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  2. @AYL_Alan I have been considering making the change from Wyze to Eufy for my cams. I already have the Eufy wireless doorbell and have been very happy with that. My question is since Eufy has multiple apps for their devices do the 2k cams work on the same app as the wireless doorbell? Any other valuable pearls of wisdom regarding the Eufy 2k cams?
  3. @Mac welcome to the forum. Others can provide you with better info then I can, but my initial thought is to focus on devices and control systems that primarily operate locally or are heading in that direction. Avoid dependence on things that require cloud integration or are only functional via IFTTT. With this kind of focus you minimize the concerns you have related to your WiFi. Good luck and happy automating.
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  5. Hello everyone, new to the forum. I’m currently an automation supervisor for an oil company, so I have a good background in the field. My main work is on the PLCs, writing code, testing logic, safety protocols, etc. My question is for my house. I live outside the city and have internet that’s pretty slow. It’s 25 down 2 up. I’m currently using an old TP Link router. I am wanting to automate more things in my house. We currently have an Alexa show, Alexa alarm clock, and a smart plug. I WANT MORE! The house is about 3800 sq feet and the router covers most of the house. The upstairs is just a game room and WiFi doesn’t really work well, but since the kids are getting into video games we need internet up there. I’m looking at the ASUS RT-AX56U along with the TP link Deco x20 mesh system. Do you think these would work well if we have the following: We want an Alexa device in 6 rooms of the house. Automated lights, plugs, garage door, outdoor lights? The goal is to have a Samsung SmartThing hub tied into Alexa.
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  7. Do you know the difference of 3MP and 1080P? Here let me introduce for you. When it comes to security cameras, video resolution is the first thing that should be considered. Since the most common resolution currently in the market for household security cameras is 1080P, Netvue's newly released Pro series cameras are taking camera clarity to a new level by applying 3 Megapixels resolution. As our most dramatic leap in video quality ever, 3MP security cameras are ideal to be used both indoors and outdoors for rich details of far-away objects. Incredible 3MP Super HD: Capture clearer live video streaming and clips than 1080P cameras. Detailed Video Recording: Details are still visible when zoomed in. Highlights down, Shadows up: Smart HDR of 3MP cameras can balance the lighting in your videos, and finesse highlight and shadow to provide properly exposed video. Restore True Colors: Thanks to the cutting-edge ISP (Image Signal Processor) 2.0 technology, 3MP cameras are able to present colors without any distortion. Enhanced Night Vision: With ultra high near infrared sensitivity, the response of 3MP cameras under low light conditions is effectively improved, and objects can be seen clearly even in low light conditions.
  8. I see their New Version Security Camera - Vigil Pro, it looks pretty good.
  9. Is there anyone else having issues with child devices showing offline in the new app? My light child devices in the Wink ceiling fan controller and the child devices for the second channel in the Fibaro double switch 2 are showing offline only in the new app.
  10. I am looking forward to the new Chromecast as a potential replacement for my Roku Ultra. I hope that the new Chromecast will integrate with Harmony Hub and SmartThings the way look Roku does. Currently I have Harmony activities set ups that will turn on the TV, receiver, and open the application in Roku. Activities are integrated both with SmartThings and Google Assistant.
  11. Who knows Netvue? Who has used Netvue Brand Product?
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  13. I knew that you could set a sleep timer for music but did you know that you can set a sleep timer for any device connected to Alexa? I have a space heater on a smart plug in a colder corner of my house. Now I can ask for a sleep timer along with the ceiling fan in that room so I don't forget to shut it off.
  14. this wasn't a IFTTT charge this was sonoff. You could still use their app for free but it would not intergrate with IFTTT until you got sonoff (ewelink's) premium account. In other words pay them for what you were getting free.
  15. I just found out that I share Alexa Routines with others! Enable Featured or Shared Alexa Routines
  16. I never wanted to go *that* DIY (sonoff) but the IFTTT change is "the suck" that dessision may have been inevitable. It all made sense in Brians interview. The new IFTTT membership $9.99 fee are more for busineses that use IFTTT. There are other membership charges geared for home users. I think pro accounts are more for devs or coders. if you can get by with less, the fee per month is less.
