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  4. Alexa app on android phones can now be hands free. App must be open, displayed and screen on. Not sure if this is useful since on my device the app is always open but it's usually running in the background.
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  7. @Stukes I ordered a switch from them in the past and it showed within a week. I was planning to order 5 bulbs, but realized ordering a 6th bulb got me free shipping that essentially made the 6th bulb only $1.97.
  8. Just ordered 1 yesterday, and asked a question via email and they got back to me in a timely manner. Hopefully the bulbs will integrate well with Smartthings. found it interesting that the bulb was $9.97, but the shipping was $8.00. Any idea on timing of delivery?
  9. I have a couple of their switches but not the bulbs. I like there switches a lot and the company is very fast to respond to problems. I would suggest buying one and trying it out for yourself first before you buy more. Of course that's always a good idea no matter the product 🙂
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  11. @Brian W I just found out that Action Blocks is supported by the Google Disabilities Group and they started looking into my findings. They seem very responsive
  12. Dyson Vacuums Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor canister vacuum cleaner.With self-righting technology and hygienic dirt ejection. An additional tool for hard to reach places: $349.99 Save $150. Offer ends July 9, 2020. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2, Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 vacuum cleaner. Strong suction. Light to maneuver. $349.99 Save $150. Offer ends July 9, 2020. Dyson V7 Origin. Cordless. Lightweight. Up to 20 minutes of floor cleaning runtime. $299.99 Save $50. Dyson Hair Care Dyson Supersonic™ (Iron/Fuchsia). Complimentary presentation case with purchase. $499.99 Dyson Supersonic™ (Black/Purple) with Black Presentation Box. Complimentary presentation case with purchase. $499.99
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  14. Apple - HomePod - Space Gray: $199.99 Save $100 Package - Apple - HomePod - Space Gray (2 pack): $399.98 Save $200. I've never seen a package deal of two Homepods...
  15. @FrankE I will try to find some time to try them out. My guess is Google does not have this app perfected yet, and bugs like this will pop up. I will let you know what I find.
  16. So I already bounced this off of @AYL_Brian but I wanted to pose it to all of you. Inovelli has these bulbs on sale for under $10 per bulb. They integrate in to Smartthings and i am curious who has them and how has your experience been with them? Do they play nice inside of Smartthings, how is their color saturation and brightness, in general what do you think of them? I may purchase a good number of them and would like to be as informed as possible. Thanks in advance!
  17. I was able to use a neat feature of Google Home Routines called "Say Something". When the Routine runs is says a personalized message. This runs great when I use Google Assistant to invoke it, BUT if I try to get Action Blocks to invoke it, it only shows the message as Text, it does not speak it. If I check the box in Action Blocks to "Always speak action out loud", it only speaks the name of the routine, not the Say Something text that is in the Routine Google says Action Blocks are part of its disability efforts https://support.google.com/accessibility/android/answer/9711267?hl=en#:~:text=Action Blocks uses the Google Assistant to make,to your Home screen with a custom image. And on that same URL with that message direct me to their disability support But that team says they don't support Action Blocks Does anyone know how to contact Google about Action Blocks issues? This would be a great feature for the disabled and elderly
  18. I've run into a strange problem on my Android phone verses my IOS phone using Google Assistant. On both phones I can view the Nest camera by clicking on it in Google Home, but only on the IOS phone can I ask Google Assistant to view the camera! The Android phone says "It looks like the camera hasn't been setup yet" It can been seen by voice request on Nest Home
  19. Hi @Brian W I just tried using the phone number and it still had the same problem. Then, I tried your message... and it worked... It seems to be dependent on the "actual message" as I think Google Assistant is trying to interpret what the message wants to do rather than just sending it... even the the command starts with the required "Send a text message to (123) 456-7890 that says..." I think that Action Block just passes the command to Google Assistant and GA is getting confused with the word "Call" in a text message. I tried just speaking to GA by saying "Send a text to Frank saying I'll be home soon" and it worked, but if I say "Send a text to Frank saying please call me" I then get a "what's the message" response If I say to GA, "Send a text to Frank saying please contact me" I then get a dialog with the actual message displayed asking me if I want to call. I think GA has a bug in that in needs to turn off the AI after it hears "Send a text to XXX saying.." and just send the message, not keep trying to figure what it thinks I really want it to do If you have time, please try my messages above to see if they work for you?
  20. @FrankE I have been using an action block when I leave work everyday to text my wife a message that says “I am on my way home”. It has worked with no issues or need for clarification as of yet. One difference may be I pointed the action towards a phone number and not a contact in my phone (even though that number isn’t a contact in my phone). Maybe that is the hiccup.
  21. Agree... That is the best way... As of today, Google support is telling me Factory Default I know I had the SSID & Password correct and though the WPA/WPA2 looked correct... but it couldn't see the Wi-Fi when it got there
  22. I'd been looking at this for a while...It's not fun for the person setting it up and I'm pretty sure Google is working on this issue. 1. Change your own WiFi to the same as theirs 2. Set up the device 3. Send the device 4. Change your WiFi back You can also do this with a phone using a hotspot and then use another tablet or phone to set up the Google device. Should work!
  23. I'm new to Google having spent most of my time setting up Alexa devices for elderly friends & family in remote locations, so please forgive me if I don't state the problem correctly. I am used to setting up Echo Shows for others using their Alexa account with my Wi-Fi Settings. Then when it arrives at their home they only have to change the Wi-Fi settings... their Alexa account and all the settings I made for them stick Unless I'm missing something, and I REALLY hope I am, this is not possible with Nest Hub. https://www.gearbrain.com/change-google-nest-hub-wifi-2644896413.html https://www.digitaltrends.com/home/common-google-nest-hub-problems-and-how-to-fix-them/ https://support.google.com/googlenest/answer/7170507?hl=en#:~:text=Change the Wi-Fi network of Google Nest or,up your device on a new network. The mobile device running Google home must be on the same Wi-Fi as the Nest Hub to forget "my Wi-Fi ". Even if they could do that, and then they need to run setup again which is a MANY step process. So I "forget" the network before sending it If this works, and sometimes it doesn't... see links above, then a factory reset has even more steps Is there another way?
  24. Hi @Stukes, In Smart Apps, click the "+" and then add Speaker Companion"
  25. Just added the Smartapp but I don’t see where you add the sounds can you provide some guidance or explanation as to where to add and select the options like bells, dogs barking etc.?
  26. Has anyone else tried texting with Google Action Blocks? Brian did a great tutorial on Action Blocks but I'm having trouble sending a :"canned" text for an elderly person without having to confirm the canned message or even in some case, enter it · The sample message length requires confirmation · Short message sent WITHOUT confirmation · In this example, it requires the elder to type in or say the actual message… Definitely not what the Action Block was supposed to do or why have me enter a message at all if its just going to launch the messenger? · Even worse! Launches a browser….
  27. What he said 🙂
  28. @DOWNSOUTH407 I’m right there with you. When I first saw this I was excited to possibly have a smart lock that didn’t come with a brick sized attachment on the inside of the house. But just like you I passed on it because of it’s lack of integration with SmartThings. I ended up buying the Schlage Zwave Plus deadbolt. So I now have a huge brick in my house, but the functionality and flexibility I gain thru SmartThings and WebCore make it worth it.
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