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    Yes you. As I write this there are 25 of you unknown folks reading the forum. Why don't you join in the fun and help out the community!
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    I know people have scripts and other utilities measuring and tracking battery life on sensors, but I am using a simple low tech solution. First let me mention that my tools for this are SmartThings, IFTTT, and my cell phone. I created a virtual switch in ST that I called front door motion sensor battery warning switch. This switch is triggered to flip on when the sensors battery hits 10% using the automation configuration available in ST. Then in IFTTT I created an applet that when this virtual switch is on the applet sends an sms message to my phone stating the sensor name and 10% battery warning. By no means do I think I came up with something amazing or original here, but it was a simple solution that I had not seen before and I thought could benefit others.
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    You're all Automaters, and so I don't need to tell you that you can do your part in slowing down the spread of COVID-19. You get it. As people with smart homes and smart lives, we have learned how to manage our lives through our voice, through our sensors, and through our ideas, and as we continue to show others how to do so, we can actually help the world become a happier, healthier, and easier place to live in. This is especially true during any flu season, but even more so right now as we all continue our efforts around social distancing. It's easy to take a message like this and laugh it off, but don't kid yourselves. Your Smart Home helps. Your ideas for automated living help. So stand up, get out your (heavily sanitized) phone, and share a little video or a picture of you automating something. Show a moment where you don't have to touch a device, and let your friends and family see how it might benefit them. You can also do this on your own Facebook feed, or your own Twitter Profile. So go forth Automaters and let's show the world how a smart home helps in this situation, as in many others.
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    I own motorbike Honda CBR600RR that I've had since new 2005 its not very comfy to ride but love it!, I love photography and aerial photography and travel a lot for my photography when i can, my PS4 is my gaming machine and currently playing Red Dead Redemption. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX81 with a 16k upgrade and still have it 🙂 Love motorsport of any kind, family and enjoy life. oh and spend far to much on gadgets. Thats a bit about me
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    If you haven't already signed up...this is ALOT of smart home stuff! https://gleam.io/XxqqG/the-make-your-home-smart-giveaway-on-automate-your-life
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    The giveaway is amazing, one suggestion though, if you do any more in the future maybe give a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize (same amount of stuff, just divided a bit). That way more people get to win stuff!!
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    Ok this one is easy. Only need a smartthings multipurpose sensor and i added a voice notification that is done via echo speaks but you can delete that part of the automation if you don't want or need it. It will notify you via a push notification when it is finished. Cheap way of making your dryer smart. Just a FYI found out after using it you need to make sure the washing machine is not touching the dryer as it can make the dryer vibrate and cause the automation to give you a false indication that the dryer is done. I did something similar with the new samsung wifi smart plug for a washing machine instead of the dryer. As always if you have any questions please leave them here.
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    So I've been thinking, what ways do you guys think smart home tech can help during the current COVID-19 pandemic? I was thinking that smart displays could be particularly useful for the video call functionality for those in self isolation. The drop in & broadcast features on the Echo Dot/Nest Mini's could be useful for communication for those not wishing to handle their mobile/call phone for infection control reasons.
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    I really like this topic! I was thinking about gesture control on the smart displays and phone control being really important to lessen the chance of passing through touch!
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    I’ve had intermittent luck with batteries... my devices often don’t report accurate battery states to begin with. Example: I have a ST multisensor on my garage overhead door and it quit responding a couple of weeks ago. Not unusual, and the battery was still showing 30%. After resetting and fussing with it, I replaced the battery - bingo. All was well with the world again. I’ve also had issues with one particular battery supplier. I usually get mine via Amazon and ran into one (MYBATTERYSUPPLIER) that advertises new in blister packs, but ships questionable product in little ziploc baggies. The life of the batteries from this supplier is substantially poorer than usual. Caveat emptor. All that tangential info aside, I wanted to mention a 3rd party app that I use called Action Tiles (https://www.actiontiles.com) on an old iPad. I’ve setup an assortment of very simple dashboard screens including one that shows the battery condition of all my devices. Handy to keep an eye on them all in one place. When they get down to 30% or so I make sure to have replacement batteries standing by.
