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    @FrankE I finally have it our our educational calendar for May 21st. I have most of my PowerPoint ready to go, but I will be filming a few examples videos in my home to use in the PowerPoint. My real next focus though is to create some hands on demonstrations that I can setup in the classroom. We are sticking with very simple basic concepts, because the goal right now is to open up the minds of our seniors and their caregivers of the value these technologies can make in their lives.
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    Whatever you need Brian just let me know.
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    You wanna be a moderator, or wanna build guides? I know a good guide we could just pull together for a certain Core of Webs... 😉
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    Hi Brian, Its a very interesting device and will get better as they keep adding features... first off, the picture quality is excellent! There is even a mode called ambient, where it just puts up a static picture to act like a framed picture Here are some pics of the notifications and the popups When a motion or notification happens, it doesn't go full screen.. you just get a big thumbnail with and OK button to go full screen. It will time out if you don't click it. If you do click it, it won't automatically return to where it was There are only a few notifications to pick from; smarthings & calendar is what I use The notification and camera don't dont turn on the TV, but SmartThings can do that and there are several options including speaking a notification (phone only) If Samsung made an ad, or Best Buy could demo it, it would really sell
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    This is a screen shot on my web browser of a program called tinycam cloud. It allows you to add different cameras and place them on a timeline. I have all my WYZE and other cameras on it. It also has a android app version to see all my cameras at once in a live view. Here is a screen shot of tinycam monitor pro on my android phone.
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    As @Official_Andrewstech just got through saying I would be happy to help! 😁
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    Isn't that an amazing email? You should have seen the Outdoor Camera announcement. No outdoor camera in 2019 by the way, they can't get the PIR right for outdoor (who can?)

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