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    It's a massive integration that I don't think anyone else can claim great functionality with. I really hope the vendors jump on board with this and Samsung organizes this well in the app though.
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    Did you guys notice a pairing option with your Fire TV and your stereo speakers (including the sub)?!?!? Just got my speaker setup did and done.
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    I've pinned this @Larry Underwood - What an amazing resource!
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    Ahahahaha - Well I buy lots of things on those days for giveaways!
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    Thanks... It's been an interesting transition as I move from focusing on Amazon Alexa to Samsung Bixby and Samsung SmartThings. Somethings are easier, some are harder
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    Either way, it's pretty amazing that you're bringing solutions to help people in a very very practical way.
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    The SmartLife integration could be huge, the only non SmartThings compatible devices I own are SmartLife devices (from various vendors) that are IFTTT enabled, so whilst I can fold them into my SmartThings ecosystem via utilising virtual switches, it'll be far better to have direct integration so I can have those devices display device status info etc.

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