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  2. having the ikea button set to 80% didn't work that good. when you press to turn the light off it just turns 9 off the 10 lights off. sometimes just 8 off them. So not sure what's up with that. so will try the ST button now insted and see how that goes.
  3. You could use a Broadlink RM Pro, link your IHC (Broadlink app) account to IFTTT & set up an automation with SmartThings that way. You can also then create a virtual device switch in your SmartThings app which gives you control of that trigger
  4. My Uber drivers Google Assistant had a slight Scottish lilt to her on Thursday, but only for like one minute then returned to default setting without him touching his phone 🤔
  5. If you set the button so that it set's it to a level then that will turn it on and it should have a off function as well. And for the smartthings button check out the scripting forum for a smartthings button piston
  6. So I'm poking about trying to decide on which pushbutton deadbolt lock I want to purchase and I notice that Zwave locks are $20 or $30, maybe even $40, more expensive than Zigbee. Any idea why? I prefer the idea of Zwave as Zigbee uses the same RF bandwidth as WiFi so there might be more interference in an apartment block. Ok, so now I can't find a good example but I know I saw it. <smile>
  7. Last week
  8. i did see he explained a lot there. Might need to take some time when i have some free to read true it and see what i understand off it. I do like that you don't need to remember the codes in webcore that they are mostly all there with a click
  9. seem u are right. my ikea button was sett to do on/off . so i assume that's what messed it up and just turned it back to the previous 40% dimmed state when it was used again. But if i set it to a level. then the same button wont work as a on/off button sadly. i have also gotten a ST button. not sure if that will do what i want. also sorry for the slow reply guys.
  10. Here is a holiday piston I created that will turn on a smart plug or anything else you wanted to add (lights, tree, etc.), but only during the holidays. You can change the days it turns them on if needed. I have 4 of the holidays coded in but more can easily be added, times changed, etc. If you need help doing any changes please ask here and i'll help. It is set to turn the smart plug on at local sunset and off at 10:00 PM, change that as needed. Switch 3 for me is a GE Smart Outdoor Plug which works natively with smartthings hub and turns on all of my outdoor Christmas decorations and lights at this time of year As always if anyone has any questions or comments please leave them here. If you want a feature added then just ask.
  11. I have another one that might be better. Just created it today. It is for several holidays and you can add more if needed.
  12. Welcome aboard Kyle, that's now at least 2 tall ginger bearded automaters in the community now 😁
  13. Started a new Smart Home Basics series today and launched it by talking about home networking and two routes you can take to make a reliable WiFi network for your home. I also briefly talk about some of the newer networking technologies. Check it out at
  14. Is switchbot a RF blaster? I thought it was a IR blaster.
  15. Currently I have it running on my Philips hue hub. I get my smartthings hub back from my dad on Saturday but it is just a zigbee controller so I would expect it to work with SmartThings natively. Especially since it works on the Philips hue app and that is a brand that SmartThings supports.
  16. So what hub did you pair it with? If smartthings did you have to install a Device Handler or was that controller natively supported already? Never mind I answered my own question. You used the hue hub. If I cared to read your post closer i'd have known that 😁
  17. @Larry Underwood and @AYL_Brian the controller I am using is https://geni.us/wrightgledoptoLED and the LED strips is https://geni.us/wrightsupernightLED. Also had to buy some LED electrical wiring and strip to wire connectors I can link those if you are interested as well. Hope this helps
  18. @Beau you might want to try the SwitchBot hub. It is now integrated with SmartThings and is an RF blaster. Could be the solution you are looking for.
  19. @Lordy you should check out some of what @Larry Underwood has shared under the scripting topic here on the boards. Larry explained WebCore really well and gave great examples of concepts. Once I got into WebCore I really started to see how far automation could go as I get my family on board with smart home tech.
  20. That looks really good. If I didn't have lights on both sides of my garage I'd like to do something like that. I do have a 6 foot light strip under my bed rail on my side of the bed and have some under my kitchen cabinets and some as accent lights on the back of my TV. I'm using Sylvania Smart Zigbee Indoor Starter Kit It works natively with smartthings. I look forward to seeing what hardware you used.
  21. After much planning and execution I was able to finish the installation of my custom LED strip that is controlled with my Philips Hue Hub and I did it without spending more that $100. Check out the pictures below. Will post a video on my YouTube channel with more details on this project in the future.
  22. I have a fan that was already installed when i bought the house its just a ceiling fan with a switch in the wall to turn it on and off. So i replaced the switch with a GE Smart Fan Switch It works with smartthings hub natively and has 3 speeds. I can control it with alexa and in automation's, etc. I bought a smartthings button to put on my bedside table as this is in the bedroom and because the button has a temp sensor in it i can set up automation's to turn on the fan automatically if I'm in the room and the temperature is above a set level. Can also control it with a button push as well.
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