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  2. Is it sad that I immediately thought this was an article talking about the safety of the radio frequencies emitted from the smart devices? I used to work for a manufacturer of smart meters, and helped author a white paper on research into the safety of radio frequencies from the different forms of communication coming from the meter (Zigbee, proprietary RF mesh), and why they won't fry our brains.
  3. Perfect! Thanks Krusher! For everyone else...on the other member's phone you can do this two ways: 1. Head to the automation you want to add the phone to and hit edit, choose member location and then it'll ask you if you want to add phone location to the device. Say yes. 2. Head to the menu, click the gear, find phone location and turn that on!
  4. Thanks @TebowToHarvin. We have some links right here! Amazon US (Tile): https://amzn.to/2vj3UNJ Amazon Canada (Tile): https://amzn.to/37rXD0t Amazon UK (Tile): https://amzn.to/2O2L7Ng
  5. Most Tile Items are on Sale Today on Amazon: Amazon US (Tile): https://amzn.to/2vj3UNJ Amazon Canada (Tile): https://amzn.to/37rXD0t Amazon UK (Tile): https://amzn.to/2O2L7Ng Enjoy!
  6. @AYL_Brian, I'll screenshot you on Twitter private message, I have sloppily marked out private information but I don't want it on a public forum anyway. Verbal explanation is the menu option at the home screen on the left. One of the options is members and it shows both of us. The situation is if I'm setting up an automation in the app and one of the if available arguments is member location, under that is who when where, For the who it only shows me an option even if I click on it. I would like to have some automations where if both of us are gone or both of us are home or if she is home and I'm not. Since she is not an option in this, those are not available for me right now.
  7. @AYL_Alan, that would make sense but there were two lights pulled in through the connection of Phillips Hue and SmartThings. The speaker (NestWiFi point) and those lights were ask in the same room in the GH app. They are lights in the SmartThings app but their names are NOT John Light and Jill Light but simply John and Jill. I've never had an issue with that when Phillips Hue is pulled into the GH app but this happened when it came through smartthings. I'll probably try this again but wanted to get this out there for any known issues or suggestions.
  8. Hi everyone, I had issues when trying to get Smartthings to recognize my Belkin Wemo Smart Dimmer this past weekend. After some research, I decided to call customer support this morning to see what their official standing is. As of now, the dimmer is not supported. However, the are listening to customer feedback and giving information to their developers. If you want the dimmers to integrate with Smartthings, please call the company and voice your support. The phone number is 1-800-223-5546. Thanks, and if this isn't allowed on the forums, feel free to delete. Matt
  9. The man is smarter than the average bear!
  10. Yeahhhhh...I wouldn't get into medication compliance without a system that has a guaranteed input and a guaranteed output. Both measured, 100% accurate...pretty much impossible right now.
  11. The way you've linked it shouldn't have caused that issue. I've done both and haven't experienced anything. The lights from Hue come across as lights through ST so...there's nothing I can see that would have done this to you. Try it again?
  12. Were there no lights inside her room in the GH app at the time when you issued the command?
  13. I do like the addition of the socket there, makes it sealable for outdoor situations too there.
  14. Can you post a screen capture of where you are in the app @Krusher38??
  15. Seems like they need to work out a pre-power and pair option and then move through installation....the 1" thing is strange!
  16. Tile is the Amazon deal of the day in case anyone was still looking at the product.
  17. Yes, Yes, let's see what happens; Hope to get hands on a product soon!
  18. Last week
  19. Wow...you guys are ahead of me again! I gotta catch up!
  20. I have a virtual device creator in my new app under SmartApps. 2 things that are keeping me from switching to the new app. 1. I can't control the smart home monitor (SHM) with ActionTiles/webCoRE, . I wonder if it will let you change the SHM status with a virtual switch? This may be a work around for webCoRE. 2. Multi channel devices don't seem to work well. On my Fibaro Double Switch 2 it renamed the second chanel and changed the device handler to hidden. I had to go into the old IDE and change it back. My Wink ceiling fan controller using the KOF Zigbee Fan Controller SmartApp is a mess! It will only turn the fan on/off but will not recognize any of the child devices such as speed or light. I had issues getting it to pair originally and had to add/delete several times using the old app. It has been running perfectly for over a year now. But in the new app it never deleted any of the old devices. I have 68 devices for fans. Because I don't know which ones are good I don't want to delete them as it was hard to set up. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon.
