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    I have put together a basic format and a basic first guide. Looking for moderators for this board, as you'll have to approve new replies and new guides coming in. Any thoughts on where to stick the guide template? I was thinking one per board, as a sticky?
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    You could get a small network switch like this one https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-5-Port-Gigabit-Ethernet-Unmanaged/dp/B07S98YLHM/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=network+switch&qid=1573827854&sr=8-5 And no it would not cause any problems by adding a switch.
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    Ok, so to take this further...is there a way to reference hex codes within our voice assistants or SmartThings now?
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    To me 5G means cell phone system which means a monthly fee. Now is that fee per device or group of devices or ???? Also the battery required to reach the nearest 5G tower/antenna is almost certainly going to be significant unless you're a block or two away. So me? I'd stick with the free, known protocols such as Zigbee or Zwave or RJ45. Also being a thrifty kinaa person I always look at those monthly fees with a great deal of skepticism. $5 hear and $30 there can add up over a year. Lots of red wine can be purchased instead of monthly fees. <smile>
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    Hi Brian, Can you share some details on your senior home project? Frank
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    The automate your life skill is now live for Alexa. Please leave any suggestions for the skill bellow. 😁
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    I'm going to feature this topic! Search Automate Your Life in the Amazon Alexa Skill Store!
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    This is something that I might be able to help you with.
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    Additions to routines: You can now add many sound effects to routines from animals to red alert from Star Trek. Unfortunately there is no way to loop the sounds, you must add each action to your routine separately if you want a longer sound. Also you are confined to a single device, can't use the everywhere group. Guard can now be activated with some routines but not deactivated and location based routines cannot be used. What was Amazon thinking? It would make much more sense to incorporate Guard to location so that it automatically switches to Away when I leave and Home when I arrive home. Also you can have an Echo display a pulsing yellow notification light when a reminder is missed.
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    You know what Krusher...it looks that way going in to it, but they're honestly not that hard after initial setup. Eero or Orbi might be the level for you though!
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    I think in all cases with a smart lock at this point, you want a backup option. So, while I don't have the Yale there (I actually don't have a smart lock at all right now....), it looks like a really nice option and I like the Z-Wave option there for additional security and integration options. Yale has also historically done well by their customers, so I think overall you might have a really good product there. Again, don't have it...can't guide you more than that. However, with no lock...just make sure you have a backup option for the day it doesn't work. It will of course be -55 C when that happens, so just make sure another door has a backup key somewhere. 🙂
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    Yeah so it would come through the Hue Hub at the very least into ST...but I'm interested to see this one come out Kyle. Very good find with that little controller there.
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    Here is a holiday piston I created that will turn on a smart plug or anything else you wanted to add (lights, tree, etc.), but only during the holidays. You can change the days it turns them on if needed. I have 4 of the holidays coded in but more can easily be added, times changed, etc. If you need help doing any changes please ask here and i'll help. It is set to turn the smart plug on at local sunset and off at 10:00 PM, change that as needed. Switch 3 for me is a GE Smart Outdoor Plug which works natively with smartthings hub and turns on all of my outdoor Christmas decorations and lights at this time of year As always if anyone has any questions or comments please leave them here. If you want a feature added then just ask.
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    That's a really smart way to narrow down the timelines. Love this Larry. That way your smart home tech that goes with your Christmas decorations and comes out the following year with the rest of it.
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    You could use a Broadlink RM Pro, link your IHC (Broadlink app) account to IFTTT & set up an automation with SmartThings that way. You can also then create a virtual device switch in your SmartThings app which gives you control of that trigger
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    I have another one that might be better. Just created it today. It is for several holidays and you can add more if needed.
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    So what hub did you pair it with? If smartthings did you have to install a Device Handler or was that controller natively supported already? Never mind I answered my own question. You used the hue hub. If I cared to read your post closer i'd have known that 😁
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    My Nest Hello Doorbell will display video on my Google hub when someone pushes the button. 1. Is there a way to get it to do that based on motion detection? 2. Is there a way to get motion event or even the button push, to turn on a smart plug?
