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    Sure but you would need a hub of some sort as most buttons are either zigbee or blue tooth because of the small battery's they use. I would suggest something like a samsung smartthings hub with their button and smart plugs. There are others out there but for easy setup and use this is what i would suggest. Make sure the devices you want to control will come back to the way you want them to after unplugging them and then plugging them back in as some devices do not turn back on after being powered off that way. You could also set it up so that after it's been turned on for a given time it can automatically turn it off again if that's something that you wanted it to do or even notify someone via a push or sms message that a given device has been on for longer then X minutes.
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    here is my solution for mounting an Echo button near an entry switch without making any holes in the wall. It uses a double gang switch cover with one side as a blank
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    bahhahahahha! I've actually noticed this myself! I'll just trigger it with the word Google lately...when I'm making videos, it's especially annoying. The amount of outtakes...is astounding.
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    I was just thinking the same thing ๐Ÿ˜€
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    Happy to report that my display has been fine this week ๐Ÿ‘
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    By the way, if you're wondering if you're ordering a phone from a different country (online, etc). There is a chart that shows the different GSM Bands (mobile networks)in the world. Please use your discretion; it could be out of date, however it's from Gearbest.com (online seller, like Amazon,etc.): https://www.gearbest.com/blog/how-to/country-based-mobile-phone-network-frequency-bands-coverage-guide-1144#C
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    Yeah, thank goodness! Thank you everyone!
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    I'm happy to hear that..cause...wow. This shouldn't have been released! And yeah @Gaztyke, I think some of the issues are widespread too.
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    I would say Voice recognition in general with Google or Amazon. I know, I know, it's a technology that's still in its infancy. But, sometimes it's so far off I can't understand why it came up with the results it did This happens when requesting a song or podcast, mostly. I do give it some pretty odd request when requesting either. With a screen you can see what you are saying and what will be its results. It's just frustrating especially when you have to repeat yourself and eventually change your request.
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    I told Google that yesterday....the guy actually bought it!
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    I just spoke with SmartThings and Sonos support...not 2 weeks ago. Both told me, nope. Not happening. Never. Nope. SONOFFA (see what I did there?)
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    I actually like the built-in clock. I'm using it next to the kitchen sink with the medication reminder light. Although it can also display the outside temperature, it only does when speaking a response to an temperature check... I wish it would toggle between time & temp with a user selectable frequency
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    If you are trying to access your cameras with there IP addresses then any router "should" allow you to access your IP camera's via the local LAN without needing access to the internet. Of course it will depend on the software your using and weather it needs access to the internet or not also. Are you using a Ethernet power injector to get power to your PoE cameras or are you using a PoE capable switch?
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    Honestly the product that I wanted to see from them was the buds. With google as my voice assistant of choice I was curious to learn more. The range on them seems great, and a good battery life with the case. But I am curious to hear how they sound, and more importantly for the GA potion of things, how well they can hear you.
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    You know that's a really good point @MNA1966 - The lack of oxygen in a space could indicate it. You'd need something that filled back up without pressure on it...and an O2 sensor...and now we're back to square one. But it's a good idea! Pressure isn't the only change for sure.
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    I would like to start my home automation with Samsung Smartthings Hub v3. The problem is that it seems that the devices are not available in South Africa to buy. If i should buy from eg. Amazon, will it work in SA. Any other products, ideas for South Africa Thank you
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    I'm thinking of a use case and all I can think of is use a Whoopie cushion and when the cushion is depleted the contact sensor turn on a flashing red light above their head. Maybe I'll stick to my original plan. A seat on my couch is right below reading lamp. When you sit down the light comes on.
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    Thanks David. This was one I hadn't found either!
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    Many of us know that you can ask alexa to remember something such as a birthday or password and later retrieve that info by asking for alexas memories. Now that information is also included on the app under lists and notes. Why is Amazon not promoting new features or at least have a section on their site to list this stuff? Wonder why we have to stumble on it ourselves. Seems like a bad business plan.
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    No, but to be honest, due to a stroke I have a speech impediment. GH doesn't seem to have a problem with it, though. More times, I'm surprised it gets something right after I know I mumbled the hell out of a command. LOL In this case, the correct word has a distinct A sound to it and the NHH Max kept using the incorrect word, "feed" that has an E sound, every time I tried. No matter how hard I pronounced an A sound. IDK.
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    Trust me I've made most of the mistakes that it's possible to make when building a smart home set up so someone may as well learn from them haha!
