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  2. The app has been updated with a new energy dashboard. You can now monitor your energy usage for lights. It could get interesting since I still use mostly incandescents and I'm curious to see the actual differences.
  3. Help... I have 2 nest hubs and 1 nest hub max. There is one hub which doesn't show any of my nest camera's it displays "Camera feed is not available". The others do. I have reset the hub, and it is still not showing camera feed. Please help... Graeme
  4. If there is one thing that absolutely drives me insane it is GH telling me that a number of switches could not be reached or are not available. How do I turn this off. For example, I have a GH routine called Stop Work. It’s there when I finish for the day to turn off the office devices, turn on the TV downstairs and basically get the house set up for the evening. Now I live in the real world with a Luddite wife who insists on turning off switches at the wall like an animal. So I finish work say “Hey Google, stop work” and she goes through a laundry list of devices that are not available. I DONT CARE! I’ll figure that out when I see they’re not on. HOW DO I STOP THIS!!!! ( short of divorce)
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    Hi @Shane c, I'm also interested in setting up a hubless system. Please describe your setup and what type of sensors you are using. Do you have any motion or contact sensors using Wi-Fi? Do you have any buttons that an elderly person comfortably use? What automations do you have, other than voice activated? Thanks
  7. Shane c


    Why do I really need a hub… I am running a nest Wi-Fi mesh system with two points and almost 90 devices I have never needed a hub and do not understand why I need one..
  8. Shane c

    Shane c

    Why do I really need a hub… I am running a nest Wi-Fi mesh system with two points and almost 90 devices I have never needed a hub and do not understand why I need one..
  9. Hi I would try individually moving devices to the a different a home on the app. If that doesn't work then I would try factory resetting all the devices and deleting the extra houses then try adding them again. That's all I can think of Really. @AYL_Brian may know more. overwise I would try contacting Google Nest support: https://support.google.com/googlenest/gethelp -Andrew
  10. Just thought I would wish you all had a Happy New Year, hope you all had a good Christmas break last weekend before back to work and slowly taking Christmas decorations down, managed to automate Christmas lights throughout the house and that pleased Mrs Jones just with a few zigbee plugs and running through she who can't be named and Smart things.
  11. So I have 2 Insignia fire tv edition tvs, 1 Toshiba fire tv edition tv, and 1 firestick 4k. All are given different names, kitchen fire tv, master fire tv, david's fire tv and theater fire tv. All are assigned to their proper groups in the app and linked to an echo in the proper room/group. The only exception is the firestick but that is still in the box, never even plugged in. Amazon did link it to my account when I bought it so it is listed as a device in the app. So here is the problem, Each tv/echo combination acts properly if I use the words fire tv in the command such as turn on/off fire tv. Recently I found I could just ask for tv, not fire tv. Well come to find out that only works with theater fire tv. Any other room/group still requires the old phrasing fire tv. Not only that but I am finding that any echo in the house will turn on/off theater fire tv with "alexa, tv on/off " That should not happen. Only the echos in the same group as the tv are linked. Confusing, I know but I just dread having to explain this mess if I have to deal with amazon echo tech support. They seem to get confused too easily! Has anyone run into something like this yet?
  12. I love it. If anyone is doing OTA (Over the Air) TV, you can now change the channels by voice with a Fire TV Cube
  13. Fire tv's in a group can now be voice controlled by just saying tv instead of fire tv. Small change I know but a step in the right direction of natural speech. Now we need fans, heat, ac, etc.
  14. Great idea if you like smart bulbs. I still prefer incandescents thus I have gone to smart dimmers everywhere. Now that amazon has installed the device dashboard, similar to action tiles I think, I am thinking of hanging a couple on the wall. I would still need to tap the power so the tablet would need to be mounted close to a switch. Considering how slow and clunky the smart home controls are on the shows and the alexa app is no road runner, I am very impressed on how fast the new dashboard is. Even on older fire tablets. Now if you could just pin entire groups to the dashboard instead of wasting a tile on lights and a tile for switches and a tile for plugs for each room.
  15. This is exactly what I’m looking to do. Thank you for the info! I hope you’re enjoying it. I’m trying to decide if I wanna do landscape or portrait mount to replace single switches around the house. Any thoughts on orientation preference?
  16. I just published an article on using Zoom Meetings on an Echo Show 8 https://www.techenhancedlife.com/solutions/how-use-zoom-echo-show
  17. I just published this article on Alexa Group Calling https://www.techenhancedlife.com/solutions/how-use-alexa-group-calls
  18. @David Thanks.. I thought there were plenty of "setup a Zoom meeting videos" out there, but I guess I could do one with a focus and setting it for Dad as a scheduled Zoom meeting. I'm now working on an article for my column on how to do this and could add a video. BTW, there is also a neat trick I'm going to discuss which is "instant Zoom" meetings where the Dad would get an invite that looks a lot like a Facetime or Google Duo notification, versus an email that he has to click on
  19. Nice video. You should do one on how to set up/host a zoom meeting.
  20. When I have music playing on a group of speakers and then I want to switch it to only one speaker in a routine how when I do that?I have a routine set up so that it will play a radio station via tunein at night. And that is set to play on only one speaker. But before that I have music playing on several speakers.So my routine needs to be able to cancel the group play and play something else on only one speaker.I have asked my Google home to cancel that group in the routine but it says device not recognized.I have also said stop in the routine, but it stops until my radio station plays and then it plays on the group.Can anyone help with this?Thank you very much.
  21. There is a lot of great info here on Amazon Fire TV https://amazonfiretv.blog/tagged/alexa
  22. @David So far I have tested group calling on various Echo Shows and Zoom on an Echo Show 8.. They both work great Next up is Fire TV Cube with big screen video calling
  23. Thx Frank. Added to my very long list of things to figure out.
  24. Wow! Amazon opened the flood gates 1. Group Alexa Video calling in MANY countries (Echo Show only- no Alexa app devices) 2. Zoom call support on Echo Show 8 (US only) 3. Fire TV Alexa video calls (Fire TV cube only, with using USB camera) Here is the press release https://www.aboutamazon.com/news/devices/new-ways-alexa-can-help-you-stay-connected-with-loved-ones
  25. Update: I found a way to connect an echo voice remote to the link. There is no option in the app but if you click on the app to pair a new bluetooth device just push the play button on your remote until it shows up as a pairing option.
  26. Please note that many people are complaining that an elderly parent who really needs this feature, may not have an Amazon account, email, smart phone or a computer. This is something that Amazon don't address as they expect EVERYONE has a smartphone I address this problem with a solution in the article just published with setup instructions here https://www.techenhancedlife.com/citizen-research/alexa-care-hub-set-up
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