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    I have been looking for a dry contact sensor for a while and tried a few that weren't too reliable. When I saw this video of modifying a Wyze contact sensor by removing the reed relay, I thought I'm give it a try https://youtu.be/MaXBI7aILoY It actually works quite well in my "Couch potato" sensor application through IFTTT to webCoRE providing the senior a verbal reminder through an Echo Dot that its time to get up and stretch. I typically set my own at 45 minutes The use of webCoRE allows the looping a different reminder every two minutes if they fail to get up after the initial reminder and also thanks them when they do get up
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    Hi Brian, I took a chance that it was a contact closure rather than resistive or capacative and I lucked out. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0762BZ4KB/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_FQEkEbJKVC73N I had also looked into the replacement devices used in cars for airbag enabling and those were contact closures.... was my backup plan https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JK9M7YR/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_uTEkEb3F57P06 Frank
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    I think we will need a little more info to be able to help you. What brand of smart plug did you buy? If samsung wifi smart plug then you could get there hub and water detector and you would be in business. Getting a wifi leak detector to run a automation via google will most likely not be possible. They mostly will just sound a alarm and that's about it. Most leak detectors that work via the zigbee or z-wave protocols will allow you to do automations of the kind that you are looking for, but require a hub to connect to and do the automation's.
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    @FrankE I finally have it our our educational calendar for May 21st. I have most of my PowerPoint ready to go, but I will be filming a few examples videos in my home to use in the PowerPoint. My real next focus though is to create some hands on demonstrations that I can setup in the classroom. We are sticking with very simple basic concepts, because the goal right now is to open up the minds of our seniors and their caregivers of the value these technologies can make in their lives.
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    Sure but you would need a hub of some sort as most buttons are either zigbee or blue tooth because of the small battery's they use. I would suggest something like a samsung smartthings hub with their button and smart plugs. There are others out there but for easy setup and use this is what i would suggest. Make sure the devices you want to control will come back to the way you want them to after unplugging them and then plugging them back in as some devices do not turn back on after being powered off that way. You could also set it up so that after it's been turned on for a given time it can automatically turn it off again if that's something that you wanted it to do or even notify someone via a push or sms message that a given device has been on for longer then X minutes.
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    Just thought i'd share my arrive home scenario I have tasker check to see when it connects to my wifi at home then tasker run's a webcore piston that disarms SMH, opens my garage door, turns on my outside lights if its after sunset so i can get the mail, also have a multipurpose sensor in the mailbox that if opened it toggles a light that's plugged into the smart power plug (this is in my garage so i can see it when i drive in), so when the postal person leaves mail its on and if i open the box to get the mail it toggles again to off. then it turn's on the light in the garage and unlocks the door that leads from the garage to the rest of the house and if no one else is home it turns on lights in the house, if someone is home alexa lets them know i have arrived. Then once i open the door leading into the rest of the house a multipurpose sensor turn's off the outside lights and closes the garage door, when i close the door leading into the house and after the garage door fully closes it turn's off the light in the garage and sets SHM to armed/stay mode and locks the door behind me and if no one else is home it has harmony turn on my TV, sound bar and DVR.
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    Hi, My Actiontile setup has been on Brians video recently and I made a reply on his YouTube channel but I thought it could be good to post my setup here as well. My setup is as follow: Hardware: Lenovo TAB4 10 inch Android tablet Software: Fully Kiosk Browser, DAKboard and Actiontiles The Fully kiosk browser is the app that ties DAKboard and Actiontiles together, it is a highly capable app but I only use it to be able to have a screensaver mode where DAKboard can be on display. Dakboard is a customizable display for photos, calendar, news, weather and more, I use it for a our common calendar that me and girlfriend have setup in Google Calendar. Every time we want to put something up on the common calendar (DAKboard) we simply assign the calendar entry to our common calendar instead of our personal calendar. Beside our common calendar there is also a five day weather forecast on display. You can have much more shown but I think these two are the ones that for us makes most sense to have on at all the time. Lastly Actiontiles that brings our entire smart home together, it is basic and functional. I tried to add some weather live cameras and other stuff but in the end I opted for a clean and symmetrical layout. If you notice in my Actiontile set up, the icons for lights have different meaning, if the light bulb is pointing downward the light is in the ceiling and if the light bulb is upright it is a light that´s floor standing or on a desk. Philips Hue Light strips under the bed are shown as a strip and the blinds in the bedroom are arrows pointing upwards or downwards. If the windows is closed there is on type of icon and if the window is open there is another icon and color. My two large tiles in the center is two scenes, one for turning all the lights off (LAMPOR AV) and one too turn the lights on (LAMPOR PÅ) One tip that I shared on AYL Youtube channel is as follows: ""A tip for making it easier to design your ActionTile is to have two browser windows open at the same time you configure your ActionTile layout. One browser window arranging the tiles and one browser window, scaled to the appropriate tablet size, to see the result."" Fully Kiosk Browser link: https://www.ozerov.de/fully-kiosk-browser/ DAKboard link: https://dakboard.com/site Actiontiles link: https://www.actiontiles.com/ Hope this helps, //Peter
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    I was using Google Home to tie it all together but I've added a smartthings hub and love it!