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    Just received the following email from Wyze regarding Person Detection: Hello,We have an important update for you regarding one of our most recent Wyze Cam features, Person Detection.In a nutshell: Person Detection will be temporarily removed from Wyze Cam beginning with a new firmware release planned for mid-January 2020, due to the unexpected termination of our agreement with our AI provider. We are preparing to roll out our own in-house version of Person Detection next year, which will remain free for our users.If you would like to get in touch with us about this announcement, please contact our support.In detail: For those new to our community, a large portion of this year and last was spent by our team tirelessly working on finding a solution to improving the accuracy and frequency of Wyze Cam motion notifications. Meaning we were, and still are, very aware of the limitations our standard motion detection provides.Then during July of this year, we found and implemented a promising new solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) — computer vision that is able to distinguish people from things and notify you appropriately. This was a significant breakthrough for the team because it enabled Wyze Cam to only send a notification when a person is detected versus sending multiple notifications like when a tree is blowing in the wind.This AI implementation was made possible by partnering with Seattle-based Xnor.ai — an AI company comprised of talented people specializing in edge-AI. Note the important word here “edge,” which means the AI runs directly on your Wyze Cam for free instead of traveling up to the cloud and running on a server that charges recurring fees.For a company like ours that believes in providing products and services to our users at the lowest prices possible, this was an incredible accomplishment for us. This partnership meant Wyze could spend limited resources upfront to lease the AI algorithm from Xnor.ai while letting our community enjoy the benefits indefinitely at no additional cost.But the lease included a few clauses which we did not imagine coming into effect so quickly. One of those clauses allowed Xnor.ai to terminate our lease at any moment without reason, forcing our next firmware release to omit the Person Detection feature. Unfortunately for us and our community, this is exactly what happened.So that’s the bad news. Scheduled for our next firmware release in mid-January 2020, Person Detection will be temporarily removed from Wyze Cam while our team prepares to roll out our own in-house solution next year.The good news is that when we do re-roll out this feature it will still be free for you - even if we end up using the cloud instead of edge-AI.Why? Because we’re not in the business of bait-and-switching our users and we’ve made a promise to you that Person Detection would be a free feature. To support our commitment to this feature and the importance of AI going forward for our cameras, we've already formed a team of internal AI engineers exclusively focused on the Person Detection project.While the timing of this news is less than ideal, coming right after the launch of our first subscription service built in-house (Complete Motion Capture), we hope you can understand the situation we're in and that the timing is nothing more than coincidence.We received this news from our partners and knew it would negatively impact your experience with our products. That fact was very difficult for us, but we must accept where we are now and learn from the mistakes we've made. While this is a setback for our team and user community, it is temporary and we are eager to make it up to you in the future.From everyone at Wyze, thank you for your continued support and attention.–Your friends at Wyze
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    @AYL_Brian Here is another example. If the motion sensor changes to active then the color bulb or light strip will turn on blue then the next time it happens will turn on the next color in the color variable then the next, etc. When it gets to the end of the color list it sets the Counts variable to 0 and starts through the list again. You can see just changing the logic around slightly you can make it do a lot of different automations.
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    That’s a huge part of what takes integration from good news to great news.
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    You wanna be a moderator, or wanna build guides? I know a good guide we could just pull together for a certain Core of Webs... 😉
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    ahahhaha, nope...but most deals will carry on so we'll just adjust the name of the forum! Go ahead and post away! and thank you!
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    Echo itself acts like a hub now, right? Yes, your Echo acts like a hub, however; your Alexa app basically runs everything anyway once connected over your Wi-Fi network So in fact, is it already good to go if I buy smart home devices using WIFI protocol and link them all to Echo? The easiest answer is Yes, if already connected to same WiFi network. Another question is about Hubitat. I like digging into things as long as its powerful, no matter how steep the learning curve is. After watching some reviews on Hubitat, I know how powerful and flexible on automation Hubitat can bring us. But I got confused then. I want to control everything via Alexa voice control, but Hubbitat only supports Zigbee and Z wave but no WIFI. I'm learning about the Hubitat too by connecting things in my Garage (I connected the Aeotec Z-Wave Garage Door Controller). I really like the device. I want to integrate into Google Home (not Alexa), however, there are safety commands through Google that prevents connection without a second 'check' to ensure that you want to do it. Meaning you can't control over voice with this specific product and Google Home at the moment. However, there are tons of other products out there will allow you to use your SmartWatch (like @Shay can tell you). I get the need for voice command. That's what I was looking for. The Hubitat does come with 'Apps' to integrate with Echo and everything under the sun, however, you may run into situations where the specific device or function has not been integrated with Hubitat (not because of Hubitat) but because of how the manufacturers of the device want it to run. Can Hubitat discover and control the devices which Echo has discovered through WIFI? Yes you can connect with the Hub in some cases, however, it's not always the Hub controlling the Alexa enabled device. Like Google Home, you integrate because you've used Google home as the portal to log into your devices - In your case, you might want to check out Connecting your Hubitat Elevation™ to your Amazon Echo or Alexa compatible device... Just remember some things require some finessing to make it work reliably, whether SmartThings, Hubitat or Aqara... Personally I'm excited that there is an Ecobee integration. I haven't tried that. I already have the ecobee controlled over google home, so maybe this is a way to create some redundancy or reliability with the Hubitat. Hope that helps
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    i would advise a smartthings hub I had wink myself and it's no where near as powerful a automation system as the smartthings hub V3. Wink has been slowly dying a painful death for well over a year now. Even there website is showing Temporarily Unavailable https://www.wink.com/products/wink-hub-2/ Has been showing that for over a year now.
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    On the subject of WiFi security there is vulnverability called KRACK Attack. Now it took the vendor of my five year old Wireless Access Points at least six months to introduce the patch for my specific model. Now if your ISP supplies your WiFi then hopefullyh they've updated the firmware but who knows.
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    The idea solution would require no admin work after setup but we knew that. <smile> I was wondering if your forum software had such an option which would just be easily to implement but I assume not. Can you setup forum security where all users can update all postings in that forum? Unlikely but I thought I'd ask. Or maybe users with five or ten postings so they are slightly trustworthy.