  21. I too saw Brians video and i'm very mad that they killed smart home monitor status changes in webcore. And their work around is to use automation's in the new smart app and trigger off of those instead. Will I have news for them I tried several ways to do this and it works somewhat but at other times it doesn't or is very delayed. Never had this problem with webCoRE SHM state changes. Unless they get this fixed soon they will have a very unhappy customer. I told Adrian this as well. Haven't heard back from him yet on this.
  22. I just saw Brians latest video about making the switch and I think he said that Life360 didn't play nice in the new app. I wanted to post my findings here instead of on Youtube to get some feedback from you guys. I have somehow got Life360 to work with the new apps scenes and automations. This is my logic to make Life360 work in the new app: Automation "Life 360 present" triggers Scene "Location Home (Scene)" -> Scene "Location Home (Scene)" that sets the house to "Location mode, Home" -> Automation "Location mode Home" that when the house is in "Location Mode, Home" it will trigger "Turn on home (Scene)" + "Corner lamp (Scene)" + "Send message that someone is home" + Turns off the cameras + Change security setting to Disarmed. Automation "Life 360 NOT present" triggers Scene "Location Away (Scene)" -> Scene "Location Away (Scene)" that sets the house to "Location mode Away" -> Automation "Location mode, Away" that when the house is in "Location Mode, Away" it will trigger "Turn off home (Scene)" + "Send message that no one is home" + Turns on the cameras + Change security setting to Armed.
  23. Another update I changed how i send power to the light strip instead of connecting power through another wire I instead bought these DC power socket Connectors. Here is some pictures of how I used them This keeps the power wires inside the box and makes for a better looking and cleaner and safer install. The result looks like this after everything is connected and working. So power connected at one end of the box and the light strips at the other end. Getting better and better.
  24. I have invited my wife as a member of the SmartThings app and our home. One of the features of automations is member location. The issue that I'm having is when I click on who I am the only option. When I check on who is a member of our household sure enough she is a member. She actually has a Samsung Galaxy s9 I have a Google Pixel3. I went into her app and made sure everything was enabled or approved or allowed but it still does not show up as an option. Has anyone else experienced this issue or know how to resolve this issue?
  25. Hey everyone, one interesting new issue, actually an issue that I've had the whole time but I'm bringing it up now. I decided to remove hue from Google home app and connect it through the SmartThings app. Everything seemed to be all right but I was in a bedroom and said turn on the lights and instead of just turning on the hue lights in the bedroom it turned on all the house lights. This was after my daughter's bedtime and therefore has made me very skittish. Is there a reason why hue lights connected through smart things would not be recognized as lights in a nest mini? Right now until I have a solution I have everything double linked.
  26. Here is an updated on my phone testing... iPhoen 7 Plus setup fine and Galaxy s10+ also did, once I held it 1" away from the ceiling mounted sensor. My Galaxy Note10+ and Galaxy a50 refused to setup. BTW, there is a rather involved "setup ritual" https://www.the-ambient.com/reviews/roomme-sensor-review-2105
  27. My solution would involve using another Hub called Hubitat. There is a built-in app you can add called "Hubitat Safety Monitor" that has all these feature and more. In this app you can pick devices such as motion detectors, contact sensors. (if they are compatible with Hubitat) to monitor your dwelling and it will give you options as light warning and voice warnings (from smart speakers) as well as text. The one con I know of is (I think) it does not have a 911 option. besides intrusion detection there is other features such as fire and water leak features BTW, there is ST Hub integration to make the migration easier. This is not a migration tool, just a Hub linker.
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