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    I'm a movie buff. Run my own Plex server have a LOT of movies. Sci-FI is my fav. But like most other genre's as well Except Horror.
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    3 filings at the FCC: A new Google Home or Mini with a battery A new Tile tracker type device with just Bluetooth capability A new Nest Cam All three look to release closer to November for the Made By Google Event. Stay tuned for more on Sunday!
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    Motion sensors, contact sensors. I have motion sensors or motion zones in just about every room I, almost never turn on/off light switches. Motion sensors can be used in a number of ways to keep you from transferring the virus.
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    Based on Brian's CES trip report and a few other reviews, I decided to take a look a RoomMe by IntelliThings https://www.intellithings.net/ Based on their claim of "True Occupancy Automation" , I was hoping this could fulfill my need for a occupancy sensor for Elders without having to rely on PIR motion sensors which can only give me "last known movement" locations... especially bad when the Elder is siting still. That is why I'm been adding in true presence sensors such as bed and chair mats. If anyone else decides to try this like, I'd like your feedback. here are a few tips. Please note that when installing the mobile app, it's RoomMe not Roome which is an app from another company. The sensor positioning video and installation steps on the website are great, but don't get into the details of configuring the systems. While there are several YouTube and web artciles, the best I found was this step-by-step https://youtu.be/A9sYgSP7yoM The stated purpose of RoomMe is to adjust the room settings based on a "person" (their phone) as they move around the home. It does that, but with a slight added delay and is currently lacking in the promised support for SmartThings and Galaxy watches. They also promised Alexa integration at CES and I assume that means being able to trigger routines on persons entering and exiting rooms They offer an API that can post events for room enter/exit by person, but don't support IFTTT and said they plan not to do that. What is lacking for my Use Case is that I want to be able to get not only room entry/exit notifications, but also routine updates that the Elder (phone) is still in the room. They actually ping through the BT app every few seconds so that they can detect movement between room, but don't offer that in the API The other thing that may confuse first time users, is that the only way the system knows you left a room is by being detected in another room. So if you left the house, it still thinks you are in the last room where you were detected. It seems like a simple adjustable timeout could be easy to offer as an event. One reviewer put a sensor in the garage to indicate leaving the house. Edit... I was only able to pair my iPhone 7 Plus, not my Samsung s10, Note10 or A50. IntelliThings support also reports difficulty with Samsung devices. Standing on a ladder with the phone in pairing mode 1" away from the sensor is no fun
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    Just thought all of you might want to see my light strips. Waiting for it to get a little warmer here before I install it over my garage https://youtu.be/Hd86XSYUFIg I will make another video after i mount it above my garage Sorry about the abrupt ending of the video but was being called by the wife 👀 The power supply i got was a big one because i plan to run all the strips for the house on the one power supply and because there wasn't much difference in price between the smaller ones and this one. If anyone wants me to go into more detail about how i connected the nodeMCU board and the power supply to the strip let me know. Also just a FYI the strip can go a lot brighter. Found a setting in the WLED software that limits the brightness when using a small power supply so after increasing that to the limit of my supply it allowed the strip to increase brightness a great deal. The strip when set to all white at full brightness pulls about 5.25 amps. But your looking at 150 pixels in this 16.4 foot strip. That's 450 LED's (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue per pixel)
