The giveaway is amazing, one suggestion though, if you do any more in the future maybe give a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize (same amount of stuff, just divided a bit). That way more people get to win stuff!!
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    I'm a movie buff. Run my own Plex server have a LOT of movies. Sci-FI is my fav. But like most other genre's as well Except Horror.
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    3 filings at the FCC: A new Google Home or Mini with a battery A new Tile tracker type device with just Bluetooth capability A new Nest Cam All three look to release closer to November for the Made By Google Event. Stay tuned for more on Sunday!
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    We know that all of us have an automation past time that we're enjoying, whether or not we're creating scripts or just implementing our first lighting automation, that's part of what we do. But what else do we do? I'm a bit of a gamer. These days my little guy and I are playing Terraria and Minecraft...as well as the odd Super Smash Brothers!
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    This is new to me. With or without follow up mode you can ask for more than 1 action at a time such as turn on fan and turn off lights or turn on room/group and play music. Hope this helps someone.
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    That is an incredible shot. Wow!
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    Argos deal until the 20th June Echo Dot and Amazon smart plug for Β£39 great deal https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8656353/specialoffers/E30173
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    I'm currently going through all the options on smart displays.. Brian has some great videos .. As of right now you can, hands down the best priced and most elegant smart display you can get is the Google Nest Hub for about 60 to $70 all across the web (if you don't want video calling) plus this is undoubtedly the best digital photo display that money can buy..!!!https://store.google.com/config/google_nest_hub_smart_light_bundles <<==$99 USD I own a Nest Hub and I love it.. but I want video calling... So I ordered a Lenovo 10" Smart Display ($120 USD refurbished) and I am awaiting arrival.. I will post upon reviewing 😁
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    Saw this on youtube and wanted to say hello to everyone. Using smartthings hub with webCoRE. If anyone needs help with it i know it fairly well. Plus can share some of my webCoRE automation's if anyone's interested.
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    Hello from UK, West Midlands just south of Birmingham Currently running Amazon Alexa every room, couple of Google Minis, using Philips Hue throughout the home, still using some Lightwave RF, a harmony Hub for TV control, Nest Cameras, Nest doorbell, nest thermostat and nest smoke, amazon plugs and running smartthings and just started on Unifi network upgrade that's me a total bit of everything πŸ™‚
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    Hi folks...just joined today. Hoping to have some good discussion here.
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    Just wanted folks to see how great the Ring Doorbell Pro is at night. Unlike my Ring Spotlight and Stickup cameras, well as my Nest outdoor cameras, the Ring Doorbell Pro actually is able to do color video at night! This is without any additional lighting... not even separate IR floodlights as I do with my Nest Cameras Frank
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    For a LONG time I have had this nagging problem that I was sure was either tied to my controller, smart switches or smart bulbs. That is, the lights would tend to very slightly flicker at times, especially if not set at 100% I tried everything I could think of even resorting to "dumb" LED bulbs just plugged directly to a non-controlled outlet … same issue.. I had tried Philips Hue, Sengled, Cree and GE Zwave switches But then I found if I took the bulbs to another room in the house, on a different breaker, they were fine... aha, must be a faulty breaker or bad connection somewhere in my 4 year old house. Here is the culprit.. My Keurig coffee maker. When its in the "keep warm", cycle it will generate some RF or powerline noise. I tried one of the Insteon powerline filters, no help Replaced Keurig with newer model K575, no help SOLUTION:- dont drink coffee when its dark, or wait for the Keurig to power up, then turn off Frank
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    As far as I know this is a new update to reminders. You can ask alexa to remind you again during or just after a reminder is announced. She called it a snooze. Default time appears to be 1 hour but I've had it remind me the next day.
