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  2. Get ready to make the switch. That was the headline for an email that Samsung sent out to all Smartthings app users. You could do a video about how to best make that switch. I for one had to search long and hard to find the "Repair Z-wave network" option in the new app. I have in the classic Smart Home monitor app many custom rules that involves delays. If front door is open for more than five minutes a lamp will turn on an set the color to read, a message will read out loud that the door is open, and so on. I have many other rules that also might need a tutorial. How to think when using the new Automations and Scenes in the new app, how to keep functionality from the old app to the new. The Smartthings guys tells us in a forum post that they have worked hard with their native DTH and that they are mostly local. How to identify these new DTH and use those instead of custom DTH. What do you Brian think is better with the new app and their new way of thinking. I think this in a video could be beneficial for a lot of us users. To get a rundown from you and also have followup videos when the Samartthings team update and improve the new Smarthings app with more functionality. This is the forum post that I have been reading. https://community.smartthings.com/t/get-ready-to-make-the-switch/183948/454 Cheers and keep up the good work, //Peter
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  4. I think we will need a little more info to be able to help you. What brand of smart plug did you buy? If samsung wifi smart plug then you could get there hub and water detector and you would be in business. Getting a wifi leak detector to run a automation via google will most likely not be possible. They mostly will just sound a alarm and that's about it. Most leak detectors that work via the zigbee or z-wave protocols will allow you to do automations of the kind that you are looking for, but require a hub to connect to and do the automation's.
  5. Recently I installed a motorized ball valve on my domestec water inlet main for my home. I have had some leaks in the past and luckily was home to catch the incident in time to avoid any major damage. But those incidents have left me a little paranoid about leaks happening when I'm not home. So recently I purchased a really nice motorized ball valve. It comprizes of a dc motor, a capacitor, a manual override, and valve position viewing window. Further to the purchase of the valve I bought a smart plug , power adapter and miscellaneous connectors. power on at the smart plug = valve open. Power off at the smart plug = valve closed (the capacitor provides the power for the motor to do the closing action). This set up works great, as I have it connected to my google home and nest mini, and merely have to say "hey google turn water main off" as I leave the house, and "hey google, turn the water main on" when I get home. See the valve in action before installation below. Now, I would really like to enhance this set up further but have hit a wall. What I would like to do is have a few wifi connected leak detectors located throughout my home and have them automatically shut off the valve when there is a leak. I purchased such a device with the thought that I could employ an IFTTT applet or recipe to acomplish this. Now that I am a little more familiar with IFTTT I have realized that's much more difficult than I thought it would be. I have returned the leak detector and am looking for some other way to get this to work. I still think a wifi leak detector will be a key component but I need a way for it to "talk" to the smart plug via google home. Any suggestions out there?
  6. $20 off. I have not used this one but all my other switches are Meross and I have had no problems.
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  8. Hi Larry, That's great, thank you! Never looked at Webcore but understand the code in principal. I'll try it in a few days time. I should think a lot of people are grateful for this. Thank you all so much for your help on this, great community! Nige
  9. FrankE

    Motion Detectors

    Here are some additional details https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/03/cnn-underscored/intellithings-roomme-smart-home/index.html https://youtu.be/A9sYgSP7yoM https://www.slashgear.com/roomme-expands-smart-home-tracking-with-voice-assistants-and-samsung-smartwatches-03604699/
  10. Hi Brian, I had assumed Webcore might have been involved but having not looked at that yet I didn't know it's capabilities etc. I guess programmatically you need to grab the light colour/brightness before it's changed (if you can get such a property in Webcore), store it in a variable, change the colour, wait 10 seconds and then change it back to that variable. In theory that's simple but as my Webcore knowledge is a big fat zero then who knows, it will be interesting to see what Larry says.
  11. hmm, note sure why... It does for me in various browsers in the US... Maybe try the FAQ in support?