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    This is more of a psa as I researched this topic recently and found a couple of good apps for seizure detection. One is android and I set this up for my dad after reading good feedback on related forums versus a lot of negative feedback for other specific devices http://www.openseizuredetector.org.uk/?page_id=1128 the other is iOS called SeizAlarm in the App Store. We are using this one for one of our children. This one has a monthly service fee but well worth it. It also includes call feature which the other one does not offer only sms. It’s a battery hog so will probably have to get the newest watch or possibly just add a second. One for day and one for night option. These are obviously just nice to have and not FDA cleared for this purpose although I’ll tell you have better feedback than those devices. Just wanted to share in case anyone else could benefit from the information. Based on some recent patents Apple registered, I’m interested to see where this technology goes in the future. ***Update: adding link to Graham’s video for installing Open Seizure Detector
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    Thought someone might find this interesting... Lennar's choice of technology.. https://seniorhousingnews.com/2019/01/03/3-lessons-for-senior-living-from-top-us-homebuilder-lennars-move-to-future-proof-the-home/
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    Yeah...so it's all devices, but it does require any of the Hubs to work. The reason for that is actually because the SwitchBot devices (other than the Hub) are BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). That means that they don't really have a connection point to the internet, and SmartThings hasn't actually used their Bluetooth Transceiver yet (to my knowledge anyways) for long term communication with products. So basically, the Hub's needed to make the connection to the cloud, like @Larry Underwood said
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    Yes I'm already configuring webcore to work with it. I'm modifying my holiday light piston to run certain effects on certain holidays so it will automatically run the correct effect for the right holiday without me having to do anything. For example on day 77 of the year (St Patrick's day) It will run a green effect trailing sparks. On the 4th of July it will run the fireworks effect. Am also playing around with a program called xLights and when working in conjunction with WLED it will allow me to run some pretty amazing light shows. Also have it working with Alexa now as well.
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    Now I just want those LEDs...Why did I ask Santa for underwear!? I want the SmartThings Vision (not available), and an Echo Studio (none in stock), and honestly...I still want one of these: https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/sobro-smart-coffee-table-with-refrigerated-drawer-black/12335664
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    I have one I use it starts at December 1 (that's the 335th day of the year) and ends January 10 but you can change the days and the time to what every you want. It turns on 2 smart plugs at 6 PM but only on those days of the year. Then turns one of them off at 10 PM and the other at 11 PM. Of course you can change it to whatever you need and if you need help doing that let me know. You could add another boolean variable called say IsThanksgiving and set it to maybe 327 to 335 as thanksgiving is day 332 in 2019. If you want to know what day of the year a holiday is just ask google for example to get it. This will work even on leap years (as it is coming up next year), as it looks at each year as it comes.
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    I have put together a basic format and a basic first guide. Looking for moderators for this board, as you'll have to approve new replies and new guides coming in. Any thoughts on where to stick the guide template? I was thinking one per board, as a sticky?