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    I'm a big music nerd. I'm a drummer, and I play guitar and bass. Really into Matthew Good Band... easily my favorite band, and Matt Good is my favorite musician hands down. I'm also really into trading cards. YuGiOh, Pokemon, Magic.. and I absolutely love "retro" gaming. My favorite console is, by far, the Sega Master System. πŸ™‚
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    This is running on an amazon fire 10. I wanted a bigger and higher resolution display, plus at the time this was the only table amazon offered with always on alexa. I use it as a dedicated home automation control centre wall mounted by my front door. The fire 7 tablets are scattered around the home for a few other things, the original intention was to have a control panel tailored to each room but I ended up not doing that. Howdy Brian 🀠
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    Thought this would be a good please to put a link for a smartapp called ST Community Installer http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Community_Installer_(Free_Marketplace) This is a smartapp that installs other smartapps πŸ˜€ Yep you heard that right a smartapp to install other smartapps. I hear everyone saying WHY??? Will as some of you may already know some smartapps can be hard to install as there are several steps (in some case as many as 15) to get the smartapp installed. And if you miss a step or do it incorrectly then it will not work and you have to delete it and start all over again. Once you get this installed correctly and use it to install the other smartapps all those steps get done automatically and in the right order. What smartapps can you install with this? Below is a list of some of the more useful smartapps that this can install and a brief description of each. webCoRE -- This is an advanced web-based rule engine that works on top of Samsung SmartThing's automation platform and delivers complex automation scenarios that users can program. Echo Speaks -- Echo Speaks is a utilitarian smartapp and device handler that allows you to discover, select, and use the Amazon Alexa Devices directly in your Smart Home Environment. It will give you the ability to wake your Alexa devices remotely to speak any text that you wish for almost any given scenario. You will need webCoRE to use this. Ask Alexa -- Ask Alexa is an add-in to the SmartThings mobile application that allows you to control a broad array of devices with your Amazon Alexa Enabled Devices. When installed along with the proper services at AWS (Amazon Web Services), a simple voice command allows you to control your devices along with querying their status. Simply "Ask" Alexa to do something within your SmartThings environment and she will respond! NST Manager -- The SmartApps and Device Handlers work together to provide integration to the SmartThings ecosystem using Nest's Official API. These also include automation's that allow enabling different features. And many more. Hope everyone finds this information useful. If you have any questions or comments please leave them here.
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    Hi Frank, yes, I've seen your website, videos, and interview on Brian's channel. We've spoken before over at the Amz. boards, my username there is davidn. I'm the one that linked a motion detector to announce on Echos and have fire tablet display Wyze cam automatically I'm sure I'll have many questions for you as I set up my mother's home (who is in her seventies) with Alexa and related devices..
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    I'd echo just about everyone's issues with the Wemo devices. Chuck 'em. Honestly, I've had amazing experiences with these cheap ones if you're just looking for WiFi. (affiliate link) https://amzn.to/2WL4Zpz - 15A and https://amzn.to/31znxwR - 10A But if you have SmartThings or something with ZigBee/Z-Wave, go with a plug from there. They're always going to stay online because they become repeaters for the ZigBee/Z-Wave network. It helps your network AND you get great automation.
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    I’ve run into a funny problem and wondered whether anyone else had ever seen this... I paired a new model SmartThings(ST) Multi-sensor in the Classic App and it shows up there and in the IDE, but NOT in the new mobile app! I found the solution… The new ST sensor must be discovered in the new app to show up in both Classic and new… If discovered in the Classic, it only shows up there This is similar to my experience with NOT being able to detect the new motion sensor in the Classic app. The new app seems to understand new vs old sensor models, but the classic doesn’t FrankE
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    Not sure if anyone has tried this, but it does work for me on both IOS and Android... that is the Chipolo "separation alert" The way it works is if your phone and tile get separated too far, say you leave you phone in the house and the tile is on your car keys, the TILE will beep... also works if you leave the phone in the car and walk away with the keys its not a light, BUT a way to remember your phone
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    Since you are already doing routines, you might be interested in a couple I have done as a Medication Reminder light and using Echo button to send text for a person who can't speak the commands properly. I also have a YouTube video on using "Tap to Alexa" in Echo Show" I have a website that has some of these documented. https://technology4seniors.com/ Before Brian put up this forum, I posted a lot of my ideas over at https://www.amazonforum.com/forums/devices/echo-alexa But I'm thinking of moving them over here. Frank
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    Are you casting it to chromecast on a tv or a google home hub? Are the 29 pictures in an album? If in album, make sure that the album is designated as to what you want to cast/display. Hope that helps.
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    Any friend of Gareth's is a friend of mine! Welcome!