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    I would say it depends on what you want to do with your automation's. If you want to do more then what you are doing now then I would say go for it. There is a lot of support for the smartthings hub, plus it is a very stable and reliable hub. As far as what can be done, have you checked out some of my webcore scripts in the scripting forum?
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    I would recommend the smartthings hub. It has a great deal of support and if you want power for it check out webcore. It supports more devices then hubitat. Don't get me wrong hubitat is a great hub but it doesn't have the support that smartthings does. Wifi is great but I (and a lot of others) have had devices drop off of the wifi network. I haven't had that problem with zigbee & z-wave devices.
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    As an update, I wrote to HomeSeer about the sensor I noted previously and they confirmed that it would NOT work for my freezer needs. I'll go looking at what you mentioned and other options and report back to the group.
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    Hi @Fozzy: Found some currently on sale: GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch, On/Off Control, in-Wall, Incl. White and Lt. Almond Paddles, Repeater/Range Extender, Zwave Hub Required, Works with SmartThings, Wink, Alexa, 14291 Listed $58, on sale right now for $50.50, but like @AYL_Brian mentioned, I'm waiting for something for more significant.
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    Looks like Sonos and Smartthings integration is now official
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    It appears that SmartThings only allows pairing of the Samsung speakers under the Classic mobile app
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    I've got a couple of M5's https://www.samsung.com/uk/audio-video/multiroom-speaker-wam55x/WAM550XU/ & an R1 https://www.samsung.com/uk/support/model/WAM1500/XU/
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    Hey @FrankE! Here's the detail you're after. As of now, I'm not using it with Webcore as some of the pistons I'm using are executed once per week and there's really just not an audio need. However, I'm now using it in a few specific ways in my new home: 1. It's a notify component to any security event. I have made specific messages within automations that let someone know who is entering with the alarm/monitoring in place that the home is in fact being monitored. This should scare enough people to have most walk away at that point. I wanted specific ones beyond (number 3) below so that it's a little bit...more concerning for someone. 2. It's a notification component to things like my fridge/freezer being left open, and temperature monitoring issues like any of the doors dropping down to too cool of a temperature (you know I live in Canada...so that actually happens). 3. It's included as an audio notification (I just used the bell) as part of the security monitoring solution. So it'll ding to security events. I'm not sure if I'll keep this, but it reminds me when I come in to disarm the system (if it hasn't already happened on its own). 4. It's included as an audio notification for leak/smoke/CO events.
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    Are those supposed to be on sale somewhere? I'm also going to be looking for a Smartthings hub.
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    Thanks.. that is good news Please describe in detail how you are using it. Is this through "Notify members" in the SmartThings app? I've seen a lot of concern over at the SmartThings forum as to whether webCoRE can still do TTS in a piston using the new Sonos/ST update https://community.smartthings.com/t/update-required-new-sonos-integration/173197/15 I'd like to be able to use webCoRE as well as the SmartThings app notifications
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    I used it for a couple of days and have mixed feelings about it. Its a nice package for an Echo as it doesn't require a mount/table space and cord management. Of course, the speaker isn't Echo Dot quality, but its OK for voice use My use as an AC powered motion sensor and low-cost Echo with motion sensor in a bathroom and kitchen is working fine where there are power outlets at a usable level. I need to try at an ankle-level outlet for my room guidance project. I typically need a more controlled motion sensor field of view. It can also serve as the "reminder light", although continuous color changing requires the use of webCoRE verses the Sunbeam light I've been using
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    I think some GE Enbrighten switches for me. I'd like to test them out and compare to the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Switch.
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    Still after a front door automated lock, would like another nest camera and nest protect is on my wish list
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    It will support thread yes.
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    I am looking to pick up a couple of Google Nest minis for my 85 year-old mother-in-law. She's seen her friends using it and is showing some interest. She lives independently and this could help her with some simple automations.
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    From my understanding the only real difference is that the 2nd gen switches supports the newer version of the z-wave protocol and are a little easier to install. There are several smart wall switches out there but haven't found any that are as reliable as these.
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    @Larry Underwood If you have a way to contact Adrian can you ask him what the plans are for Virtual Switches as they are currently in Smart Apps which he mentioned in the video as going away with Rules API? He was asked a lot of questions about the transition in the Q&A, but the attendees questions weren't audible
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    I did get to chat up the SmartThings guys also demoing on the exhibit floor and may have found the "couch potato" detector I have been looking for. Even though I'm just part of a family-run non-profit, Samsung paid for a booth for me to exhibit along with the rest of their "partners", so I could hardly complain... I did get to pitch my vision of kids helping their parents with DIY technology to everyone who visited my booth.
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    Hi Larry, I also have a Galaxy smartwatch. I like the way it can do "couch potato" (inactivity) reminders, but haven't figured out a way to get those reminders spoken or sent to my phone
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    The Nest Hello does a great job with the Google Home Hub putting up the video when the doorbell is pushed, but NOT when motion is detected. Has anyone found a way to add this feature? Frank

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