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    Echo itself acts like a hub now, right? Yes, your Echo acts like a hub, however; your Alexa app basically runs everything anyway once connected over your Wi-Fi network So in fact, is it already good to go if I buy smart home devices using WIFI protocol and link them all to Echo? The easiest answer is Yes, if already connected to same WiFi network. Another question is about Hubitat. I like digging into things as long as its powerful, no matter how steep the learning curve is. After watching some reviews on Hubitat, I know how powerful and flexible on automation Hubitat can bring us. But I got confused then. I want to control everything via Alexa voice control, but Hubbitat only supports Zigbee and Z wave but no WIFI. I'm learning about the Hubitat too by connecting things in my Garage (I connected the Aeotec Z-Wave Garage Door Controller). I really like the device. I want to integrate into Google Home (not Alexa), however, there are safety commands through Google that prevents connection without a second 'check' to ensure that you want to do it. Meaning you can't control over voice with this specific product and Google Home at the moment. However, there are tons of other products out there will allow you to use your SmartWatch (like @Shay can tell you). I get the need for voice command. That's what I was looking for. The Hubitat does come with 'Apps' to integrate with Echo and everything under the sun, however, you may run into situations where the specific device or function has not been integrated with Hubitat (not because of Hubitat) but because of how the manufacturers of the device want it to run. Can Hubitat discover and control the devices which Echo has discovered through WIFI? Yes you can connect with the Hub in some cases, however, it's not always the Hub controlling the Alexa enabled device. Like Google Home, you integrate because you've used Google home as the portal to log into your devices - In your case, you might want to check out Connecting your Hubitat Elevation™ to your Amazon Echo or Alexa compatible device... Just remember some things require some finessing to make it work reliably, whether SmartThings, Hubitat or Aqara... Personally I'm excited that there is an Ecobee integration. I haven't tried that. I already have the ecobee controlled over google home, so maybe this is a way to create some redundancy or reliability with the Hubitat. Hope that helps
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    My second capsule has been accepted in to the Bixby marketplace Senior Quiz is now available along with the previous Senior Workout I've submitted one capsule more that may not be accepted as it requires some configuration of the user's phone contacts One of the most common things for those living independently to ask their verbal assistant is "What time is it?" https://blog.eskaton.org/eskaton-deploys-amazon-alexa-to-100-seniors-in-assisted-living My Senior Time capsule greets them by name and also lets them know if they are asking for the time during their normal sleeping hours. This helps the confusion with 4AM verses 4PM that someone may hear when they think its time to get up for dinner
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    Additions to routines: You can now add many sound effects to routines from animals to red alert from Star Trek. Unfortunately there is no way to loop the sounds, you must add each action to your routine separately if you want a longer sound. Also you are confined to a single device, can't use the everywhere group. Guard can now be activated with some routines but not deactivated and location based routines cannot be used. What was Amazon thinking? It would make much more sense to incorporate Guard to location so that it automatically switches to Away when I leave and Home when I arrive home. Also you can have an Echo display a pulsing yellow notification light when a reminder is missed.
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    You could get a small network switch like this one https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-5-Port-Gigabit-Ethernet-Unmanaged/dp/B07S98YLHM/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=network+switch&qid=1573827854&sr=8-5 And no it would not cause any problems by adding a switch.
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    Got the echo buds and so far I like them a lot. Nice having Alexa built into them. Audio sounds clean and clear and I like the way they fit, very comfortable. Considering the cost of other truly wireless ear buds I'd say they are reasonably priced for what you get.
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    Just got this Samsung WiFi smart plug. For less then $20 and it monitors energy usage for that price. Used it on my washing machine and it works perfect. Used a webcore piston to let me know via Alexa and a push notification when it is done. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PY4YPTF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Anyone have any questions about the piston let me know.
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    I have a very similar setup to Franks. Motion sensor at door triggers routine for announcement on all echos, 1 echo says "Amazon, show me the front door" and fire tablet displays wyze cam. When the Show 5 came out I tried swapping one of those for the fire tablet but the mics on the show 5 just aren't good enough. The show 5 missed about 80% of the requests from the echo.
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    Mine arrived today and the hardware is nice, screen is good and the sound is a big improvement over my regular google hub. However, as I feared there doesn’t seem to be a way to add the in built nest cam to the Nest app as you would with a regular camera. After the hub is added to google home it then gives you the option to setup the nest cam. You work your way through the process but it basically then wants you to migrate from a nest account to a google account and obviously that will break any 3rd party “works with Nest” integrations. I perhaps foolishly assumed I could add the built in camera directly into the nest app but having discussed with google who then passed me on to nest support there doesn’t appear to be a way to just add it to the Nest app. I’m tempted to create a new Nest account and then go through the setup nest cam option in google home which will migrate the new nest account to a google account so I can get to the QR screen and then see if I can use my original nest account to scan the QR code and see if it will add it. However, who knows how that will impact my main google account and my existing nest account - sounds too risky to me. I can’t understand why they couldn’t just include a QR code like with all other Nest products and then allow those of us who definitely don’t want to migrate our nest accounts to just use the nest app to scan the QR and use it as any other Nest camera. I will live with the device for a while and see if they or someone in the community comes up with a way to do this but as using the built in cam in the nest app was a key part in deciding to buy this it may well be going back to Google. This is a crazy situation and extremely frustrating. I’m just glad to have read Brian and others warnings about not migrating as I can see people just stepping through adding the nest hub max camera and it migrating their account to then find all their integrations are broken and that there’s no way to get them back.