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    Thanks gents, appreciate the advice.
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    You have to give Google Assistant points for humour in the face of criticism ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
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    Feel free to share! Im glad I didnt shy away. I would have never known how cool these guys are. Finally getting into my weekend so Im sure I'll have some time to learn the camera inside and out!
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    Did anyone notice this about webcore? Just because you're all here on the forums, I figure you should get advanced notice on things like this. ๐Ÿ™‚
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    There are so many options! Ikea, Hue, Aqaraโ€ฆ Yes, they do need hubs, but you don'g mention that would be a problem. My house is filled with smart plugs and most of them are linked in scenes which are linked to smart buttons. Works great.
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    Just got this Samsung WiFi smart plug. For less then $20 and it monitors energy usage for that price. Used it on my washing machine and it works perfect. Used a webcore piston to let me know via Alexa and a push notification when it is done. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PY4YPTF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Anyone have any questions about the piston let me know.
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    Yesssssssssss! That's actually a really great feature.
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    Brian, great post and great points. What is fuschia? I have not heard of that.
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    Hey, AYL_Brian I saw on your YouTube channel you had mentioned this device from IFA. Did you get one? Demo it perhaps and send it back. Bassically, how did you get one? It's made in Germany and I cant find one for sale in the states. I like to get one just for the safety feature.
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    Never got one! If I do...I'll come back and show ya!
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    The browser I think, and all the apps, are coming with Fuschia...but I hope you're right Matt and it will be sooner!!!! They really need to put that browser on these devices. It's a big spot that they're losing vs the Echo Show and I don't get it. They know they have Chrome, right?
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    Yeah the lenovo's cast isn't Chromecast. You're right. ๐Ÿ˜ž It's actually one of the big differences now. Back when it came out, it was the top device with GA on board...but as I finish my comparison for the channel, it has some drawbacks now. Sad that it's been pushed so quickly to the side in a few critical ways like this!
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    So Iโ€™ve seen pricing upwards of $1500 US for the largest Pixel 4.... I just donโ€™t see anyway they sell any if this is where we are headed. I think the lowest price was 970 USD with a discount applied for carriers. Are you considering this? Do you think thereโ€™s any way Google comes out with this pricing lineup????
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    I got a new Google Nest Hub Max a few weeks ago and I love it. I replaced my 7" Google Home Hub and moved the 7" into my office. I placed the 7" display about 2 feet from the Google Home Max that I use to listen to music all day when working from home. I put the 7" display in my office for anything I wanted to see like weather, pictures, videos from YouTube, or to spell some words. But if I say the wake word, both wake and the Google Home Max always answers. I have found that the display only works is when I ask to display a Wyze Cam. This is where custom wake words would be really nice.
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    Still working perfect with no problems.
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    Looks great! I really need to sit down for a few hours and rearrange my dashes.
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    Added my second hub on the other side of the house today. Gives me some extra 'length' for my sensors and it expands my sirens. OMG, I thought one siren was loud. Try two!!!
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    Think this could be something that would be particularly interesting to you @FrankE
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    I set it so when they are active the icon spins ๐Ÿ˜Š
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    Buggy? I have absolutely no problems. I'm on the beta 13.1. I think this will be released tomorrow.
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    You need to put a wait statement in after it tells you about the temps and before it tells you about the windows. I ran into that with my security check piston and that's what i did seems echo speaks needs time to finish what it is saying before it can say anything else. I'd say about 10 to 15 seconds should do it.
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    Yep that works great outside but inside not so much there are other factors involved. For example in my kitchen i can't just set it so the light comes on when it see's motion at sunset. If i do and it's cloudy outside the lights will not come on when needed. I tired using lux for that and still didn't work correctly. Care to share your piston would like to see what you came up with.
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    As a programmer I am familiar with most so called techs working phone tickets and these "Techs" are really no such thing they are normal people off of the street they got to work easy phone tickets they work via a series of screens that they have to go by because they don't know how to troubleshoot otherwise. Can't really blame amazon because all major company's do this to save money. Real techs cost money.
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    Ok so new to me this week is a red lettering/number mode when in the dark on the Echo Show 5. Also, I can take a picture and have it instantly uploaded to Prime Photos and included as part of my photo rotation. Also, show 5
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    I have purchased 4 of the meross units on your recommendation. They seemed to be the best deal. Setup was fine and so far no problems. Thanks

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