  17. Named timers (dryer timer, pizza timer, etc) now default to the last setting you requested. Since I always use 50 minutes as my laundry timer I can now just say "laundry timer". Also rumor has it that Amazon is holding its annual new device event this coming week. I believe it's supposed to be on the 24th.
  18. If you have an nVidia Sheild use Hue or Tradify lights on a Hue bridge you can get a Hue Sync effect with an app called Hue Essentials on the Play store or Apple iTunes. Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.superthomaslab.hueessentials < f=black> Apple:</f=black> https://apps.apple.com/app/id1462943921 A couple of cons. it's not as good as the PC program and it doesn't seem to work on pay-sites like Amazons Prime, Vudu, Google Play, and the like. Although, they did say they are working on that. Meh, it's better than nothing and I ain't buying a $230 (?) Sync Box!
  19. I just started writing articles on this web site DIY Technology Solutions to Things Bothering My Aging Relatives
  20. Problem solved after the phone installed Android 11
  21. Hi all, I am hoping someone can provide answers to my issue as I have tried all that I know to solve the matter. I run an ST hub and there are 4 phones (1xS9+, 2S9, 1 Pixel 3), the 3 Samsungs work fine in the system when it comes to using their presence as a trigger for automation however the Pixel has stopped working for reasons I can not discover. I have removed their profile from the ST Family and reinstated them after uninstalling the ST app on their phone and reinstalling it. I have also checked all the regular suggestions such as battery optimisation, location accuracy to no avail. Just wondering anyone out there has any suggestions to rectify this issue? Thanks in advance!
  22. I think he likes it there. 😆 Just call him Alice.
  23. No life360 option was removed my samsung. As was the echo speaks smart app which i'm still not very happy about 😫
  24. Ok, now that I think of it. I had turned of the Home/Away automations when I switch to the new Smartthings system. My solution to my own dilemma is to use the Home and Away states that triggers lights on when Home and lights off when Away. (I used that with the old Smartthings but somehow didn't move that over to the new Smartthings) That is of course the logic behind using Home and Away states.
  25. @Larry Underwood seems like an opportunity to use webcore. Does life 360 still function as an option in webcore for location?
  26. Not to the best of my knowledge, but there is a new smartthings cam 360 coming out soon. Or at least I think it us due out soon. Maybe it will have a local storage option.
  27. And these last few posts are why I love these boards. As I said before if it has to go I wouldn't blame anyone, but a YT rabbit hole led @Kizzy here which led to a post by @MNA1966 which led to a question from @FrankE and quality response from @MNA1966. Its a crazy world and its crazy how we have all found answers by starting down a rabbit hole.
  28. Hi, I have a dilemma that I need help with. I'm a long time Smartthings user and I use Life360 as our presence sensor for us, Peter and Pia. So here is my dilemma: In Smartthings automations I have tried to set up the following Automations to have light in the apartment turn on and turn off when the following occurs. Scenario 1 Peter present = turn on light Pia present = turn on light Peter and Pia not present = turn off lights PRO & CONS: Good, when Peter is home and Pia leaves the lights don't change (and vice versa) Bad, when Peter is home and have turn off lights and Pia arrives the lights turn on (and vice versa) Scenario 2 Peter present and Pia not present = turn on light Pia present and Peter not present = turn on light Peter and Pia not present = turn off lights PRO & CONS: Good, when Peter is home and have turn off lights and Pia arrives the lights do not turn on (and vice versa) Bad, when Peter is home and Pia leaves the lights turns on because the state Peter present and Pia not present occurs (and vice versa) I can't figure out how to make automations in Smartthings so that when the first person arrives the lights turns on and when the second person arrives nothing changes and also when one person is changing from present to not present nothing changes. I can only have one or the other as it is right now. How have you set up your Automations in your home? //Peter
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