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    Hey, I'm from Scotland but lived in the Outer Banks for just over year. NC is my foreign home and close to my heart πŸ‘
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    Defiantly interested more samples! Great idea to start the community pages, this will be very useful!
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    Frank you might want to check out NST Manager. Its a smart app that allows you direct control of your Nest Products, (such as your nest cameras and thermostats) in webcore. Here is the link to it with instructions. http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=NST_Manager
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    It isn't too easy, but if you are willing to loose a little time you could consider Home Assistant. It will allow the integration of all your devices under a unique customizable UI! Please excuse some English error, it isn't my language, but I hope you may understand.
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    I just got your email about this forum and signed up. Looking forward to it's use! Dave
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    I was luckily able to grab a Lenovo smart display 8" for 99.99USD brand new back in February and I *love* it for the kitchen. Just used it tonight for making a Veggie Frittata!
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    Yeah, might be doable. I've seen some $65 USD Google Nest Hubs, but the shipping might get ya just over $100. I don't have one...mine cost me over $150 CAD apiece πŸ˜‰
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    What kind of scientist!? I'm intrigued Kenzibit πŸ™‚ And welcome MaciaK! Let's hear some of your creations.
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    I would recommend replacing the switch i use the GE z-wave smart dimmer switch. If the LED's in the fixture are not dim-able they also make a non-dimmer version of this as well. They are natively supported in smartthings so you will not need to install a device handler for it. I use them in many places all over the house and never had a problem with them. Here is the link. Click on this to go there Hope this helps.
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    Is this in CAD or USD? I'm in the US now and I see a LOT of "Google Home Hub" on eBay for less than 100 πŸ™‚
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    Hi Fella's, looking forward to learning how to automate our lives better πŸ‘
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    Totally with ya there πŸ™‚
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    Hi there! This looks like the beginnings of a great forum!
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    The one experience I can add here: You need 3 apps right now to manage the whole system. 2 For SmartThings (you can just use Classic for a while but I think you'll want to use the new SmartThings app sometimes) and then a separate Wireless (WiFi) app. Other than that, they're blazing fast and a great mix of smart home/automation/mesh networking
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    I like the idea of the Echo Dot coming along with you, but...you can't change the lights can ya? πŸ˜‰
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    I have a google home routine that tells me the weather, play the news, check my calendar events..etc. I feel that it seems easier to trigger it with a push of a button instead of saying "hey google, good morning"
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    Welcome Lee πŸ‘ It's gunna get all kinds of nerdy on these boards woohoo!!
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    Hi all, While much of home automation may still be over my head, I find the Amazon boards to be full of people that are just totally clueless (including the mods). I have the full compliment of Echos, (Inc. Auto Echo) and a house full of switches, sensors, and routines. Looking to help anyone I can and always on the lookout for new ideas.
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    Thanks Brian. Looking forward to learning from this forum. πŸ‘
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    Hey Paul - Welcome! I'm going to give you a short explanation, and then show you a video I did a while ago. Your router has a certain processing power on it, just like any computer or data processing device, so there is a limit. Often times though, the processing power isn't what limits you. What you'll find limits you more often than not is the maintaining of connections. WiFi devices tend to need to maintain a connection, or else there's additional load/work on your router. So in short, yes, there is an upper limit. Having said that, I'm running a solid 40 devices on my Asus AC86U (can provide a link if you want) and haven't hit that end just yet. I had some initial struggles with disconnection of devices, but I've managed to smooth everything out through just playing with the location of a few of the higher bandwidth devices. Now here's that video. It talks lots about the other smart home protocols, but it also talks about the limits on devices and might be of benefit to you!
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    Hey all! I've been watching Brian's videos for a while now.. something about them that just feels more natural / real vs. many other YouTubers I've tried to watch that cover this kind of content.... only recently decided to get involved with the community! I'm a big Google Assistant dork who loves retro video games and music! Also from Canada, but living in the USA ever since November 2018. So.. hey hello, everyone!
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    I've learned a lot from Brian's videos and I am hoping to learn even more on this forum. This is such a great idea. Thanks for starting it!
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    Fantastic. I like how simple these scripts are. There's nothing too difficult here.
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    Did you mean the hub and not the mini? If you do mean the hub, that's actually part of the next interface as far as I've seen. I think at least the day/month if I remember correctly!

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