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    You have to install the app on your android phone first. I bought the pro version (wasen't very much i don't think). Once you do that then you can add the tinycam cloud.
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    Tried to get tiny cam to work with my wyze cams, but it says my email address is not a valid email address... so sad.
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    ahahahhah, alot of wine can be purchased instead of monthly fees. Gold.
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    To me 5G means cell phone system which means a monthly fee. Now is that fee per device or group of devices or ???? Also the battery required to reach the nearest 5G tower/antenna is almost certainly going to be significant unless you're a block or two away. So me? I'd stick with the free, known protocols such as Zigbee or Zwave or RJ45. Also being a thrifty kinaa person I always look at those monthly fees with a great deal of skepticism. $5 hear and $30 there can add up over a year. Lots of red wine can be purchased instead of monthly fees. <smile>
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    As a recent convert from iPhone to Galaxy, I was always thinking it was my fault when I tapped to answer a phone call and it didn't work.. In frustration, I repeatedly stabbed at it until it answered I didn't know a "swipe" was required until one of my clients with dementia had the same issue. After a bit of research I find this has been an issue for years and that Samsung had a solution under "Accessibility" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLWUYNEweW4 Here is the solution that works on these Samsung Galaxy phones; A50, S10, Note10

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