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    Here is what it looks like
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    I use a motion sensor under my night stand. That way it only triggers when your feet hit the floor. In my i'm awake routine I have alexa run when i wake up set's a virtual switch off so that the sensor over the bed and the one under the night stand trigger the overhead lights to come on if that virtual switch is off, when i go to bed my good night alexa routine turns the virtual switch on so the sensor under the night stand turns on the strip lights under my bed just bright enough to light my way to the bathroom and they turn off 1 min after i close the bathroom door. The sensor above my bed turn's my ceiling fan on but only if the temp in the multipurpose sensor is above a set degree's.
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    Hey @Christina, I agree with the general consensus here. SmartThings is a great home security system, and would do just about everything you need. There are some great sensor types that can be more inconspicuous then your average SmartThings Multipurpose sensor, and you can create all kinds of crazy custom features for yourself. Personally, I don't believe a home-monitoring solution is required for most people. I actually have a video on the channel all loaded and ready to publish someday about this, but I'll summarize it here: Monitoring is for the: 20 days out of 365 where someone comes to your door and you're not home AND 1 attempt out of those 1000 where someone wants to break in AND 1 time you don't have your phone or can't pick up to look at the notification and/or your camera OR the 0.01% of the time that your internet is down Then you need monitoring because they'll call for you. Otherwise, you'll look and call the police. And your siren will probably scare them off anyways. 🙂
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    Its the Schlage Connect Z-wave smart lock. Yes its a brick on the inside but it doesn't require a bridge like a lot of other locks and it connects directly with my smartthings hub. I have several of these already and i like there reliability. Plus there a really good security lock.
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    Larry, buying several on black Friday is what sent me down this rabbit hole in the first place. Once you have one in every room then you start accessorizing with sensors, switches, cameras and bulbs. Now you order music unlimited for multi room music. Next you add more devices to make stereo pairs. Then you discover the ones with screens. After that you feel the need to upgrade to ones with hubs and better sound. Next thing you know you have to have at least 1 fire tablet and fire tv. Oh crap, you mean someone makes a soundbar for my fire tv with Alexa built in. Well now I have to get that too. Now I find out that the competition offers a feature or 2 mine does not have yet so I guess I'll pick up one or 2 of those as well. And the pattern continues when the next product launch occurs, proven by my Show 5. I must stop , wait, Prime day is tomorrow? I'm in serious trouble 🙂
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    So it's in Beta, but it instantly brought in every group and every cast-enabled device I had in the home. I was able to cast local files as well as web-based files within seconds and I can create rules around it. I can also...and this is the kicker...get my Google Home/etc. to say anything I want. And I can pair that with the rule engine, and voila...I have speakers talking all over the home on automation. It's everything I dreamed of from Samsung, but without having to wait. 😉
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    I think if you want SmartThings integration that's really good, you're going to want either a Lutron or a Z-Wave option like the GE Z-Wave Enbridghten series. Erin's already covered the TP-Link option, so that brings you to a good spot on the WiFi side of things. 🙂
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    Is it bad if we check off just about everything? Asking for a friend...
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    I'm currently going through all the options on smart displays.. Brian has some great videos .. As of right now you can, hands down the best priced and most elegant smart display you can get is the Google Nest Hub for about 60 to $70 all across the web (if you don't want video calling) plus this is undoubtedly the best digital photo display that money can buy..!!!https://store.google.com/config/google_nest_hub_smart_light_bundles <<==$99 USD I own a Nest Hub and I love it.. but I want video calling... So I ordered a Lenovo 10" Smart Display ($120 USD refurbished) and I am awaiting arrival.. I will post upon reviewing 😁
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    Saw this on youtube and wanted to say hello to everyone. Using smartthings hub with webCoRE. If anyone needs help with it i know it fairly well. Plus can share some of my webCoRE automation's if anyone's interested.

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