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    Problem solved after the phone installed Android 11
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    And these last few posts are why I love these boards. As I said before if it has to go I wouldn't blame anyone, but a YT rabbit hole led @Kizzy here which led to a post by @MNA1966 which led to a question from @FrankE and quality response from @MNA1966. Its a crazy world and its crazy how we have all found answers by starting down a rabbit hole.
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    I am looking forward to the new Chromecast as a potential replacement for my Roku Ultra. I hope that the new Chromecast will integrate with Harmony Hub and SmartThings the way look Roku does. Currently I have Harmony activities set ups that will turn on the TV, receiver, and open the application in Roku. Activities are integrated both with SmartThings and Google Assistant.
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    I knew that you could set a sleep timer for music but did you know that you can set a sleep timer for any device connected to Alexa? I have a space heater on a smart plug in a colder corner of my house. Now I can ask for a sleep timer along with the ceiling fan in that room so I don't forget to shut it off.
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    Named timers (dryer timer, pizza timer, etc) now default to the last setting you requested. Since I always use 50 minutes as my laundry timer I can now just say "laundry timer". Also rumor has it that Amazon is holding its annual new device event this coming week. I believe it's supposed to be on the 24th.
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    If you have an nVidia Sheild use Hue or Tradify lights on a Hue bridge you can get a Hue Sync effect with an app called Hue Essentials on the Play store or Apple iTunes. Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.superthomaslab.hueessentials < f=black> Apple:</f=black> https://apps.apple.com/app/id1462943921 A couple of cons. it's not as good as the PC program and it doesn't seem to work on pay-sites like Amazons Prime, Vudu, Google Play, and the like. Although, they did say they are working on that. Meh, it's better than nothing and I ain't buying a $230 (?) Sync Box!
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    I just started writing articles on this web site DIY Technology Solutions to Things Bothering My Aging Relatives
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    @Larry Underwood seems like an opportunity to use webcore. Does life 360 still function as an option in webcore for location?
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    I feel the same way everybody here does. I hope you are able to keep this place running but I will understand if you don't. I blame the covid economy we have now. I think a lot of people are hanging on to their money instead of starting an IOT hobby. Besides you have to stick around for Thread. I read an article on my Google feed (phone) that zigbee 3.0 was on it's way with thread. Hubitat has a new Hub with the latest Zwave antennas (I assume) Things may go back to a new normal but it won't be as good as it was for a while. I bet anyway. Who knows. There is still talk of another wave of Covid in the news and that alone must have everybody at bay, financially. Me, I still add small things to my IoT setup. living in a handicap apartment leaves me with so much I can't do, though. I took on another hobby too. Espresso. Never thought that could be as involved as it is. My network switch went kaputz the other day and I'm waiting for its replacement. Glad I went local with my Hubitat Hub. Everything still works, I can't change an automation or anything that involves opening the UI for the hub but that's how it goes. I use a Chromebook to get online now so that changed my online habits too. I actually get things done now. lol I'm just not online as much as I use to be. Still pop into FB and here. I watch all the AYL vids on youtube via a nVida Shield. A matter of fact. Watching youtube takes up a good portion of my day. lol Well, I hope this place and everybody that goes here is still around when IoT makes its comeback but if I get that "page can't be found" error, I will understand.
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    You know what though...when you guys write things like this, I'm willing to keep it open. It's not a huge financial burden, I just did notice the drop off and thought...maybe there's no worth. 5 people is a lot to build something out of. Let's keep going then?
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    No life360 option was removed my samsung. As was the echo speaks smart app which i'm still not very happy about 😫

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