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    Yes i use a WYZE cam that points at my driveway and have set it so it alerts me only when it see's a person. It is under my house's eve but still have it in a case I bought on amazon. Been there for over a year now and still working fine. In the past it did not work very well as WYZE is still perfecting there person detection but has been getting better and better. I use webcore along with a android app called tasker to give me a alert via Alexa and visual notification on my action tiles. You can see how i did it here. Let me know how it goes with the motion detection.
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    Honestly the product that I wanted to see from them was the buds. With google as my voice assistant of choice I was curious to learn more. The range on them seems great, and a good battery life with the case. But I am curious to hear how they sound, and more importantly for the GA potion of things, how well they can hear you.
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    I think it's cos the audio signal is kind of seen as the secondary purpose of the device makers, mainly it's marketed as a way to find things that are lost outside of your home via the Tile community, indeed that's where the additional features come in when you pay for the premium tier.

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