  12. Hi Nigel, Actually right now, this isn't as easy as you might hope. The color doesn't seem to be something you can pick from to trigger an automation. Just the color temperature. I have yet to find a bulb that does this. I think Webcore is the more likely route for someone like @Larry Underwood to show you on this one. I do have a different thought about scenes triggering and having 2 lights come on to trigger your second automation, but it's a bit of a runaround. Motion Sensor -> Scene that triggers bulb to red and second bulb/switch on Second Bulb/Switch on -> Delay 10 Seconds -> Set bulb to standard white + turn off second bulb/switch
  13. Hey @MNA1966, Really good question. I gotta say that Samsung is working on a ton of stuff this year. They are really working on integrating Bluetooth into everything else (cars in the future, etc.). The word on the street is that you can do it with some MQTT action. Some people have been using Raspberry PI and HASS to find out (over my head a little), but here is the reference comment in the Reddit r/SmartThings community by: https://www.reddit.com/user/hawaiidesperado/. That was two years ago. You know, the Samsung is leading edge in communication (5G, ioT, Bluetooth). I think they really want to get their Samsung Galaxy Home off the ground. They could probably take out some really good Bluetooth devices. Some evidence they are working on everything to wake on BLE - they got some work to do.
  14. Hey @Nige, Really good question. Thanks for asking the question. I think there are tons of people (including me) that want to change a light color to red during certain security settings using SmartThings. Gonna talk to some people (always welcome if people beat me to it). Kind Regards, Alan
  15. I've been running into an issue with the new SmartThings Wi-Fi plug and webCoRE. I set it up with the new SmartThings Mobile app and it works fine... even with Alexa But when I try to add it to webCoRE as an actuator under with the Classic or new mobile app in SmartApps is doesn't appear as an option Has anyone else seen this?
  16. New Version Available: Hubitat Elevation Platform update 2.1.8 is now available: Please note, the process takes about a minute to download (depending on your Internet connection) and extract the hub update, and 1-2 minutes to perform the update after you click 'Update Hub'. We recommend that you periodically download a backup of your setup from the Settings page, Backup and Restore. Changes from 2.1.7: Drivers and Devices New drivers: Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Switch S2 ([LZW30-SN](https://inovelli.com/shop/smart-light-switches/zwave-smart-switches-gen2/z-wave-on-off-switch-neutral-required-scenes-notifications/)) Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Switch S2 ([LZW30](https://inovelli.com/shop/smart-light-switches/zwave-smart-switches-gen2/pre-order-z-wave-on-off-switch-base-model/)) Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Dimmer (NZW31) Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Dimmer (NZW31) Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Switch (NZW30) Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Switch (NZW30) GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Dimmer ([46203](https://byjasco.com/products/ge-enbrighten-z-wave-plus-wall-smart-dimmer-quickfit-and-simplewire)) GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Switch ([46201](https://byjasco.com/ge-enbrighten-z-wave-plus-smart-switch-quickfit-and-simplewire)) Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat ([TH6320ZW2003](https://www.honeywellhome.com/T6-Pro-Z-wave)) Aeotec Dual Micro Switch (DSC17) Zooz MultiRelay ([ZEN16](https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/products/zooz-z-wave-plus-s2-multirelay-zen16-with-3-dry-contact-relays-20-a-15-a-15-a)) Zooz Double Switch ([ZEN30](https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/products/zooz-z-wave-plus-s2-double-switch-zen30-white-for-light-fan-combo)) SAGE Doorbell Sensor SAGE Light Switch Controller Virtual Smoke Detector Virtual CO Detector New tested devices: Innr UK Zigbee outlet using Generic Zigbee Outlet Nue HGZB-01A Zigbee switch using Nue Zigbee Switch Nue HGZB-021 Zigbee Dimmer using Nue Zigbee Dimmer Nue ZB-18A Zigbee RGBW strip controller using Generic Zigbee RGBW Light RGBGenie ZB-1025 Zigbee controller using RGBGenie Micro Zigbee Dimmer RGBGenie ZB-1003 Zigbee controller using RGBGenie Micro Zigbee Dimmer RGBGenie ZW-1001 Z-Wave dimmer using Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer RGBGenie ZW-1002 Z-Wave RGBW controller using Generic Z-Wave RGBWW Controller New driver features: Iris V3 Keypad, add beep for older firmware devices. Lutron Pico drivers, add three button option and support. NYCE Motion Sensor Series, add humidity get to refresh command. New App Features Rule Machine: Added connectors for local variables. Add time variables (see the community for more information). Group-2.1: Added button to update devices available for selection. Hubitat