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    Not to be all formal or anything, but I'm really excited to add @Wrightnearhome and his community of Automaters to our forums today. As Kyle builds out his channel and his network, he's decided he'd like to be a part of our boards. This is great news, and part of what I want these boards to be...I want it to be more than Automate Your Life, and this is a major step in that direction. We all learn and grow together, and we'll save time and money that way too. To you all, nothing has changed. Kyle has a Patron board set up specifically for his Patrons like we do here on AYL and that's really the only change today. I've also made Kyle a Moderator so he can manage his board! Any questions of course are welcome! Otherwise, let's welcome Kyle and his crew.
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    Started a new Smart Home Basics series today and launched it by talking about home networking and two routes you can take to make a reliable WiFi network for your home. I also briefly talk about some of the newer networking technologies. Check it out at
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    I have a fan that was already installed when i bought the house its just a ceiling fan with a switch in the wall to turn it on and off. So i replaced the switch with a GE Smart Fan Switch It works with smartthings hub natively and has 3 speeds. I can control it with alexa and in automation's, etc. I bought a smartthings button to put on my bedside table as this is in the bedroom and because the button has a temp sensor in it i can set up automation's to turn on the fan automatically if I'm in the room and the temperature is above a set level. Can also control it with a button push as well.
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    I have one I use it starts at December 1 (that's the 335th day of the year) and ends January 10 but you can change the days and the time to what every you want. It turns on 2 smart plugs at 6 PM but only on those days of the year. Then turns one of them off at 10 PM and the other at 11 PM. Of course you can change it to whatever you need and if you need help doing that let me know. You could add another boolean variable called say IsThanksgiving and set it to maybe 327 to 335 as thanksgiving is day 332 in 2019. If you want to know what day of the year a holiday is just ask google for example to get it. This will work even on leap years (as it is coming up next year), as it looks at each year as it comes.

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