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  2. I have been REALLY enjoying my touchless faucet https://community.automatelife.net/topic/661-looking-for-an-auto-faucet-that-monitors-usage/?tab=comments#comment-3346
  3. That was very good Larry, did you ever do a tutorial on restrictions?
  4. Hi @Caregiver, I'll let the Google experts weigh in on solutions for their products, but I can offer some advice on the Amazon products. I have found Echo Show devices to be great for elderly parents by providing as easy way to do video calls. You can start a call where they have to accept it or "drop in" if you are worried about them. They can also call you. https://technology4seniors.com/independence The simplest way to set this up is to add their Echo Show to your account, but this gives them control over your devices. This will work even though they are on a different network. The more difficult way to set this up is using their own Amazon account as this requires a smartphone with a different number then yours. This can be accomplished using a free Google voice number https://www.amazonforum.com/s/question/0D54P00006zSpI5SAK/you-dont-need-to-get-grandma-a-smartphone-to-setup-alexa-calling Frank
  5. Hi @David With the loss of your voice, if you run out of Echo Buttons and have an Echo Show, you might want to look into "Tap to Alexa" under Settings- Accessibility. https://youtu.be/vuhuJpnl4Ag
  6. Thank you, I will start with this and see where it takes me.
  7. Check out the tutorials, and if you have any questions please ask. Plus have lots of scripts in the scripting talks forum.
  8. Last week
  9. Changes to routines: You can now copy/paste existing actions from one routine to another. You can also change the trigger to existing routines.
  10. Hi Larry; I would like to be able to receive notifications triggered by device states. I installed webCore and plan on creating pistons shortly. Do you have any suggestions on how I should get started?
  11. @jmack87 No, not really but it can look at many devices at once and you can create a piston to look at device states (on or off for example), battery levels, motion, acceleration, etc. and many other condition's then react based on those condition's, send e-mails, text, etc. Not sure what events or state's your looking to configure, so not sure how to help with what you wish to do.
  12. I am currently under house quarantine for covid19. They will not test me as I don't have the breathing problems, just the fever, dry cough and sore throat. No one at work is even allowed in with a fever. As someone with a smart home I can say without a doubt the best things have been motion sensors for lights and the big Echo buttons for routines. My throat/voice have been in no condition to speak to Alexa.
  13. Thanks again Frank, I will take a look at the ST post and see if I can use it. Hi Larry, I want to be able to see the device history in a spreadsheet where I can analyze it, and make configuration adjustments or changes. Is webCORE capable of doing this? Jim
  14. Cindy


    Is there an udpate firmware V1.6.0 through the Smart Life app?
  15. @jmack87 Out of all that info what are you going to do with it? Just wondering where your going with this? Reason I'm asking is sometimes someone ask this type of question and all they wanted was to know when the battery levels of there sensors was getting to low. Or what the temp. was, etc. Just wondering because I have webCoRE pistons that can send notification's, e-mails, etc. when those type's of things happen.
  16. Hi Jim, I just found this over at the SmartThings forum. It may be be of use https://community.smartthings.com/t/smartthings-data-visualisation-using-influxdb-and-grafana/44946 Frank
  17. Hi Jim, In looking at the SmartThings History, I can see what you are looking for But, I don't see a means to export that... sure would be nice if it could export to CSV While it would be a lot of work to create an IFTTT applet for each of your SmartThings devices, each applet can write to the same Google spreadsheet and would of course be able to record device causing the trigger Frank
  18. Hi Frank, Thank you for sharing this information. I am looking at the IFTTT applet configuration and it appears that one has to specify a specific trigger. I am looking to record event activity for all devices. The ST app has a history feature which is the exact information I would like to get into a Google sheet. I can seem to figure out how to do that in the IFTTT app. Jim
  19. Hi @Serena, I'm testing Aqara using their hub through IFTTT to SmartThings. Can you details some of the notification "words" you have used as this section from their forums is a bit confusing https://community.aqara.com/posts/223?timestr=1585580811102 so far I have been using single word like "old" and "new" to trigger IFTTT applets through Android Notifications... What phrases are you using?
  20. Hi @jmack87 Here is what I use: Create an IFTTT applet to trigger from the SmartThings device and have that applet write to Google Sheets, a cloud based spreadsheet Once the data is there, you can use the Google scripting language to create reports Frank
  21. I need to capture device history to a spreadsheet or dashboard form ST for analyzing. If Anyone who can provide direction I'd greatly appreciate it.
  22. no those settings are hard coded in the device micro-controllers. They can not be changed without hardware changes
  23. Hi Larry, do you know of any custom Device Handlers that have been written for the SmartThings Multi-purpose sensor that adjust sensitivity and/or recovery time? Thanks, Frank
  24. @Larry Underwood, Thanks... I'll add the lockout I'm looking into vibration sensors with adjustable sensitivity Frank
  25. Could also do something like this. Will detect if it see's any vibration, but will only alert once and then will not again for the 180 seconds. Let me know if this helps.
  26. Would something like this help? After it is tripped (needs to vibrate for at least 15 seconds, configurable) then it will not trigger the flashing again even if the sensor see's vibration for 3 min (180 seconds, again configurable). Don't know if this will help but i use this in several pistons. If it happens again after the LockOut time then it will trigger again. But once triggered will not trigger again for another 180 secs.
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