Dashboard: Added Variable Time template for RM time variables. Yeelight integration: Added ceiling4 and color6 bulb support. Bug Fixes Rule 4.0: Fixed error thrown by times in older rules when editing actions. Thermostat Scheduler: Fixed bug with required separation. Scene Transition: Fixed bug with dimmers. Hue Bridge Integration: Fix null error on application label change. Add CRCEncap to Fibaro 2 dimmer and switch drivers, fixes reporting issues in some situations. Fix GE Zigbee Dimmer, single spastic power report when turned initially turned off. Fix UK ST outlet power reporting when using Generic Zigbee Outlet driver. Fix TransitionTime preference issues in Lutron Dimmer driver. Fixed occasional Null error when turning on for all Sengled Element drivers. Group-2.1: Added button to refresh device lists Raw Lan HubAction message responses will include the payload as a Base64 encoded string Platform Changes Extended the following Z-Wave command classes Basic up to V2 SensorMultilevel up to V11 Meter up to V5 Central Scene up to V3 Version up to V3 Time up to V2 Multichannel Association up to V4 Indicator up to V3 Firmware Update MetaData up to V6 Association Group Information up to V3 Association up to V3 Notification up to V8 Multichannel up to V4 Thermostat Fan Mode up to V3 Incoming calls for App Web endpoints now includes headers Incoming calls for App Web endpoints where the App does not exist will now log a message in the logs including the source ip address. Added optional flag to ignore SSL issues (ie: self signed certificates) with http calls (httpGet, httpPost, etc)
  17. Hello Pete, I understand what you are going through trying to setup part-time Internet at the second home, as I'm in a similar situation where I'm going to do a two week demo at a retirement community at various senior homes in AZ. While some of these seniors, may have Internet access, they may have lost the password and its easier for me if I bring in a complete setup with my devices configured to my "mobile Internet" before helping them configure theirs. I'm an ATT user, but my family plan does not include Hotspot service and it any case would not be unlimited data. It turns out that the coverage at this senior locations is better served by Verizon, so I'm also bringing a Verizon pre-paid sim I started researching what "snow bird" RV'rs use and found some interesting ideas. https://youtu.be/sSe0RJVpFjk I signed up for a free (no strings attached) one month's service on a T-Mobile hotspot https://www.t-mobile.com/offers/free-trial I also signed up for a Visible wireless account, that is a Verizon company offering unlimited hotspot data. https://www.visible.com/plan I'll report back on my experiences Can share some ideas about what you plan to do with the sensors? Most of the setups I have done involve Alexa for basic voice control of lights and information as well as showing cameras. I have also found that Fire TV is a big hit as well as Alexa video calling
  18. Hi all, Is it possible to use Smartthings in this way... Using an automation (or similar) is it possible to set a light colour (say red) based on motion being sensed on a motion detector, keep it that colour for a period of time (say 10 seconds) and then revert that light back to what it was previously. Obviously the "previously" is an unknown variable that could have been any colour, any brightness etc not necessarily something preset from a scene or similar. So I may have just asked Google (linked) to set the colour to green, and then motion sets it red for 10 seconds, and then it sets it back to green. Hope that makes sense, still very new to automation but have experience with programming etc so happy to try advanced things. Many many thanks, Nigel 😄
  19. Just wondering about the current state of BT for the home? I have seen the word coming up in more articles. It's in the SmartThings Hub but not turned on yet. I emailed Hubitat a while ago and they said there is not enough people requesting it. I only have one (device) need for it but I'm stuck playing the waiting game. I have one SmartBlinds, retro fit kit. They are putting out another product that would open my style of window. That, for me, would be great and better than me, falling out the window someday. ha ha, I'm in a wheelchair.So, that's if I stay with Bluetooth and Samsung turns on their BT. Or even buying a SB Hub/Bridge at $90 or I just switch to iBlinds (uses Zwave) and cut my losses with SmartBlinds.
  20. I have the galaxy watch so ditto
  21. I really can't believe that a company with such device manufacturing prowess is struggling with the actual device itself, I have to believe it must be Bixby related
  22. Gaztyke

    Motion Detectors

    Get in! My Gear S3 Frontier is on Tizen so I'll be able to get in on the action 👊
  23. I just received this announcement and haven't had a chance to test the SmartThings API https://smartthings.developer.samsung.com/?mc_cid=cb925fbb71&mc_eid=9cd3e19c37
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